Starts with a society’s jagran where everyone is praying. A girl, Ritu, is staring at everyone. She is called to do the arti. Pundit asks her for her name and she takes her mother’s name. Everyone is shocked and scared the way she’s talking. She says she’s killed and she wants revenge of it. A lady gets up and goes to her asks why she’s taking her mother’s name. The girl faints and is taken to hospital.

Next day, Ritu’s friends are discussing about her. One says she got her mother’s ghost. Anjali says it’s all rubbish. Then a teacher comes there and spits tobacco on the wall. After he leaves, Anjali is asked by her friends to do something to stop that.

Simran talks to Karan about it and she shows interest in solving this case, but Karan says all ghost and such stories are waste and if educated people start believing in it, then don’t know what will happen. Simran still shows interest and she wants to help the girl. She says she needs help of Karan and Arjun. Karan eventually agrees, but then Arjun reacts same way as Karan and says he doesn’t believe in ghost stories and they always come out waste in end. He tells Karan and Simran that they can waste their time if they want. He leaves to go to school.

Anjali puts something on the wall and then she hides with her friends. She tells her friends that teacher will forget spitting now. The teacher comes and spits again, but this time that tobacco goes back flying on him and his clothes get dirty. Arjun comes there and tells him to rather concentrate on paintings work. Teacher apologizes and leaves. Arjun calls Anjali out and says it must be her work. He says well done to her. Anjali then talks to him about Ritu’s case and says if he gets this case, then people who talk about ghosts will stop believing in such stories. Arjun agrees and gets ready to solve this case now.

Simran, as a reporter, and Karan, as a cameraman, come to Ritu’s aunt house. Ritu’s aunt doesn’t agree to say anything, but Simran blackmails and she agrees but doesn’t allow them to record anything. Simran and Karan ask who is Aasha whose name Ritu took other night. Ritu’s aunt says she is her sister and Ritu’s mother who went missing before 3 months or so. She talked to her last time on phone a day before she went missing and she was saying that she doesn’t want to stay there anymore. Next day jiju called and said Aasha is missing and that is when she went and filed police complain, but still there is no update. Simran asks why she brought her daughter to her home. The aunt says a child needs motherly love and the guy who never loved his wife.. what he will love to his child. Karan asks for any photo of Aasha. The aunt gives one to him. Right then Ritu comes out acting strangely and then she faints. Karan suggests to take her to the hospital, but aunt gets somewhat mad and says she’s fine. She’s just little sick. She asks Karan and Simran to leave now if they are done questioning.

Simran is upset as Arjun didnt agree when they said, but got agreed when Anjali said. Anjali takes Karan Arjun photos and makes fake police ID cards.

Arjun, as inspector, and Karan, as hawaldar, come to Aasha’s husband’s house. They say they found a dead body and shows photo to him. He says its not her and he shows hatred towards her and says he doesn’t have any relationship with her as she had an affair with tuition teacher of Ritu and she ran away with him. Arjun takes address of that teacher.

They find that the teacher is not living there. He only comes there once in a while. Simran says thats good news as Aasha must be alive and teacher must have hide her somewhere so people dont know about their affair. They then observe Aasha’s husband reactions when they questioned him and conclude that he’s hiding something from there. Arjun says they must meet Ritu. Simran says it’s not possible.. her aunt won’t allow.

Arjun and Simar come to Ritu’s school as doctors. When Ritu comes to them, Simran asks if she loves her mother a lot. Ritu doesn’t reply. Arjun then takes her mother’s name and asks what she wants to say. Ritu says go to some backyard and they will find out everything. She then faints.

Arjun and Karan come to that place Ritu mentioned and it’s tuition teacher’s backyard. They find a bag and are shocked. Next morning, police gets called and they are informed about a dead body. Police come to backyard and call Ritu’s aunt and Ritu there. It turns out be Aasha’s dead body. Aasha’s husband also comes there and he gets angry at the tuition teacher and asks why he separated a child from her mother. Arjun is carefully observing everyone’s reaction.

Later, Karan and Simran are ready to celebrate as they solved the case, but Arjun says it’s not solved yet. Last time they talked to Aasha’s husband, he showed so much hatred and now suddenly showing love. And also when police was arresting the tuition teacher, Ritu was shaking her head as something’s wrong.

Arjun now becomes a lawyer and comes to jail to see the tuition teacher. The tuition teacher praises Aasha and says he’s trapped in her murder case. They never had any affair. Arjun says he knows someone is trapping him. He asks him if Aasha said anything. The tuition teacher says yes.. she said that her husband had affair and he suggested her to give divorce. After that he went out of town and when he returned Aasha was missing already.

Arjun and team wonder how they will find out with whom Aasha’s husband has an affair. Karan says they will get 10 mins in night when Aasha’s husband will go out. Arjun and Anjali come there in night. Arjun sends Anjali in and asks to take photos of everything related to Aasha and he stays outside to make sure no one goes in. Anjali takes photos and in end she finds bunch of jewelries.

Arjun and team check the photos. They feel Aasha’s husband and his father took out all jewelries after killing Aasha. Simran says they should tell this to police then. Arjun says no as they just doubt.. it’s not confirmed.

Karan and Simran bump into Aasha’s husband. Karan keeps him busy in talking and Simar puts something inside his phone. Arjun and Anjali listen to his conversation and he’s find talking to a girl and telling her they will get married soon. Arjun asks Anjali if it’s possible to know with whom he’s talking.In night, they scare Aasha’s husband with Aasha’s ghost’s voice.

Next day, Aasha is talking with the same girl and tells her about Aasha. She says he has gone mad as it’s been 4 months since she died. Someone rings the door bell so he hangs. Karan comes there being a baba and says he knows there is a ghost. Aasha’s husband says he will do everything he says.In night, Aasha’s husband with his girlfriend are in their backyard doing what baba told him. Suddenly lights turn on and they find police and Arjun team behind them. The girl is none other than Aastha’s own sister.

Aasha’s husband confesses that everything was going nicely but then him and Aasha’s sister met again and again and they fell in love with each other. One day Aasha found out about his affair and asked for divorce. That time her husband told her the truth and killed her which Ritu saw it. Ritu’s grandpa comes and slaps Ritu’s father and asks Aasha’s sister what kind of sister she is. He asks Ritu to forget them and takes her with him.

Arjun is with his team. Anjali asks how he knew that there is no ghost inside Ritu. Arjun says ghost and all that is rubbish. Ritu saw her father killing her mother and she was shocked. She couldn’t express it in her own words and used her mother’s voice. He further says that he used superstitions to caught people who believe in it.


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