Babuji Teaches Netaji a valuable lesson on Republic Day!

Its the ‘Repubic Day’ special episode in Chidiya Ghar.

Its the ‘Repubic Day’ special episode in Chidiya Ghar.
With a great sense of patriotism Babuji (Rajendra Gupta) teaches everyone in Chidiyaghar the significance of Republic Day and how democracy is for the people, of the people and by the people.

But his son Ghotak (Paresh Ganatra) disagrees and says that in India democracy has completely lost its value.
Just then, a corrupt politician comes to town with several sacks of grains claiming that it is meant for a lavish meal for the people on the occasion of Republic Day. Everyone feels that there is something fishy about the sacks, but Babuji naively tells them that they should not be so judgmental.

However, when Girigit Mausi (Manju Sharma) accidentally stumbles upon the sacks she realizes that it is full of hard cash and not grains. She is flabbergasted, and nervously she informs Babuji that the politician is hiding cash in the sacks of grains.

Being a faithful citizen, Babuji quickly hands over the cash to the police and replaces the sacks with real grains to teach the wicked politician a valuable lesson. When the politician tries to take the sacks back, he is shocked when he realizes that the cash from them is missing.

He starts a search operation in the society and threatens to beat everyone up if he doesn’t give his money back!Will Babuji confess about handing the cash over to the police? What will the politician do next?

Speaking about the episode, Paresh Ganatra who plays Ghotak, says, “In the Republic Day episode my character is reluctant about Babuji’s ideologies of patriotism and believing in our democracy. But Babuji, explains the real meaning of patriotism by his actions against the corrupt politician. Giving people like Ghotak a reason to believe in our democracy and do good for our countries.”


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