WWE Elimination Chamber 2014

Elimination Chamber Preview

Tonight’s Elimination Chamber is the final stop on Pay-Per-View before the most spectacular event of the year, WrestleMania XXX.

As any WWE fan will know, WWE broadcasts the Kick-off show which starts a half hour before each Pay-Per-View. On tonight’s show, Goldust and Cody Rhodes will meet Ryback and Curtis Axel in tag team competition. The two teams have crossed paths as of late and remain contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championship. Just lately, both teams haven’t earned many victories, so this match is important for both teams to start climbing the ladder once again.
The actual event itself will begin shortly after the match.

Intercontinental Title Match: Big E vs Jack Swagger

The Intercontinental Champion is still a force to be reckoned with. Big E, besides being on the losing team against the Wyatts has, being as dominant as ever. 3MB have been so frustrated after falling victim to him. Drew McIntyre had lost to Big E on Main Event which angered Jinder Mahal enough to demand a match with him immediately after. Jinder lost. Drew McIntyre also fell victim to Big E on SuperStars and they both lost to him in a handicap match on RAW. Big E’s opponent for tonight had a rough couple of weeks but earned a title shot for tonight after winning a fatal four way match against Rey Mysterio, Mark Henry and Kofi Kingston. Although Jack Swagger lost to Daniel Bryan on SmackDown this week, he will be ready for his opportunity to win the Intercontinental Championship.

Darren Young vs Titus O’Neil

Six months ago, the Primetime Players were receiving a decent push. All of a sudden they disappeared from television. A few weeks ago on SmackDown in tag team action, Titus turned his back on his partner and friend. According to him, Darren Young was holding him back. O’Neil made his singles debut against Zack Ryder. On the February 14 Darren Young fought back from his former partner’s attack and even gained a souvenir of Titus’ pants. On this week’s SmackDown, Titus allowed himself to be distracted by ‘Mr No Days Off’ causing him to lose to Dolph Ziggler. Will Titus be focused enough to beat Young at Elimination Chamber? We’ll see.

The Shield vs The Wyatt Family

Since the debut of the Wyatt Family, there have been comparisons between them and the Shield. Although very different, both trios have wreaked havoc both in and out of the ring. Bray Wyatt has scored bog victories over Kane and Daniel Bryan continues to impress the WWE Universe with his devastating move ‘Sister Abigail’. The Shield on the other hand have been renegades. After last year’s WrestleMania they took out the Undertaker. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins were tag team champions for nearly six months and Dean Ambrose after almost ten months still holds the United States Championship. At the Royal Rumble Roman Reigns eliminated a record twelve Superstars, including his fellow Shield Members. Just lately there has been dissention in the ranks of the men dressed in black. It seems that Ambrose and Reigns have had just about enough of each other, while Seth Rollins is trying to play peacekeeper. Both trios have yet to compete against each other, but that will change tonight. The Wyatt Family all seem to be on the same page and are committed to winning the war. We’ll see if the Shield have what it takes to overcome; Bray, Harper and Rowan.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The New Age Outlaws vs The Usos

Fourteen years after last holding the Tag Team Championship, Roadogg and Billy Gunn defeated the Brotherhood at the Royal Rumble Kick-Off show. Although these D-Generation X members are well passed their peak, they still know how to get it done in the ring. The sons of Rikishi, have been on a roll lately. They defeated Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt in a cage match main event on Raw, just before the Royal Rumble. They earned the right to face the Outlaws and have taken advantage of the veterans over the past couple of weeks. Jey Uso pinned Roadogg in an eight man tag team match. Jimmy and Jey have pinned both Roadogg and Billy in singles matches and are walking into this match with great momentum.

Batista vs Alberto Del Rio

Batista made his return to the WWE on the January 20 episode of Monday Night RAW. He like all of the other Royal Rumble participants claimed that they were going to win. Only, Batista did and has won his place in the main event at WrestleMania. In the run up to Batista’s return, a Twitter war started between him and Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio took exception to ‘the Animal’s’ return and confronted him. At the Rumble, Batista eliminated Alberto pretty quickly after ‘Mexico’s Greatest Export’ had entered. Since then Alberto Del Rio has been on the warpath, attempting to get Batista to face him in the ring. On RAW, Del Rio attacked Batista and ignited a fire inside him. The following week, Batista got even. It seems ‘The Animal’ will be ready to dispose of Alberto before he concentrates on his main event match at WrestleMania. However, Del Rio is no pushover.

World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match: Randy Orton vs John Cena vs Daniel Bryan vs Cesaro vs Christian vs Sheamus

Randy Orton is going into this match as champion. He has had to face all challengers of this match and lost all matches with the exception of his victory over Christian. Randy has fought desperately to remain in the Authority’s favour and has been on a mission to retain his title of ‘Face of the WWE’. Having been on this losing streak, Orton’s focus and momentum are at an all-time low. John Cena, like him or not is the real face of the WWE and looking to get back on top and claw his way back into a WrestleMania main event. He used the ‘Attitude Adjustment’ on the ‘Apex Predator’ on the February 10 RAW to cement his victory. Daniel Bryan is receiving the loudest reactions each night in arenas across the country. The fans are pulling for him and want to be in the main event at the biggest show of the year in April. Cesaro has finally broken through the glass ceiling and caught the attention of many fans across the world. His Cesaro swing has been embraced by the WWE Universe and his victory over Orton on last week’s SmackDown was a big deal to him and fans alike. Cesaro, claims that after tonight’s match, he will not be the face of the WWE, but the face of America. Christian has shown a more determined side to his personality. However, like Randy Orton, he hasn’t been on the winning end of matches. Although he is the most experienced Superstar in the match, he isn’t the favourite to win, but ‘Captain Charisma’ remains confident. ‘The Celtic Warrior’ Sheamus returned at the Royal Rumble and has been on a roll. He also gained a victory over Randy Orton. On this week’s SmackDown, he pinned Christian in the main event. Has he got what it takes to win the Elimination Chamber though? While Sheamus remains popular, he still hasn’t got the support that John Cena has and of course Daniel Bryan. This could be a factor in Sheamus’ psyche. Whoever wins tonight’s Elimination Chamber will be defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania. This event will start shaping up the much anticipated card at the ‘Showcase of the Immortals’.


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