Episode Review: WWE Raw – April 21st 2014

WWE Monday Night RAW-April 21 2014

Baltimore Arena, Baltimore, Maryland

RAW began with Daniel Bryan making his way to the ring.  Brie Bella stood in the ring, leading the “YES” chants.  Before Daniel could speak, Stephanie McMahon entered the arena.

Stephanie came out to congratulate Bryan and Brie on their wedding.  She pointed out that he won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and got married in the same week and described their wedding as breath taking.  She confessed that she wanted to get them present and in the same breath told Daniel that he would be facing Kane for the championship at Extreme Rules.

Stephanie said that in demon form, Kane is unstoppable.  The ‘Big Red Monster’ came out and Bryan moved his wife out of harm’s way.  Kane attacked Bryan and Tombstoned him onto the steel steps.  Unsatisfied Kane again, tombstoned the champion onto the announce table.  Stephanie called Kane a bastard and begged for the EMTs.

When RAW returned from commercial, Bryan was still been attended to as Brie walks with him to the back.  The ‘Billion Dollar Princess’ sarcastically told the crowd to give Bryan a round of applause.  In reality, Daniel’s RAW appearance was cut short due to the death of his father.

Bad News Barrett vs Sheamus

In the semi-final of the tournament to crown a new number one contender forIntercontinental Championship, Bad News Barrett faced Sheamus.  Before the match Barrett said that the luck of the Irish is running out and that it wasn’t ST Patrick’s Day, but the day Sheamus loses to him.

Sheamus failed to get the pin fall on his opponent after hitting white noise.  Both Superstars went over the top rope while pummelling each other.  They eventually found their way back in. Tactically, Barrett slid out of the ring and the ‘Celtic Warrior’ found him and reached out through the ropes to bring him back.  Barrett whacked him with the ‘Bull Hammer’ and Sheamus succumbed to the intelligence and power of Bad News Barrett.

It was announced that Hugh Jackman will be on RAW next week.

The Wyatt Family are on stage, Bray said that we are all sheep led by wolves.  He announced that the fate of John Cena would be left in the hands of the WWE Universe.  He would either face one two or three members of the Wyatts later in the show.  Wyatt told Cena that the WWE fans don’t love him anymore and led the crowd in song to the ‘Whole World in His Hands’.

Los Matadores & El Torito vs 3MB & Hornswoggle

Drew McIntyre picked up El Torito, but the little bull, kicked him where it hurts.  Los Matadores came in and the three of them hit a double team slam.  Torito then pinned the Scotsman for the victory.

Evolution are seen getting out of a limo.

After the commercial, Evolution were in the ring.  ‘The Game’ said he laughs every time he thinks about how he said the Shield were the best.  That was until Daddy (came out and spanked them.  Randy Orton said, that one act started the reformation of the strongest group ever.  A video recapping Evolution’s history is shown.

Batista, says that with thirty one title between them, the Shield have no idea what they are getting themselves into.

The Shield’s music echoed through the arena and there they came.  Evolution exited the ring and Dean Ambrose grabbed the mic.  He said that it was the first and last time the Shield had been beaten up.  He congratulated Evolution.  He pointed out that there was a reason Triple H hired them to protect him and Orton months before.  Rollins said they know exactly what they are getting themselves into.  As the Shield got out of the ring, they stalked Evolution who were backing up the ramp.  Just as they thought they were going to have their way, the entire locker room walked out and stood behind Evolution.  Triple H said, that in life you either adapt or perish.  That is evolution.

The announcers updated the viewers about Daniel Bryan’s condition. They said that he was in the hospital, receiving tests.  That’s all they knew.

The Rhodes Brothers vs The Usos

As Rybaxel sat and did commentary, the match commenced.  Cody went for ‘Cross Rhodes’ on Jey, but Jimmy caught him with a super kick that scored the Tag Team Champions the win.  After the match, Goldust tried to help Cody up but he shoved his older brother away.  Cody left the ring with Goldust going after him.  Meanwhile, Rybaxel came into the ring and attacked the Usos.

Layla vs Emma

So the Fandango/Santino feud continues.  Layla locked in a surfboard submission hold but Emma fought out.  Emma got the win after she hit Layla with the ‘Cobra’… a pink cobra.

Renee Young is with John Cena backstage.  He said that all he hears is Bray Wyatt’s song.  He said that with the possibility of meeting all three Wyatt Family members, he just has to survive, but at Extreme Rules, it would just be him and Bray.

In the Arena Cesaro was with Paul Heyman.  Once again, Paul went on and on about Brock Lesnar defeating the Undertaker.  Rob Van Dam’s music interrupted him as he made his way to the ring for the secon semi-final match.

Rob Van Dam vs Cesaro

RVD hit the split legged moonsault, but Cesaro kicked out of Van Dam’s pin attempt.  He countered a kick to the face and hit RVD with double under hook powerbomb.  As the Swiss native went for the Cesaro Swing, Jack Swagger’s music distracted him.  As the match progressed, the ‘All American, American’ approached the ring area.  Behind the referee’s back, he jammed his former partner’s face into the ring post and Cesaro was counted out.

After his loss, Cesaro was attacked by Swagger, Cesaro threw Jack out of the ring and went for his big swing on Zeb Colter.  As Jack re-entered to make the save, he was caught in the Cesaro swing for twelve spins and the newest Paul Heyman guy left the ring.

Backstage Cesaro told Rob Van Dam that he should thank Swagger as he couldn’t beat him alone.  Heyman said RVD wouldn’t take a victory like that.  Van Dam said that his conscious was clear and warned Cesaro to keep his wallet, house and career away from Heyman, if he plans to make it.

Aksana vs Paige

Aksana was given the opportunity to even the score against WWE Divas Champion Paige.  However, she suffered the same fate and tapped out to the ‘Scorpion Cross Lock’.

The ‘Ravishing Russian’ Lana entered the arena.  She did her usual dull speech and introduced the ‘Bulgarian Brute’.

Alexander Rusev vs Sin Cara

Sin Cara put up more offence than both Xavier Woods and R-Truth did, but in an obvious result, Sin Cara submitted to ‘the Accolade’.

Following the break, Jerry Lawler announced that John Cena would meet all three members of the Wyatt Family.

John Cena vs The Wyatt Family

Against all odds, Cena fought hard against the entire family.  Cena nailed Bray with the ‘Five Knuckle Shuffle’ and the ‘Attitude Adjustment’, but Luke Harper and Erick Rowan broke the pin.  All three men proceeded to attack Cena  and the referee called for the bell, citing a no contest.

Rowan and Harper hit a clothesline and a big boot to the face of the leader of ‘Cenation’ before Bray knocked John unconscious with ‘Sister Abigail’.  Bray grabbed the microphone and told the WWE Universe, that in life, all things come to light.  He then sang ‘Whole World in His Hands’ over and over as the Wyatt Family stood over John Cena’s fallen body to send RAW off the air.




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