Episode Review: WWE Raw – April 28th 2014

WWE Monday Night RAW-April 28 2014

Scottrade Center, St Louis, Missouri

A steel cage surrounded the ring as John Cena opened the show.  He asked the WWE Universe, why they had voted for him to wrestle all three members of The Wyatt Family last week and what he had done to deserve it.  He said that he had never turned his back on the WWE Universe.  Cena wondered why they followed Bray, stating that he is a man whose passion isn’t for WWE but for himself.  Cena pointed out that at Extreme Rules, any Wyatt Family member who came to ringside would be locked in, but more importantly, Bray would be locked in.

The voice of a young boy sounded through the arena, singing ‘Whole World in His Hands’.  The crowd sang along.  A choir appeared and so did the Wyatts, where they all sang too.  Bray asked CeNation to sing with him as the choir surrounded the ring.  The lights went out and when they came back on, the choir were all wearing goat masks.  Cena looked freaked out yet sad that Bray Wyatt was having such an effect.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The Usos vs Rybaxel

Ryback was unable to finish Jey Uso off with the ‘Shell Shock’ as Jey had slid down his back and rolled him up for two.  Curtis Axel tagged in and executed the ‘Perfect Plex’, but Jimmy leapt off the top rope with a splash and covered Axel for three and the Usos retained.

Paul Heyman and Cesaro ran into Rob Van Dam backstage.  Heyman said that RVD was the original Paul Heyman guy, but he was getting under his skin.  Paul admitted he was a liar and ruthless, but he takes his men to the top.  Cesaro chimed in and said that was all he needed to hear.

Once again backstage, Kane’s mask was shown, locked in a glass case.

Sheamus vs Titus O’Neil

Before Sheamus even got to the ring, Titus O’Neil ran down the aisle and jumped him.  Titus rolled the ‘Celtic Warrior ‘into the ring where he continued the attack.  Out of nowhere, Sheamus decapitated Titus with a massive ‘Brogue Kick’ for the win.

After the commercial, Dolph Ziggler came to the ring and plugged the new X-Men movie- Days of Future Past.  He introduced Hugh Jackman .  Dolph mentioned that the last time Wolverine was on RAW, Jackman knocked him out.  He said it was worth it, because he got knocked out by a true Superstar.

Damien Sandow interrupted and appeared dressed as Magneto.  Jackman indulged him and pretended that he was being pulled by Magneto’s magnetic field.  When he got near, Jackman hip-tossed Damien and Dolph delivered the ‘Zig Zag’.

Cesaro and Paul Heyman entered the arena as Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter were in the ring ready.  Paul Heyman introduced himself and said that he was a funny guy.  He dared to tell a joke.  “Knock Knock” the crowd responded with the obvious “Who’s There?” Mike! “Mike Who?”.  Oh Heyman… “Mike client conquered the streak at WrestleMania”.  He then introduced Cesaro.

Jack Swagger vs Cesaro

Outside the ring, Heyman grabbed the moustache of Uncle Zeb, which distracted Swagger.  Cesaro came from behind and executed a German suplex for the one, two, three.

After the commercial break Renee Young caught up with John Cena.  She asked what had happened earlier and he said nothing and walked off.

Cody Rhodes vs Alberto Del Rio

Cody failed to put Del Rio away when Alberto caught him in a cross arm breaker.  Cody fought, but in the end was forced to tap.  Goldust tried to comfort his brother, but Rhodes as he has been doing as lately, shoved him away.

Cesaro and Paul Heyman were shown talking amongst themselves.

In the arena the ‘Ravishing Russian’, Lana came to introduce the ‘Bulgarian Brute’.

Alexander Rusev vs Xavier Woods

Rusev destroyed Woods, but was attacked by R-Truth when he had his opponent in ‘The Accolade’.  The ‘Bulgarian Brute’ picked up the disqualification win and a beating by Truth and Woods.  Rusev didn’t suffer but was stopped in his tracks for the very first time.

Backstage, RVD was asked for his thoughts on his upcoming number one contender match with Bad News Barrett.  He said that Barrett would receive some bad news himself.  Zeb Colter interrupted RVD and said that they had a common enemy in Paul Heyman and suggested they work together.  Rob said that he was happy to continue being himself.

Los Matadores vs Drew McIntyre & Heath Slater

Hornswoggle and El Torito continued their feud on the outside which caught the attention of Fernando.  Heath Slater took advantage of the opportunity and gave the matador ‘Smash Hit’ for a 3MB victory.

Post-match, Hornswoggle attempted a high cross body onto Los Matadores, but no one was home.  Torito flew through the air with a springboard high cross body to Heath Slater, cutting the rock star’s celebration short.

Stephanie McMahon came to the ring to apologise to Daniel Bryan.  Bryan was accompanied by his new wife Brie Bella and was wearing a neck brace.  He stood on the stage and told Steph that he thought her apology was full of crap.  He suspected that at any moment Kane could come out and attack himself and Brie.  Bryan said that he is cleared to wrestle at Extreme Rules, but not before.  Stephanie instead, gave Brie a title match against WWE Divas Champion Paige.

WWE Divas Championship Match: Paige vs Brie Bella

As Paige gave Brie a super plex, the Kane’s music echoed through the arena.  Daniel stood at the bottom of the ramp, but unbeknownst to him, Kane came from under the ring.  He stalked Brie as her husband kept trying to save her.  Eventually, Bryan grabbed a wrench and blasted the ‘Big Red Machine’ with it.  Bryan let his guard down to check on his wife, but Kane sat up and chokeslammed the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  He stalked Brie once again, but she managed to escape.

After the break, Stephanie came into the training room where Bryan and Brie were.  Bryan said that he would be competing on Sunday and he will also make sure she pays for involving Brie.

Cena spoke with Renee Young.  He apologized for his behaviour earlier and was caught up in everything.  He said that the WWE Universe hasn’t turned their back on him and that this weekend will be the last time he sings his song.

Bad News Barrett came out and gave RVD some bad news.  He said that the WWE’s slogan is “Then, Now and Forever”.  Van Dam’s should be “Then”, as it was the only time he was relevant.

Rob Van Dam vs Bad News Barrett

After Barrett got the knees to the gut, when RVD was mid-air for the ‘Five Star Frog Splash’, Bad News hit his fellow finalist with the ‘Bull Hammer’ to become number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship.

Once the match had ended, Cesaro attacked RVD inside the ring.  Swagger followed and began to beat on Cesaro, until all three were at war.  Rob Van Dam hit Cesaro with the ‘Five Star Frog Splash’ to end the battle.

The Shield spoke.  They said that Evoulution has passed evolution.  They said Randy Orton was once the future, but is now the past.  Reigns said that the Shield are the future.

Randy Orton was accompanied to the ring by Evolution.  Triple H told the Shield that he was impressed with taking eleven guys out on SmackDown.  Batista told the Shield that they might think they are the new Evolution, but they are still here.  Triple H said that he brought the Shield into the world and Evolution was going to take them out of it.  He said that on Sunday, they better adapt or they will perish.

Roman Reigns then made his way to the ring with his fellow Shield members in tow.  The Nature Boy Ric Flair’s music followed and he made his way to the ring.  The members of Evolution applauded and embraced him.

Flair grabbed the mic and spoke to the live audience.  He said that he’d had a lot of fun in St Louis.  He reminisced about riding from city to city with the 4 Horsemen and they styled and profiled.  He told everyone that the same can be said for his time in Evolution.

Flair declared, that he was surrounded by Superstars that are the definition of power, style and grace.  “What I’m talking about right now is the Shield”.  Flair shook their hands… so Flair’s out of the Evolution reunion then.

Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns

Just as Reigns called for the ‘Superman Punch’, Triple H grabbed his leg, which caused Rollins and Ambrose to attack him and Batista.  All hell broke loose.  ‘The Game’ levelled Ambrose with a big clothesline and went for the ‘Pedigree’.  Rollins prevented him and nailed him with a springboard knee to the face.  Rollins and Ambrose disposed of Batista and Orton while Triple H was speared by Roman Reigns.  The ‘Hounds of Justice’ set Hunter up for the triple powerbomb but Batista and Randy distracted them while Triple H escaped.  RAW went off the air with Evolution leaving the ring to fight another day.




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