Episode Review: WWE Raw February 17th 2014

WWE Monday Night Raw-February 17 2014

Pepsi Center, Denver Colorado

John Cena makes his way to the ring; he says that the Elimination Chamber match is so brutal that it could end a man’s career.  Cena says that he has been on the road to WrestleMania many times and that momentum is the most important thing.  The leader of Cenation told fans that the person with the least momentum entering the chamber is Randy Orton.

Three more participants for Sunday’s match appear.  Cesaro, Sheamus and Christian all state that they will win at the Pay-Per-View.

The WWE World Heavyweight champion, now also makes his way out to the ring.  He thanks the Authority for being allowed to beat them at Elimination Chamber.  Orton explains that Cena can’t beat him when it counts and tells the others why they won’t win.  Bryan comes to the ring where the WWE universe welcomed him with loud chants of “YES”.  He simply said that the fans had done the talking for him and that he had worked too hard to get where he is and nobody could take that away from him.

Out comes Kane who informs everybody that the Authority had left him in charge for the night and he was going to change some of the things he’d done lately.  He makes some matches where one would start now.

While Bryan was distracted trying to coax Kane into the ring, Christian attacked him from behind.

Daniel Bryan vs Christian

Christian was able to gain a good lead for much of the match. He tried to get Bryan with the ‘Killswitch’ but Bryan counterd it with a ‘Yes Lock’.  Christian was able to escape the hold, but with another failed ‘Killswitch’, it was Daniel Bryan who won the match when he rolled Christian up from behind.

After the match, Kane comes back out and announces that his former ‘Team Hell No’ teammate has another match for the night.

Daniel Bryan vs Kane

Kane’s attempt at hurting Bryan was mostly successful.  While the ‘Big Red Corporate Monster’ absorbed a few blows, he wrapped Daniel around the ring post causing his own disqualification.  Kane acknowledged that he knew he was disqualified by saying so on the microphone, but his mission to inflict pain on Daniel Bryan was accomplished.

Backstage, Dean Ambrose took exception to the fact that Mark Henry was in the arena after the beating he too k and asked Roman Reigns if he could do better than what he did last week.  Reigns said that he could.

Santino Marrella vs Fandango

Santino was defeated when Fandango hit him with the ‘Falcon arrow’ after Santino had gone to check on Emma, who had been giving Summer Rae an Airplane Spin.  Emma and Santino had gone in for the kiss (perfect timing huh?) when the ballroom guy scored the pin.

Mark Henry tells Renee Young that he is going to induct someone into the ‘Hall of Pain’ because that’s what he does.

Mark Henry vs Roman Reigns

Mark Henry absorbed a ‘Samoan Drop’!  The biggest member of The Shield only managed a two count.  Henry landed a head butt and a big splash, but ran into a big boot when he attempted another.  Henry finally succumbed to the impactful Roman Reigns when, he was hit with a ‘Superman Punch’ and a humongous ‘Spear’.

Post-match, Ambrose was stomping Henry, much to Roman’s annoyance.  The Wyatt Family appeared and told the Shield, that if they weren’t willing to die for this battle, then they had already lost.  The six have a staring match, but the Wyatts bailed with Bray proclaiming that it was his battle.

Goldust is shown building with the new ‘WWE Stack Down’.  In an insecure tone, he asked his brother Cody not to call him a freak.  Bad News Barrett comes in and knocks it down.  Cody offers to help his brother rebuild it.

Kofi Kingston vs Jack Swagger

Kofi connected with the ‘SOS’ but couldn’t get the pin, as Swagger’s feet were under the bottom rope.  Kofi went for a cross body but Jack Swagger countered it and made Kingston tap out.

Big E appeared at ringside, but the challenger for the Intercontinental Championship escaped.

Big E vs 3 Man Band

Big E a shoulder tackled Jinder and McIntyre into the corner. Jinder absorbed a belly to belly suplex. Big E executed the ‘Big Ending’ on both members before pinning Drew McIntyre.

Big E tells uncle Zeb that he hopes they do diapers big enough because it won’t be just his mouth that’ll be full of crap, come Sunday.

Backstage Orton tells Triple H that they were the two that carried Batista in Evolution.  The Animal appeared and said that the champion wasn’t the face of the WWE but the ass.  Alberto Del Rio joined in and said he didn’t realize how crazy Batista is.  But at Elimination Chamber, he will break his arms.  Batista shoves him and walks away.

Renee Young announces that Titus O’Neil will face Darren Young on Sunday.  Titus said that he was being held back.  He also added that champion was spelled; T, I, T, U, S and the WWE locker room would see the rise of Titus O’Neil.

The Wyatt Family vs Sin Cara & Los Matadores

Sin Cara connectsed with a head scissors to Harper followed by a kick to the head. Sin Cara, failed to hit Harper with a Swanton Bomb moves and is hit with spinning clothesline. Bray tagged in executed ‘Sister Abigail’ for the inevitable win.

Jey Uso vs Billy Gunn

After some back and forth action, Billy Gunn failed to finish Jey off with the ‘Fame-Asser’.  The Uso moved and rolled up the D-generate for a victory.

Afterwards Jimmy Uso nailed Roadogg a super kick outside, with his twin flying over the ropes, taking down the Outlaws.

Randy Orton vs Sheamus

Randy drove Sheamus’ head to the mat with a DDT from the second rope.  He signaled for the RKO but the Irish man countered it.  Sheamus incapacitated the ‘Apex Predator’ with three ‘Irish Curse’ back breakers.  Just as the ‘Celtic Warrior’ was all set to nail Orton with the ‘Brogue Kick’, The Shield interfered and began attacking Sheamus.  So Sheamus earned a disqualification victory.  John Cena and Daniel Bryan came to his aid and battled with the Shield.  Just then, the Wyatt Family approached ringside and proceeded to do battle with their opponents at Elimination Chamber.  Christian and Cesaro entered the fray which made this a twelve man beat down as RAW went off the air.


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