Episode Review: WWE Raw February 24th 2014

WWE Monday Night RAW-February 24 2014

The Resch Center, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Hot off the heels of Elimination Chamber, RAW got underway with the homecoming of the “Immortal” Hulk Hogan.  He says how thirty years ago, he was part of something special… the very first WrestleMania.  Hogan said that history was made that day and that on this day; history was being made with the launch of the WWE Network.   Hulk told the WWE Universe that he had been walking around all day like a proud papa, knowing that; the then, the now and the future is going to be immortalised.  The ‘Hulkster’ then announced that he was going to be the official host of WrestleMania XXX.  He closed the interview with “What ya gonna do when the Hulkster, the WWE Network and WrestleMania runs wild on youuuu”?

Daniel Bryan vs Kane is announced, a possible appearance from Brock Lesnar and a rematch between Alberto Del Rio and Batista.

Batista vs Alberto Del Rio

For somebody who is supposed to be a fan favourite, the crowd booed every time he struck Alberto.  The crowd cheered every time, heel Alberto landed shots to Batista.  ‘Mexico’s Greatest Export’ missed a super kick and Batista slammed Del Rio.  As ‘The Animal’ signalled for the ‘Batista Bomb’, Randy Orton’s theme boomed through the speakers.  Much to the crowd’s delight ‘The Viper’ appeared, which distracted ‘Big Dave’.  Alberto Del Rio ran up from behind and rolled him up for a three count.

After the match, Randy Orton got on the mic and poked fun at the fan’s reactions to him since he made his triumphant return.  He says that he doesn’t know if he can sense it or not, but the fans don’t seem to like him very much.   He bet that Batista is sorry he came back.  Batista said that that he was wrong and that he loves the business and the fact that the fans have a voice.  If they cheered him or booed him, he’d do the same to them.  Batista went on to say that he would beat Randy at WrestleMania for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Big E vs Cesaro

After escaping the big ending, challenger Cesaro, hit the launching uppercut.  He went for the ‘Cesaro Swing’ but Langston used his strength to kick him away.  The ‘Real American’ persisted and swung him ten times.  Jack Swagger suddenly entered the ring and trapped the Intercontinental Champion in the ‘Patriot Lock’, causing Cesaro to be disqualified.  Swagger had cost his partner the chance to be Intercontinental Champion and the two of them argued.

After the break, John Cena made his way to the ring and shared his elation that Hulk Hogan had come home.  He said with the launch of the Network, the WWE is now in a historic period and if anyone wants to carry the WWE to that new historic era, they’d have to go through him.  Cena acknowledged the Wyatt Family’s bold move of costing him the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and the chance to main event WrestleMania.  The Wyatts came out and John challenged all three of them.  They gladly accepted.  Cena fought hard but the strength in numbers were too much for him.  They injured the leader of ‘Cenation’s’ ankle and mocked him by kneeling over his beaten body.  Cena was stretchered out.

Christian vs Sheamus

With Christian’s new attitude, he showed a more aggressive side the ring.  However, sheamus was able to shoulder tackle Christian from the ring apron, to the floor.  Christian recovered and continued his assault on the ‘Celtic Warrior’.  ‘Captain Charisma’ leapt off the top rope and unfortunately for him ran into a ‘Brogue Kick’. Sheamus picked up the win via pinfall.

Footage was shown from earlier in the day when the Authority arrived.  As Renee Young was interviewing them about the launch of the WWE Network, Daniel Bryan crashed the party demanding a match with Triple H at WrestleMania.  He said he was sick of being screwed.  Triple H laughed off his challenge and told Byan that he would try to find a place on the card for him, but he wasn’t an A+ player like Triple H.

Backstage the Shield was questioning the Dean Ambrose of his whereabouts during the six man tag team match at Elimination Chamber.  He said he was sick of explaining himself.  The Wyatts approach the Shield and Roman Reigns challenged Bray to a match where it would be just the two of them.

For the first time, there was a Panel at Raw.  Josh Matthews, Booker T and Ric Flair discussed the night’s events.

Daniel Bryan vs Kane

Kane dominated much of the match using his sheer size and strength.  Bryan, jumped off the top rope, but Kane caught him around the neck and choke slammed him.  ‘D Bryan’ barely kicked out.  He did his best to apply the ‘YES Lock’ but Kane was just too strong.  Bryan got the three count however, after hitting the running knee.

After the match Daniel, challenged Triple H once again, stating that he was a coward hiding behind his wife.  He put it to Triple H that he should give the people what they wanted and that was a match with him at WrestleMania.

Emma vs Summer Rae

The goofy but loveable Emma  was punished for much of the match by Rae, but out of nowhere, Emma applied the ‘Emma Lock’ and made Summer Rae tap out.

The New Age Outlaws vs The Usos

Before Roadogg could finish his usual promo, Jimmy super kicked him and Jey hit an almighty splash from the top rope, pinning the Tag Team Champion; one, two, three.

Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt

This match was back and forth with neither really getting the better of one another.   The fight went out to the arena floor where Reigns hit Bray with a hard clothesline.  He called for the spear, but the lights went out.  The rest of the family came out but before they could enter the ring, Seth Rollins appeared and flew out of the ring on to Rowan and Harper.  Dean Ambrose ran to the scene and joined in the battle.  Ambrose slid into the ring and proceeded to beat on Wyatt, which caused Roman Reigns to be disqualified.  Eventually the Wyatts left ringside and the shields were left standing in the ring glaring at them.

Backstage Paul Heyman is warning Brock Lesnar not to destroy anything or anyone.

They came to the ring where a table was placed inside.  Heyman complains that the Authority will give you anything except the thing that you actually want.  He says that it should be Brock challenging for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXX.  What Lesnar did have as a consolation prize, was an open contract to face anybody at WrestleMania.

Just then, the Undertaker made his long awaited return.  He and Brock stared each other out.  Brock promptly signed the contract, eager to meet the ‘Deadman’.  He shoved the pen into ‘Taker’s’ chest. Undertaker stabbed the pen into Brock’s hand.  He then, picked up ‘The Beast’ and choke slammed him through the table.  ‘The Phenom’, stared at the ‘Mania’ logo as his music hit and RAW went off the air.


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