Episode Review: WWE Raw July 14th 2014

WWE Monday Night RAW-July 14 2014

Richmond Coliseum, Richmond, Virginia


For the first time in a while, John Cena opened the show.  He hyped this Sunday’s Battleground Pay-Per-View and explained how the Fatal Four Way match works.  Cena mentioned who would be in the match and knows that the Authority are gunning for him to lose the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The music of Roman Reigns hit the speakers and down he came.  Cena thanked him for saving him on the previous episode and knows that they will be against each other at Battleground, but would be a team later in the evening.  He said that had to make it through the night. Reigns told him to make his point.  Cena relayed, that should they make it past the authority, Reigns can see whether he is as good as he thinks he is.  Reigns came back at Cena with same words.

Dean Ambrose appeared on the Titan Tron and said that he agrees with everything that is going on, but the Authority always have a plan.  He pitched a plan of his own called the “Screw the Authority”.  Just then, Kane Randy Orton and Seth Rollins attacked him from behind, throwing him all over the backstage area.  A beaten man, Ambrose asked them if that’s all they had.  Kane choke slammed Dean onto a trunk and Rollins executed the ‘Curb Stomp’.


Sheamus vs The Miz


The Miz told the WWE Universe that his goal for the night was to prevent Sheamus from hurting the “Money Maker”.  He told his fans that the “Money Maker” would be on screen for the entire match.


When the ‘Celtic Warrior’ missed the ‘Brogue Kick’ and caught his leg over the rope, Miz in a surprising turn of events rolled him up and scored a victory.


In the Authority’s office, the Authority celebrated their actions from earlier.  Orton said there would be nothing stopping him from becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  Kane said that he might become the Champion.  He noted that he has Randy’s back, but they couldn’t trust each other.  Triple H walked in and told them that they could trust each other and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship had to be brought back to the Authority.  All three Superstars left as Stephanie McMahon walked in and told her husband that she loves it when he takes control and the two kissed.


Dolph Ziggler vs Fandango


At the conclusion of the match, Fandango attempted to attack the ‘Show Off’ from behind.  However, Dolph turned round, dropkicked him and put him out with the ‘Fame-Asser’.  That was the end of that.  Layla and Summer Rae climbed in the ring after the match and danced around Ziggler before getting a kiss off both of them.


In the back, Damien Sandow was in a Sonic suit and was asking for Sonic drinks.  Adam Rose approached and asked him why he was being a lemon.  Sandow told him that he was about to enjoy some cheesy goodness and Rose wasn’t invited.  They argued about who would get the food.  Rose got it and celebrated with the Rosebuds.


Out in the arena, The WWE Tag Team Champions the Usos were on the way to the ring.  Erick Rowan and Luke Harper attacked them from behind.  They destroyed the twin brothers and left ringside.


Michael Cole hosted a United States vs Russia détente with Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger representing the United States and Lana and Rusev flying the flag for Russia.  Lana went on a tirade of telling fans to shut up and called the United States stupid, for trying to solve the world’s problems before their own.  She wanted Zeb to apologise for America’s mistakes.  He told her that she was a visitor and would be no such thing.  He called Vladimir Putin ugly and defended Barack Obama.  Zeb challenged Rusev to a match with his man Swagger.  With loud “We the People” chants, Rusev spoke in Bulgarian and then said “This is war”.  Uncle Zeb told them to leave the ring.  Lana slapped him and as a result, ‘The Bulgarian Brute’ was speared by the ‘Real American’.  It resulted in Swagger gaining the upper hand, with him applying the ‘Patriot Lock’.  Fortunately for Rusev he was able to escape Swagger and the ringside area.  Zeb Colter waved the American flag in the middle of the ring.


Behind the curtain, John Cena spoke about Dean Ambrose being out with Roman Reigns.  He asked Reigns if he saw what they were doing.  Reigns said they took out one man, but by the end of the night, all three Authority Superstars would be taken down.


Alberto Del Rio vs Rob Van Dam


RVD leapt off the top rope for the ‘Five Star Frog Splash’, but Alberto lifted his knees.  The ‘Mexican Aristocrat’ applied the cross arm breaker and made ‘Mr Monday Night’ submit.


Nikki Bella was in the ring when RAW returned from the break.  Stephanie McMahon came out and pointed out that she was alone once again.  She said that when Brie quit, she left her own flesh and blood and was abandoned by her when she married Daniel Bryan.  Stephanie but her in a tag team match, which was really a two on one match against Cameron and Alicia Fox.


Nikki Bella vs Alicia Fox & Cameron


Of course Nikki fought hard and give it her best, but that crazy chic Alicia bested her.  The numbers were just too much.


The announcement was made that Sting will be in WWE2K15


In the Authority’s office, Randy Orton seemed concerned about Kane.  Triple H said that Kane is just their pawn and that the plan is for him to walk out of Battleground, the winner.  Hunter said that Orton is the plan.  With that, Randy said that if he is the plan, there is no need for plan b.  The COO agreed as the ‘Viper’ left.


Big E vs Cesaro

Kofi Kingston was at ringside for the match and prevented Cesaro from using a steel chair on Big E.  a distracted Cesaro was hit with a ‘Big Ending’ and Big E scored the victory.


Back on RAW, Chris Jericho welcomed everybody to RAW is Jericho.  He mentioned that he had been in the WWE for fifteen years and had seen it all until he came into contact with Bray Wyatt.  He called him a freak surrounded by freaks.  He asked why he is coming for him, but announced that for the first time it would be him against Bray Wyatt at Battleground.  Jericho suggested that he might have more in common with his upcoming opponent than people think.  He said that he can get crazy when he wants; he has the whole WWE Universe in his hands and is an unstoppable force.  Wyatt showed up on the Titan Tron and tried to give ‘Y2J’ a guilty conscience about not being around when the WWE needed him.  Bray told him that he’d been to war with the most powerful men, but they all scream and so will he.  He asked Chris whether he is afraid of the dark.  The lights went out and when they came back, Harper and Rowan stood in the ring.  Jericho attacked Harper but was pushed aside by Rowan.  Harper went for the big boot, but Jericho escaped up the ramp.  The two chased him into the hands of Bray, who attacked him and dropped him with ‘Sister Abigail’ followed by his ceremonial call to “Follow the Buzzards”.


AJ Lee vs Eva Marie


AJ defeated Eva via submission with the ‘Black Widow’.  After the match, AJ went over to the announce table, where she took JBL’s headset.  Paige was on commentary for the match and told Lee that she looked great.  AJ returned the compliment and said by to her.


In the back, Kane approached the Authority with his problem about not liking or trusting Randy Orton.  Stephanie told him that not liking somebody is part of the job.  Triple H told Kane that the Championship is coming back to the Authority and to get the job done.


Bo Dallas was in the ring and complimented El Torito on having such a big heart.  He only hoped that his following opponent has a heart as big.


Bo Dallas vs The Great Khali


Dallas hit Khali with the ‘Bo-Dog’ off the apron and the big man failed to make it back into the ring inside the referee’s count.  Bo gloated (In a nice way), but was given a huge chop for his trouble.


Seth Rollins was with the Authority.  He suggested that if Kane and Orton can’t get the job done, he has a plan b (holding the briefcase up).  Paul Heyman approached and told them that if plan b doesn’t work, he has a plan c.  Stephanie told Hunter that she couldn’t believe they were trusting him.


Ric Flair was introduced to the live audience and relived some of the fun he’d had in Richmond.  He hyped the Fatal Four Way Match and spoke about each participant, but his pick was John Cena.  Just then Roman Reigns came to the ring.  He and Flair shook hands before the ‘Nature Boy’ left.  Before he reached the back, Cena came out and handed him the World Heavyweight Championship, to keep I suppose, leaving just the WWE Title.  They embraced and Cena came to the ring.


John Cena & Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton, Kane & Seth Rollins


Roman Reigns nailed Kane with the ‘Superman Punch’ and threw Rollins to the outside.  Reigns took Orton down with a Samoan drop, seemingly ridding of all three men.  However, the ‘Demon’ attacked him from behind and wouldn’t relent, causing him to be disqualified.  Cena came in and got rid of Kane before being faced with an attacking ‘Viper’.  Orton and Kane, tried put John down, but Kane ended up accidentally hitting Randy.  John Cena, who was waiting in the wings couldn’t keep the ‘Big Red Monster’ up for the ‘AA’.  Meanwhile, Roman attempted to spear Randy, but he moved and Cena was hit instead.  Out of nowhere, Orton dropped Kane with the ‘RKO’.  His celebration was short lived though, as Roman Reigns blew him off his feet with the spear.  Reigns closed RAW with him staring at the fallen bodies.




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