Episode Review: WWE Raw July 7th 2014

 WWE Monday Night RAW-July 7 2014

The Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Roman Reigns made his way through the crowd to begin this week’s RAW.  As he did so, Michael Cole let the viewers at home know that the Authority were on vacation.Reigns speculated that Triple H’s decision to enter him into the Fatal Four Way Match, in order to nullify John Cena as Champion.  Reigns made it clear that his participation wouldn’t help Randy Orton become World Heavyweight Champion.  Roman Reigns then vowed to become champion instead.  Kane rushed to ringside and asked if he was in charge for the night, because lately it seemed that he was just Orton’s bitch.  The two went at it until Reigns toppled him with the ‘Superman Punch’.

When RAW returned from the commercials Luke Harper and Erick Rowan were stood in the ring waiting for their opponents

The Wyatt Family vs The Uso Brothers

The Usos prepared to dive simultaneously onto Luke Harper, but Rowan stopped Jimmy in his tracks and pulled him out to the floor.  Seeing this, Jey baseball slid into Rowan, but was caught off guard with a big boot to the face by Harper, who won the match more the Wyatts.

Backstage Randy Orton told Kane, that if Roman Reigns had done one more thing, he would have helped him out, just how Kane will do the same on Sunday.  Seth Rollins came into the picture and assured both Superstars, that if they were to win the title at Battleground, he’d think twice about cashing in on them.  When Rollins walked away Orton told the ‘Demon’ that he was starting to hate Seth, to which Kane replied “Not as much as I hate you”.

One Hand Tied Behind The Back Match: Nikki Bella vs Alicia Fox

Before the match started Alicia Fox resisted being tied up and attacked the already restrained Nikki.  The Bella Twin was at an extreme disadvantage and suffered the consequences.

Rusev vs Rob Van Dam

So instead of attacking the United States, Lana took the opportunity to slam Canada, while preaching how great Russia is and its leader Vladimir Putin.

During the RVD/Rusev match, Zeb Colter appeared on a split screen (only seen by the television audience) and challenged the ‘Bulgarian Brute’ to a match with Jack Swagger at Battleground.  Meanwhile, Lana told Rusev to crush ‘Mr Monday Night’, which he did and Rob Van Dam tapped out to ‘The Accolade’.

Cameras cut to ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton, who was on his way to the arena floor.

Randy Orton vs Dean Ambrose

After an awkward messed up spot during the match, Dean Ambrose threw a bunch of chairs into the ring.  ‘The Viper’ attempted to give Ambrose a draping DDT, but the former ‘Hound of Justice’ reversed it into an unsuccessful pin fall.  Randy, from nowhere caught dean with the ‘RKO’ for the win.

Renee Young interviewed John Cena backstage.  He said that he’d always had a target on his back.  While he continued, Roman Reigns approached.  Cena told him that his words were tough earlier.  Reigns warned John that he’d need a ton of luck when he faces him in the Fatal Four Way.

Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler

Fandango, sat at the announce table to give his two cents, during the match.  In a forgettable encounter, Alberto Del Rio defeated Ziggler with his super kick to earn the right to face Sheamus for the United States Championship.

In a strange backstage segment, Stardust was talking to what seemed to be Goldust.  It was however, just his wig from behind.  Goldust appeared as he was talking.  They entered into a conversation about how crazy they both are and when the camera panned away from the brothers, the wig was now sitting on top of Goldust’s head.

Backstage, Layla approached Fandango about being jealous of Dolph Ziggler and Summer Rae’s new relationship.  He put her mind at ease and the two walked away.  But as he passed, his eyed widened when he saw Summer modelling for him in a doorway.

In the arena Jerry Lawler introduced the legendary Hall of Famer Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart.  The live audience went bonkers.  As the fans chanted Thank you, Bret responded by thanking them in French (Merci).  As you might know the Province of Quebec’s native language is French.  Bret said that if he could lace up the boots one more time for a match, it would be in Montreal.  ‘The Hitman’ was interrupted by his own music and out came Damien Sandow dressed as Hart.  Why did Sandow have stars where the hearts should be on his tights?  Hey if you’re gonna do something like that, get it right.  ‘The Intellectual Saviour to the Masses’ taunted Bret about the “Montreal Screw Job” and received a hard right to the face for his trouble.  Sheamus came out and informed the fallen Sandow that he’d be in action with him next.

Sheamus vs Damien Sandow

Sandow predictably ate a generous helping of ‘Brogue Kick’ and went down in defeat.

Renee Young stood in the back with The Miz.  He talked about a fan who wanted to see him return and was upset at how Chris Jericho ruined it for him.

Chris Jericho vs The Miz

In what was both these Superstars’ returning match, Jericho was by far the crowd favourite.  The man who’s career spans twenty five years, grabbed Miz’s legs from underneath him and turned him over for the ‘Walls of Jericho’ and made the awesome one tap out.

Bray Wyatt sent the lights out and when they came back on, there he was sitting on his rocking chair.  He told Jericho that he was waiting for him to save us and said that he’d proved actions speak louder than words. Bray even made a mockery of Jericho’s “Neeever Eeeever” catchphrase.  As Wyatt began to sing ‘Whole World in His Hands’ ‘Y2J’ told him to shut the hell up.  “Quiet Wyatt” was his next line (Made me laugh).  Jericho agreed that actions do speak louder than words and he’d prove it.  He ran up the ramp to attack Bray but the family appeared and Jericho had second thoughts.

The Funkadactyls vs AJ Lee & Paige

When Paige entered the ring, she took the mic off Justin Roberts and introduced the Diva that had taken her title away from her the week before.  So it seems AJ and Paige are on the same page.  During the match, Naomi did all the work for her team.  When she looked for the tag from Cameron, it wasn’t there.  Her partner was standing on the apron, busy putting on makeup.  Cameron eventually did make the tag, but was beaten immediately by the former Divas Champion with the ‘Paige Turner’.

Following the match, a cat fight ensued between the Funkadactyls until Cameron left the ring with a mean look on her face while Naomi watched her leave.


Kofi Kingston vs Cesaro


Just in case you haven’t heard, Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX.  Paul Heyman just had to get it out… again. As Heyman went to speak about Cesaro, the ‘Swiss Superman’ told him that he can’t speak to the fans in English.  Cesaro spoke about Canadian and French Canadian rivalry and said something in French, which irked the audience.  When Kofi came for his match, Cesaro was very much the aggressor, but Kingston suddenly pinned him and gained a victory over him for the second time and not during the break.

Cesaro attacked Kofi after the match, but Big E saved the day.


Backstage John Cena was irritable, Seth Rollins told him that even though they have a match, they could still be civil to one another.  Rollins threatened Cena about the possibility of him cashing in his MITB contract and says even if he doesn’t, his day is still coming.  Cena said that he is full of crap.


El Torito vs Bo Dallas


Bo gave everybody another one of his inspirational speeches, before beating Torito around the ring.  Bo pinned him and gave a victory lap around the ring.


John Cena vs Seth Rollins


Rollins looked impressive in his match with the World Heavyweight Champion.  After a few minutes of taking a beating John Cena found his second wind.  When it seemed the leader of ‘Ce-Nation’ was going to take home a win, Kane burst onto the scene.  Before Kane reached the ring, Randy Orton came out of nowhere and attacked Cena.  The ‘Demon’ and the ‘Viper’ wore him down and it looked like Rollins might cash in the briefcase.  Fortunately for Cena, Dean Ambrose came to the rescue and the two got rid of the Authority’s henchmen.  Ambrose and Cena ended the show with raised hands.








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