Episode Review: WWE Raw June 16th 2014

WWE Monday Night RAW-June 16 2014

The Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, Ohio

RAW’s first image is of the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship belts suspended above the ring.  The Authority came to the ring and noted that the WWE is only as strong as it WWE World Heavyweight Champion.   Triple H said that it was Daniel Bryan’s selfishness in refusing to surrender the title, which prevented anybody from getting a title shot.  Stephanie said that they are all about opportunity and announced that a Battle Royal would take place, where the winner would qualify for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match.  Triple H broke the news that Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and John Cena would not be competing in the match.  However, Cena would have an opportunity to qualify if he could defeat Kane in a stretcher match.  An ambulance backed up into the arena and two EMTs got out and wheeled two stretchers to the ring.  Kane came out to the stage and stared at the ambulance, as RAW went to its first commercial of the evening.

Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins

Rollins powerbombed the ‘Show Off’ into the corner on two separate occasions and hit Dolph with the ‘Curb Stomp’.  Dean Ambrose rushed to the ring and broke the count, costing Ziggler the match.  Ambrose pummelled Rollins until he escaped the ring.  Dean grabbed the mic and accused his former partner of not doing anything without Triple H’s permission and he should come down and fight like a man.  ‘The Game’ appeared on the Titan Tron and told Ambrose that he is glad he likes to fight, but he has some bad news for him.  Bad News Barrett entered the arena

Dean Ambrose vs Bad News Barrett

Barrett and Ambrose fought tooth and nail.  Ambrose countered ‘Wasteland’ with a roll up but could only fetch a two count.  Seth Rollins showed up and stood on the announce table.  He tried to get in the ring, but Ambrose knocked him off the apron.  Barrett tried his luck by charging at his opponent but Ambrose sent him outside the ring too.  The former ‘Hound of Justice’ flew out onto Rollins and Barrett with a suicide dive and took his former teammate into the crowd where they brawled.  The Intercontinental Champion, Barrett got back into the ring and claimed victory via count out.

After the match, Ambrose returned and took Bad News out with the ‘Dirty Deed’.

Backstage, Roman Reigns caught up with Vickie Guerrero in attempt to sweet talk his way into the Battle Royal.  He said that she is a Guerrero and should do the right thing.  He told her to make sure there was creamer in the coffees she was taking to the Authority.  She set them down and moved away.  In the meantime Reigns spiked them with something.  When Vickie returned, she took the coffees with her.

Bray Wyatt announced that the family were there.

With a ladder in the ring, Bray motioned that at Money in the Bank, he would have all the power he would ever need.  He said that his brothers would destroy the Usos and all he would need to do is reach up and take the belts.  He promised that he would, before singing ‘Whole World in his Hands’.  Sheamus’ music cut him off.  The ‘Celtic Warrior’ stood at the stage and told Bray that he had a lot of gall saying that he has the whole world in his hands.  The ‘Great White’ added that he is going to change the words to “I’m gonna put my whole boot down your throat”  Sheamus proclaimed that the talking was over and that it was time to fight.

Bray Wyatt vs Sheamus

When the ‘Celtic Warrior’ was about to lay Bray out with the ‘Brogue Kick’, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan pulled him out of the ring by his feet causing a disqualification.  The Usos ran out to even the odds and the tag team rivalry continued.  Bray came out to aid his brothers and they threw the Tag Team Champions into the ring.  The Usos made a comeback and Sheamus threw a ladder in the faces of Harper and Rowan.  The Wyatt Family retreated to the back.

Inside the office of the Authority, Vickie Guerrero delivered the coffees.  Triple H didn’t see her enter and knocked the coffee all over him and Vickie.  After asking what she was doing, he ordered her to get another.  Stephanie sipped on her coffee, which was still intact.

Renee Young interviewed Stephanie McMahon.  She said that they are all about opportunity and at Money in the Bank, may the best man win.  Paul Heyman showed up and speculated who might win.  He said that at WrestleMania Brock Lesnar defeated the Undertaker.  He said that prior to the match, it wasn’t a prediction that he’d win, but a spoiler.  He said the same would be true when Cesaro wins at the Pay-Per-View.

Heath Slater was next in line to take on Rusev.  Lana utilised her Russian patriotism act to enrage American fans.  Slater asked Rusev and Lana why if they loved Russia so much, why don’t they just go back.  Slater said that Rusev would be facing a “USA Rock star”.

Rusev vs Heath Slater

Kick to the gut, huge savate kick and ‘The Accolade’.  Rusev wins.

Backstage, Stephanie is vomiting.  Triple H tells Vickie to go and check on her.  When she does, Stephanie threw up all over her.  Triple H said with urgency that they had to get her out of there.  Hunter left Vickie in charge and told her to make sure everything went according to plans.  She screamed.

Roman Reign walked up to Guerrero and told her that she was in trouble now.  He told her that she would be fired next week, so it was her time to take a stand.  He asked her to put him in the Battle Royal and she begrudgingly agreed.

Special guest Kevin Hart met with Renee Young.  He plugged his new movie.  Adam Rose showed up and told Kevin that his movie is awesome.  He suggested that he not think like a man but a ‘Rosebud’. Confused by what Rose said, Adam told him not to be a lemon, but a rosebud.  Renee wished Hart luck doing commentary.

Kevin Hart met the announcers at the desk where they made a song and dance about his shirt.  The next match was about to get underway.

Fandango & Layla vs Adam Rose & Summer Rae

While Summer Rae chased Layla to the back, Adam Rose hit Fandango with the ‘Party Foul’ to secure the victory.  Kevin Hart went to the ring and partied with Rose.  They both used the trust fall off the apron and the Exotic Express/Rosebuds carried the movie star to the back.

Battle Royal for Qualification in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match

Rybaxel double teamed Roman Reigns, but he exploded and started to rid the ring of Superstars.  He eliminated Axel, Ryback and Bad News Barrett.  Bo Dallas disposed of Big E, before being a victim of Reigns’ spear.  Dallas was eliminated and the final two in the ring were the former ‘Hound of Justice’ and the ‘Bulgarian Brute’ Rusev.  Reigns lifted the Russian sympathiser over the rope, but Rusev fought back.  The big Samoan ran at Rusev with the ‘Superman Punch’ and knocked the ‘Bulgarian Brute’ out of the ring to qualify for the Ladder Match at Money in the Bank.

John Cena spoke with Renee Young.  He said that the Authority need his help.  He expressed the ways in which he’d do that, before letting everybody know that he would help himself by becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Cameron vs Paige

After flooring Cameron with a dropkick, Paige locked in the PTO and forced Cameron to submit.

Rybaxel vs Goldust & Stardust

Goldust was finally going to get the perfect tag team partner.  Cody Rhodes has become Stardust.  Making quite the impression, Goldust seemed vanilla in comparison.  Stardust used a modified flipping jawbreaker off the top rope to Axel and gained his first win.

Stretcher Match: John Cena vs Kane

John Cena tried with all his might to get Kane onto a stretcher and finally succeeded.  Seth Rollins and Randy Orton ran out and attacked Cena.  Rollins levelled Cena with a Lariat and Orton connected with the ‘RKO’.  Dean Ambrose came to the aid of Cena and attacked Rollins.  Kane put a stop to that but was soon hit in the face with steel steps by the beloved Cena (to some anyway).  The leader of ‘Ce-Nation’ executed the ‘Attitude Adjustment’ to Kane onto the stretcher and wheeled the demon past the finish line where victory awaited him.  Cena qualified for the Ladder Match.  At the top of the ramp  Cena celebrated and claimed that he is “Mr Money in the Bank”.



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