Episode Review: WWE Raw June 2nd 2014

WWE Monday Night RAW-June 2 2014

The Banker’s Life Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, Indiana

Evolution’s entrance opened the show with Triple H addressing the WWE Universe.  He said that it’s always darkest before dawn.  He seemed amused when telling the WWE Universe that he always wins even though the Shield would disagree.  ‘The Game’ claimed that he had always been a winner and wouldn’t rest until the Shield were no more.  Hunter said there is a plan, but Batista wasn’t interested.  He wanted a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match.  Daniel Bryan is injured so I’m not sure where Batista’s “Kayfabe” logic was coming from.  Triple H said that he would probably choke in the match anyway.  The ‘King of Kings‘ apologised for the comment and told ‘The Animal’ that he could have what he wanted once the Shield were finished.  Unsatisfied, Batista quit Evolution and WWE while Triple H guaranteed that he wouldn’t be brought back into the WWE fold again.

Sheamus & Rob Van Dam vs Cesaro & Bad News Barrett

Barrett found himself in an unfortunate position when he was ‘Brogue Kicked’ by the ‘Celtic Warrior’ and squashed by RVD’s ‘Five Star Frog Splash’.

Damien Sandow in another one of his dress ups came to the ring dressed as Lance Stephenson of the Indiana Pacers.  Sandow talked about the Pacers being a bad team in a loser city and told Lance to admit that Lebron James is the greatest Basketball player of all time.  As an act of charity he did some over the top movements to demonstrate how to be a better at the game.  Big Show’s music hit and out he came.  Sandow challenged him to a game.  Show through the ball into his gut and delivered ‘WMD’ before making the basket.

Bo Dallas vs Kofi Kingston

Bo Dallas came out and trashed the Pacers and said that Miami Heat beat them because they all “BoLieve”.  Why WWE do this is beyond me.  It’s not like the other forty nine states care about the pacers, not to mention the rest of the world.  In a predictable result, Bo Dallas left Kofi hanging over the rope before delivering the ‘Bo-Dog’ for the win.  After the match, Dallas hugged Kingston and told him great job and Kofi shoved him away.

Renee Young was outside the Authority’s office looking for Triple H.  Stephanie came out and told her that he is busy, but if she wanted a scoop, she was going to the ring to address the status of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Stephanie McMahon stood in the ring and trashed Daniel Bryan about being selfish.  She said that he would meet Kane in a Stretcher Match at Money in the Bank, but if he couldn’t compete, the Ladder Match would be for the title.  John Cena interrupted the ‘Billion Dollar Princess’ and told her that he has had to give up titles due to injuries, but he always knew he’d get another shot.  Bryan is afraid he won’t because of the way he is treated.  Steph said that Bryan is a B+ player and can’t compete.  Cena argued that business is best for business and that she has allowed everything to become personal.  In some sort of an attempt at revenge, Stephanie set up for Cena to take on Kane after the break.

John Cena vs Kane

When Raw returned the two Superstars participated in a brawl. John connected with the ‘Five Knuckle Shuffle’ and lifted ‘The Big Red Monster’ up momentarily. Kane got the leader of ‘Ce-Nation’ in the corner and relentlessly punched kicked and kneed him until the referee disqualified him after failing to back off before the five count.  Following the match Kane threw Cena into the ring steps and prepared to ‘Tombstone’ him onto them.  Cena fought out and sent the demon into the ring post.  The brawl went back and forth until referees broke them apart.

Renee Young found Randy Orton, where he told her that Batista took his ball and went home.  He said that he and Triple H are still on the same page and would prove that he is still the face of the WWE later on, when he beats Roman Reigns.

3MB vs Los Matadores

El Torito ripped off Hornswoggle’s wig, which distracted Heath Slater.  Diego came up from behind and rolled up the leader of 3MB to secure the victory.

Nikki Bella vs Aksana & Alicia Fox

Alicia and Aksana double teamed the girlfriend of John Cena.  Aksana charged at Nikki, but was rolled up in a pin attempt.  Alicia came in and kicked Bella in the stomach and scissor kicked her way to victory.  Post-match, Alicia continued her crazy ways and attacked Nikki on the outside.

Backstage, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan vowed to take up Bray’s charge and destroy the Uso Brothers.

In the ring, Zeb Colter used his usual racist remarks to get heat.  As Jack Swagger stood by him, uncle Zeb talked about foreigners coming into the U.S and taking everybody’s jobs.  Adam Rose and the Exotic Express arrived to save the day.

Adam Rose vs Jack Swagger

Rose used an atomic drop with a swinging neckbreaker to incapacitate the ‘All American, American’.  He finished Swagger off with the ‘Party Foul’.

In the back, Byron Saxton interviewed the Uso Brothers.  They said that they were hurt but not out.  They told the WWE Universe that they would handle their business.

 The Wyatt Family vs The Uso Brothers

Harper and Rowan were without Bray on this occasion, so they had something to prove.  Rowan threw Jimmy out of the ring, but was rolled up by Jey for a close three count.  The man with the sheep’s mask drove Jey into the mat with a gut buster for the three count.  The longevity of the Uso’s Tag Team Championship reign is reaching its end me thinks.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Alberto Del Ray vs Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler went for the the ‘Zig Zag’ but Del Rio shoved him away and rolled himself around Dolph’s arm for the cross arm breaker, forcing him to submit.

Rybaxel vs Goldust & Sin Cara

Ryback charged at Goldie with little success.  Goldust moved and the Goldberg mark II went shoulder first into the ring post.  Sin Cara fiercely kicked Curtis Axel in the face and went up to the third floor.  Cara missed the sommersault senton splash and Axel hit him with ‘Turning Heads’ to gain the victory.

Lana came out and presented the ‘Bulgarian Brute’ with a Russian Hero award.  She gave him a gold star and told him to stand on the podium that was present.  Rusev babbled on in Bulgarian.  Lana called out “Long live Mother Russia and long live Rusev”.  Confetti fell as the Russian National Athem played.

Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton

As the Shield stood proud in the ring, Dean Ambrose said that they did what they said they was going to do.  They eliminated Evolution without losing a single member of the Shield.  The Shield adapted while Evolution Perished.  Reigns said that Evolution were defeated because they are not brothers like they are.

As Orton came down the aisle with Triple H, who had a mic and a sledgehammer, Seth Rollins rolled out of the ring and grabbed a chair.  Triple H told the Shield that he does what he does better than anybody else, he adapts.  He said that Payback was plan A but now was plan B.  Out of nowhere, Rollins blasted Reigns with a chair and then did the same to Ambrose.  Rollins and the remaining members of Evolution decimated Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose and stood over their fallen bodies.  Guess Triple H was right.  He adapted and killed off the Shield.






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