Episode Review: WWE Raw June 9th 2014

WWE Monday Night RAW-June 9 2014

Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Authority made their way to the ring to kick off this edition of RAW.  Triple H said that is a good night to be right.  A video package was shown of Daniel Bryan’s surgeon explaining that he could not compete at Money in the Bank.  Triple H said that he would be re-evaluated next month.  ‘The Game’ said that they couldn’t expect an A+ recovery from a B+ player.  The Authority stripped Daniel Bryan of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and said that there will be a new champion at MITB.  Alberto Del Rio and Randy Orton were announced as two combatants entering into the match.  Triple H moved on to the Shield and said that last week Seth Rollins adapted and the Shield didn’t.

Hunter turned everyone’s attention to the Titan Tron where Seth Rollins’ heel turn was replayed.  Triple H said that Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns would be in action later in the night against the Wyatt Family.  However, they would have to find a partner, which Hunter said they’d find hard, considering that they’d hurt everybody in the WWE since their debut.  Stephanie and Triple H looked up at the hanging WWE Heavyweight Championship belts and left the ring.

Justin Roberts announced a Money In the Bank Championship qualifying match.

Bad News Barrett delivered some bad news to Sheamus.  He said the people that you step on, on the way up are the same people you pass on the way down.  He said that when he climbs that ladder to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, he won’t be passing him again.

Sheamus vs Bad News Barrett

After Barrett had stomped a mud hole into the ‘Celtic Warrior’, he charged at him, but Sheamus moved out of the turnbuckle and ‘Brogue Kicked’ his way to Money in the Bank.

Backstage Erick Rowan and Luke Harper were in darkness.  Harper said that people saw them as piranhas, as two discarded animals.  He said that he still gets urges from a deep dark place.  Bray Wyatt stepped in and said that we all get urges and it takes a real man to control them.  He mocked the Shield and told viewers that he was reborn and the bond could never be broken.

After the commercials, Lana came to the stage and said that the best way to see the superpowers is to look at their leaders.  She called Barack Obama a girly man.  A picture of Vladimir Putin overruled the Titan Tron and Lana said that Russia would overturn the United States

The ‘Bulgarian Brute’ Rusev came out for his match with Zack Ryder.

Zack Ryder vs Rusev

‘Lariat’, Savate Kick, ‘The Accolade’ and done.

Rybaxel vs R-Truth & Goldust

Goldust was very much dominating the latter moments of the match.  he delivered the spinebuster to the big man, but was rolled up by Curtis Axel for the win.

3MB were in the ring when RAW returned and said that the Shield were supposed to be out there to talk.  Heath Slater said that’s not what they do.  The Shield’s music hit and the remaining members obliterated the rock band.

Dean Ambrose got on the microphone and said that they will go down as one of the greatest groups ever and beat everyone, including Evolution.  He added that the Shield weren’t all that healthy, they had a cancer and his name is Seth Rollins.  He told the audience that everyone knows someone who is willing to sell out and stab them in the back.  Roman Reigns said that Rollins made the most unforgettable sin.  They made a promise to get him then go after Orton and Triple H.

The Uso Brothers vs Fandango & Damien Sandow

Okay Sandow’s costume this week is ballet pants and a streamer in hand… is that worse or better?

Sandow, who’s concentration is at an all-time low.  After he did some ballet steps, Jimmy Uso levelled him with a savate kick.  Jey came in and hit the big splash from the top rope to get the win.

Xavier Woods vs Bo Dallas

Xavier threw Dallas face first into the turnbuckle.  He did a springboard but was met by Bo’s running headbutt.  The eternal optimist put the match to bed with the ‘Bo-Dog’.

Paul Heyman came out and introduced himself and delivered the ultimate surprise, that Brock Lesnar had defeated the Undertaker at WrestleMania.  He talked about his and Brock’s idea to throw a WrestleMania victory party and so introduced the winner of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Money in the Bank Championship Qualifying Match: Cesaro vs Rob Van Dam

RVD tried to spring to the top rope but the ‘Swiss Superman’ took his legs from underneath him and hung him from the middle rope.  Cesaro, who is outside grabbed the veteran’s legs and pulled them into the ring post.  He got back in the ring and dropped ‘Mr Monday Night’ with the ‘Neutraliser’ to win the match.

Michael Cole was in the ring and introduced Seth Rollins for a special interview.  Rollins was booed loudly.  He said that he couldn’t see any controversy.  He claimed that he did what was best for business and the Shield was his creation.  He called Ambrose a lunatic and Reigns the golden boy and they owe everything to him.  He alluded to their victory at Payback and said that he has learned from Evolution that you have to adapt in the wrestling business.  He responded to “You sold out” chants.  He said that he didn’t sell out, he bought in.  to Reigns and Ambrose they were brothers but to him, they were business associates.  Rollins had said his piece and was ready for them to come out.  They did.  Suddenly the lights went out and then on again.  Harper and Rowan were in the ring and they attacked the Shield.  Reigns and Ambrose disposed of them and grabbed Rollins, but before they could attack, Bray Wyatt attacked.  John Cena ran to the ring to even the score and the family bailed.  The Shield and Cena stared down at them as they left.

Paige vs Alicia Fox

These two again?!  You could fill a three disk DVD set with just their matches on.  Aksana was in Alicia’s corner (risky move).  Alicia knocked Paige off the ropes and she fell outside the ring.  She charged at the Divas Champion, but Paige ducked and Aksana was hit.  Paige got Psycho Sid’s apprentice back in the ring and made her submit to the ‘PTO’.

After the match, Aksana tried to help Alicia to her feet, but ended up getting attacked with a handful of slaps (pun intended).  Fox grabbed some popcorn and water from a fan and dumped it all over the Lithuanian beauty, before attacking her again.  Afterwards, she offered her some popcorn… oh yes she did.  Well like it or not she got force-fed.

Jack Swagger vs Santino Marella

Jack Swagger defeated the Italian snake charmer in a short but sweet match with the ‘Patriot Act’.

Backstage, Cody Rhodes said he had found a partner for him that he’s never seen before and would be a good match for him.  He would be on next week’s RAW.

Stephanie and Triple H were in the back, shocked at the actions of John Cena.  ‘The Game’ said that it would be the last everyone would see of the Shield.  Vickie Guerrero showed up with champagne to celebrate with them.  Unfortunately, she sneezed on them.  Stephanie told Vickie that she had fired her before and would again and told her to get out.

The Shield & John Cena vs The Wyatt Family

John Cena escaped Bray Wyatt after taking a whole heap of punishment, by tagging in Roman Reigns.  The big man hit a high clothesline on Harper.  He lands a hard right and went to the outside.  Roman Reigns was all fired up and dropkicked Rowan.  He came back inside and took Harper over with a side suplex.  He covered but Rowan broke the count.  Cena came off the top rope with a flying crossbody to Rowan, but his momentum was short lived as Bray came from nowhere and delivered the devastating ‘Sister Abigail’.  Somehow everybody congregated outside the ring, where Dean Ambrose flew outside with a suicide dive.  Luke Harper came up from behind Reigns and super kicked him, only managing a two count.  Harper turned his attention to Bray for strategy, but when he turned round, he was speared out of his boots and came up on the losing end of the match.

The Shield and John Cena stood in unison as RAW went off the air.





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