Episode Review: WWE Raw – March 24th 2014

WWE Monday Night RAW-March 24 2013

Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York

Stephanie McMahon entered the Arena to welcome everybody to RAW.  She announced that Daniel Bryan wouldn’t be appearing. Stephanie told the fans that they would be led down the wrong path by following Bryan.  They should follow her.  She said her husband was the most powerful man in the WWE and is the greatest Superstar of all time.  She vowed that he would become champion at WrestleMania.

Orton came to the ring having heard that and told Steph that Triple H should beat Bryan and not enter the main event as he will beat him and Batista to a pulp.

Batista approached the ring with his split open jeans grabbed a mic.  He said how sick of the situation he was.  He is going to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion whomever he faces.   He was sickened by how he always sucks up to the Authority and he’s sure Stephanie has been drooled on a few times.  The ‘Billion Dollar Princess’ slapped the taste out of Big Dave’s mouth and Orton laughed.  Randy’s laugh earned him a spear.

Number One Contender Match for the Intercontinental Championship: Sheamus vs Christian vs Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio

In an amazing move, the ‘Celtic Warrior’ had Alberto lifted as he was trying to fight out of the cross arm breaker and Dolph Ziggler came from behind and nailed both with a double ‘Zig Zag’.  His success was short lived as Christian pinned him after hitting the ‘Killswitch’.

Big E went in and congratulated Christian.  Instead of a handshake he received a hard slap round the face.

Bray Wyatt appeared on the Titan Tron.  He explained that it was human nature to not believe in things we cannot see or touch.  He wondered if Cena sees that he is the way to eternal pain.  He questioned what John could possibly do to harm someone that can’t feel.

Sin Cara vs Damien Sandow

Sin Cara came to the ring with Scooby Doo out of the Mystery Machine.  After failing to score a three from a springboard back elbow, Cara nailed Sandow with a Senton splash.

Los Matadores vs Rybaxel

After Axel walloped Diego with a big dropkick, the Shield came to ringside.  Causing a distraction, Diego rolled Curtis up for three.

After the match, the Shield surrounded the ring.  Rollins and Ambrose attacked Ryback and Reigns went for Curtis.  After disposing of Axel, Roman Reigns slid into the ring and speared the Goldberg wannabe.  He was finished off with the triple powerbomb.

Michael Cole has a one on one interview with Triple H.  The two met inside the ring and Cole asked how Hunter could possibly justify, his actions last week.  He said that the upcoming match is what everybody wanted.  He asked what had happened to the world since he quit competing full time.  Triple H said that he used to terrible things and would see a burning desire in people’s eyes.  After the way he handled Daniel Bryan the people were going to cry about it.  He suggested starting up the “Reality Era” Triple H said that it was on him to change the future at WrestleMania, he will end Bryan’s run at the top, the ‘YES Movement’ and become champion.

Fandango vs Cody Rhodes

After some back and forth action both men collided heads first.  As both men started regaining their senses, Summer Rae and Goldust were dancing around on the outside.  However, Summer hurt her ankle which caused Fandango some concern.  Distracted, Fandango found himself being floored with an unexpected ‘Disaster Kick’ which gave Cody the win.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe Manganiello’s new movie was previewed.  As the guest stars of RAW they would be coming up next with Hulk Hogan.

Hulk Hogan came to the ring and talked about how close WrestleMania XXX was and how excited he is about the Battle Royal.  He also mentioned how he and Mr T made history at the first WrestleMania.  Hogan then introduced the guest stars.

Arnold said that it was wonderful to be back.  He reminded everybody that he inducted Bruno Sammartino into last year’s Hall of Fame and now he was excited to be in the ring with another one of his heroes.  Joe expressed his excitement of hosting his first RAW.  Schwarzenegger promoted the Andre Battle Royal and said how they were great friends and asked Hogan if there was room for two more athletes.

The Miz interrupted and said “Really?” a million times before being nailed by Arnie and Manganiello and thrown outside by Hogan.

The Big Show vs Titus O’Neil

Titus O’Neil shoulder tackled the ‘Giant’ for a two count and even tried to throw Big Show over the top rope, seemingly to prove he had what it takes to win the Battle Royal.  However, Big Show regained his composure and speared Titus.  The ‘Largest Athlete in the World’ followed it up with ‘WMD’ to secure the victory.

Backstage, the Shield approached the Authority.  They wanted to know the score with Kane and the Outlaws.  Steph said they can talk about it after their match with the Real Americans

WARNING, STUPID ANGLE ALERT!  Cena was in the mirror rinsing his face and when he looked up Erick Rowan was standing there.  When John turned around, he wasn’t there after all.

John Cena vs Luke Harper

When Cena attempted to lift Harper up for the ‘AA’, the lights went out.  When they came back on, John Cena was tied to the ropes wearing a goat’s mask.  The Wyatt family taunted him and Bray told him to follow the buzzards.

Naomi vs AJ Lee

AJ made fun of Naomi’s eye patch.  The Funkadactyl landed a couple of dropkicks on the Divas champ and then went for the ‘Rear View’.  AJ escaped the ring and claimed that she didn’t need this.  She left ringside and was counted out.

Following the match, Vickie Guerrero announced that AJ Lee will defend her title against the Funkadacyls, the Bella Twins, Natalya, Eva Marie, Aksana, Summer Rae, Layla, Alicia Fox, Emma, Rosa Mendes and Tamina in the Vickie Guerrero invitational.

Razor Ramon was announced as being the next inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose vs The Real Americans

The Shield members lashed out at their opponents as they were still walking down the aisle.  They expressed their extreme anger at the Americans, with Cesaro and Swagger’s offense just making them hungrier.  Swagger managed to wear down Rollins enough to synch in the ‘Patriot Lock’ but Seth escaped and hit the ‘Piece of Mind’ for the win.

After the match, Cesaro attacked Rollins.  Reigns came in and hit him with the ‘Superman Punch’ then the other Shield members joined in and triple powerbombed Cesaro through the announce table.

Kane and the New Age Outlaws interrupted the Shield’s celebration with the news that they will be facing them at WrestleMania

Backstage, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman were on the way to the ring.

After the commercial break, Heyman and Lesnar approached the ring.  Paul talked about how important the WrestleMania streak is and not even Brock Lesnar could achieve twenty one victories in a row.  Lesnar cut Heyman off and said that he wasn’t there to promote but to fight and called the Undertaker out.  The druids eerily walked out and stood round a casket.  They wheeled it down to ringside and Lesnar hesitantly stomped it a few times, then backed away.  He opened the casket and saw that it was empty.  Brock asked if it was some kind of joke and began walking towards the druids, who retreated.  Paul told ‘the Beast’ that this is the kind of game the Undertaker likes to play.  The Undertaker mysteriously appeared from the casket and joined his WrestleMania opponent in the ring.  Brock threw a punch, but ‘the Dead Man’ threw more and clotheslined him out of the ring.  Lesnar pointed at the WrestleMania XXX logo as he began to leave.  Taker used his threatening throat slash taunt to freak out Brock and RAW left the airwaves with both men staring at one another.


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