Episode Review: WWE Raw – March 31st 2014

WWE Monday Night RAW-March 31 2014

Verizon Center, Washington DC

In the final episode of RAW, the lights dimmed for the entrance of the Undertaker.  He said that twenty men have tried and failed to defeat him at WrestleMania (eighteen to be precise) and all have failed.  He claimed not to be better than all of these men, but said that he will go further than anyone else.  Undertaker asked – when he takes Brock into the deep water, will he try and pull Taker down with him or will he do what the other have done and try and swim back to the shore.  The ‘Phenom’ admitted Lesnar is dangerous but many believe that three things are for sure; death, taxes and the streak.

At that moment Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman came to the stage.  Heyman promised, yet again that the streak will end.  Brock went to the ring and the two gladiators began to fight.  After some right hands by Undertaker, Lesnar levelled the Undertaker with a big clothesline and hit him with the ‘F5’.

Big E vs Alberto Del Rio

The Intercontinental Champion used his power to escape the cross arm breaker and powerbomb Del Rio for a two count.  Alberto eventually used his step up Enziguiri to beat Big E.

The Wyatt Family appeared on the Titan Tron.  Bray said that the world is bleeding from the inside and is craving change. Wyatt reflected that as a child he was forced to lead.  He then told the WWE Universe that the whole world will cry for him but eventually forget him.  Wyatt said that the world will see him as he sees himself… as a monster.

Summer Rae vs Natalya

In a shocking result, Summer Rae fought out of the Sharpshooter and whacked the tough, experienced and respected wrestler, Natalya with a kick to the head,  the third generation Hart lost via pinfall.  What are you thinking WWE?

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon took to the ring.  They said that they would allow the people to say goodbye to the ‘YES Movement’ before Hunter beats Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania.  Triple H said that it would be better for Bryan if the ‘YES Movement’ was a myth.  He admitted that he married well, but the reason he is power is, because of his dominance in the ring.  A montage of ‘The Game’s’ previous matches were shown to prove his point.  Afterwards, he declared that he has decided to go on and win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Batista entered the fray and noted that he wasn’t in the video.  Triple H dismissed what ‘the Animal’ was insinuating.  Randy Orton as expected came to add his two cents.  Randy did his sucking up and then asked ‘The Game’ to reconsider.  Triple H said that no amount of ass kissing would change his mind and told Orton that his reign would end unless he became ‘The Viper’ again.  The COO then made Batista and Randy Orton’s upcoming match no disqualification.

Los Matadores & The Usos vs Rybaxel & The Real Americans

Fernando flew off the top rope but Jack Swagger caught him and trapped him the ‘Patriot Lock’.  Jey Uso came into make the save, but Swagger was prepared.  While Swagger disposed of Uso, Diego took the place of Fernando in a move reminiscent of the Bella Twins’ ‘Twin Magic’.  Diego rolled up the ‘All American, American’ and won the match for his team.

Fandango & Damien Sandow vs The Rhodes Brothers

The Brotherhood name seems to be phasing out and Goldust and Cody Rhodes are now being billed as the Rhodes Brothers.

Goldust brought down Fandango with a picture perfect spinebuster.  He power slammed Sandow and went for the cover, but the dancing queen broke it.  The ‘Intellectual Saviour to the Masses’ tried to roll up Goldust to no avail, Sandow was nailed with the ‘Final Cut’ and the story ended there.

The Shield came out to have their say.  Rollins said that he almost felt sorry for Kane.  He said that it is like murder’s row there and if the New Age Outlaws want to get involved they’d be there.  Ambrose added that they had been disrespected and Reigns put the icing on the cake by warning, that the Shield are not to be messed with.

Bray Wyatt vs R-Truth

No change here.  As much as “the Truth” tried to fight the almighty Wyatt, Bray splashed his opponent in the corner and destroyed R-Truth with ‘Sister Abigail’ for the win.

Xavier Woods showed up to save his buddy, but Luke Harper dealt with him accordingly.  As the family posed with Erick Rowan wearing the goat’s mask, another man in a goat’s mask stood with them.  Looking confused, they found out the man in disguise was John Cena.  He nailed Rowan with a shot to the face and hit the ‘Attitude Adjustment’ on Harper.  As he tried to do the same to Bray, the leader of the family fought out and escaped the line of fire.  Afterwards, Cena celebrated with the fans.

Lumberjill match: AJ Lee vs Naomi

AJ avoided the split legged moonsault by rolling to the outside.  The Divas threw her back in.  Due to Tamina’s allegiance with AJ, she was targeted by the other women after not throwing her in as a lumberjill should.  AJ Lee had nowhere to run when she was caught by Naomi with the ‘Rear view’.

Backstage, Renee Young caught up with John Cena.  He told Bray Wyatt that he was ready for him and that he is going to take him down.

Earlier in the night, the WWE Universe was asked to vote on which Shield Member he’d take on.  Roman Reigns was chosen and it was up next.

Kane vs Roman Reigns

As Reigns was set to hit Kane with the ‘Superman Punch’, The New Age Outlaws interfered.  The Shield came and evened the odds and the Outlaws were taken out.  The Shield stalked the Director of Operations and signalled for the triple powerbomb.  Fortunately for Kane, the Outlaws dragged him out of the ring.

We were treated to a rare edition of Piper’s Pit.  Roddy Piper talked about how it was twenty nine years to the day that he main evented the first WrestleMania.  He made sure to say that he wasn’t the one who got pinned.  Piper credited Andre the Giant by saying that he was a big part of making WrestleMania what it is today.  When Piper went to say who his favourite to win the Battle Royal is, the Miz interrupted him.  He gloated about winning in the main event at WrestleMania unlike Piper.  Sheamus, Titus O’Neil and Dolph Ziggler showed up and added their two cents.  Piper told Miz that he is a nice kid, and then poked him in the eye.  All of the superstars churned out and a preview of this Sunday’s Battle Royal ensued.  Big Show was the only man left standing and Rowdy Roddy Piper raised his hand.

Batista vs Randy Orton

Before the start, the Authority entered the arena.

Batista slammed Orton with a spinebuster but couldn’t execute the ‘Batista Bomb’ as Orton countered before cutting him off with a back breaker.

Daniel Bryan suddenly appeared and attacked Triple H.  Randy tried to attack Orton, but Bryan nailed him.  Eventually Randy peeled Daniel off Triple H and slung the super over Daniel Bryan into the steel steps.  He rolled him into the ring where he was speared by Batista.  He picked up the fallen Bryan but was unexpectedly kicked followed by ‘Knee Plus’.  Daniel used his arsenal of punches and devastating kicks before harpooning ‘The Game’ with a Kendo stick.  Bryan, a one man band dropkicked Orton off the ring apron before getting back in the ring.  Stephanie held her husband back as Bryan led a huge “YES” chant in the ring, to bring RAW to a close.


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