Episode Review: WWE Raw – May 12th 2014

WWE Monday Night RAW-May 12 2014

Bon Secours Wellness Arena, Greenville, South Carolina

After some highlights of Evolution’s domination from the previous week’s edition, Michael Cole welcomed the WWE Universe to Monday Night RAW.

The Shield were already in the ring.  Ambrose said that after last week would never see the Shield get the crap kicked out of them again.  Evolution was wanted.  Rollins said they weren’t running from but to Evolution.  He pointed out that they were were really good but they couldn’t evolve into what it takes to beat the Shield.  Roman Reigns asked after last week if that is all they have got.  He expressed that he will personally teach Evolution to believe in him.

On the Titan Tron, Evolution were seen arriving at the arena.  The Shield ran to the back and attacked all three members.

Rob Van Dam vs Jack Swagger

As Zeb Colter blurted out his usual unethical patriotism, Jack Swagger held in his hands the deportation list.  He announced that Adam Rose was now on the list and he should keep his distance.

As the bell was about to ring, Adam Rose and the Exotic Express walked to the ring.  Distracted by the interruption, the ‘All American, American’ was kicked in the face by Van Dam and fell victim to the ‘Five Star Frog Splah’.

Paige vs Alicia Fox

It seems like Paige only wrestles Alicia Fox and Aksana.  Alicia Fox spoke; she said that already, Paige had alienated the entire locker room already and doesn’t fit in.  Fox then gave her a cheap shot.  Paige showed resilience and defeated her bullying opponent with the ‘Paige Turner’.  Fox freaked out and ran up the aisle after taking JBL’s hat.

Daniel Bryan joined the ‘YES Movement’ in the arena to address them.  He talked about being the champion puts a huge target on his back and overcame the worst beating of his life, when he beat Kane at Extreme Rules.  Bryan announced that due to these beatings, he has to pay the price.  On Thursday, he will have to have neck surgery.  Bryan told the live audience that potentially, it could end his career.  He added that there is a chance that it won’t happen but a rhetorical question of “Will I come back” was answered with a resounding “YES”.

John Cena & The Uso Brothers vs The Wyatt Family

As the six men battled in the ring, John Cena what Erick Rowan trapped in the STF.  Bray came and picked the leader of ‘Ce-Nation’ up to execute ‘Sister Abigail’ but the Usos broke it with a double savate kick.  At the conclusion of the match, Cena ‘Attitude Adjusted’ Rowan for the pinfall victory and Bray thanked him for it.

Evolution came to the ring to express their anger at the Shield’s ambush, earlier in the evening.   Orton said that it was time to take the gloves off and Batista screamed about having enough of them.  Triple H, told the Universe that Evolution would put the ‘Hounds of Justice’ to sleep.  ‘The Game’ claimed that the Shield will fail to adapt.  The ‘Hounds of Justice’ ran to the ring and took out all members of Evolution.  As the three former World Champions escaped the ring area, they participated in a stare down with the young and hungry lions.  Batista then challenged Roman Reigns to a match later in the evening.

Nicki Bella vs Natalya

The cast of Total Divas did commentary for this match.  This encounter occurred because, Nicki poked fun at Natalya’s gift of a painting to her and John Cena.

Nicki pinned Natalya and following the match, the Total Divas all held up cards that read “10”.  Natalya lost her temper and ripped up the “10” signs.

Sheamus vs Curtis Axel

Axel delivered a neckbreaker off the top rope to the United States Champion.  He took control of the match until Sheamus suddenly swept his legs from under him.  The ‘Celtic Warrior’ finished one half of Rybaxel off with the ‘Cloverleaf’.

Post-match, Ryback attacked Sheamus.

Ryback vs Sheamus

Due to his attack on the ‘Great White’, Ryback found himself in a match with him.  Sheamus pounded Ryback with the ‘Ten Beats of the Bodhrán’.  He called for the ‘Brogue Kick’ but Ryback levelled him with the ‘Meat Hook Clothesline’.  Now Ryback called for the ‘Shell Shock’ but out of nowhere Sheamus ‘Brogue Kicked’ him out of his boots for the ‘Celtic Warrior’s’ second victory.

In the next segment, Stephanie McMahon made her way to the ring.  She told the WWE Universe that after Bryan’s address earlier, it has been true all along that he is not and A+ player.  She asked Daniel to come to the ring so she could tell him something.  Kane’s music blared through the arena and out he came dragging an unconscious Daniel Bryan.  Kane left him lying on the ramp, as the EMTs rushed to his side.  Brie Bella ran to his side in concern as did Stephanie.

Backstage, cameras followed Bryan’s entry into the ambulance.  Brie and Stephanie were by his side.  As he was put in, Stephanie apologized profusely, which angered Brie.  Daniel’s wife shoved McMahon and told her to leave them alone and got in the ambulance.  The ‘Billion Dollar Princes’ looked angry.

Dolph Ziggler vs Fandango

Layla caught her shoe in the ring apron, which distracted her man.  The ‘Show Off’ capitalized and hit the ‘Zig Zag’, one, two, three.  Following the match, Fandango said that even though he lost, he won and declared his love for Layla before they kissed passionately.

When RAW returned from the break, ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan came to ringside and did his usual patriotic routine.  He briefly mentioned legends house before getting cut off by Lana and Rusev.  As the two Europeans entered the ring, Lana told ‘Good ol’Hacksaw’ to surrender.  Of course Duggan refused and Rusex snapped his 2X4 over his own knee.  As things looked to get ugly for ‘Hacksaw’, Big E ran to the ring to save him.  The ‘Bulgarian Brute’ beat him up and knocked him out of the ring.  Duggan exited the ring and attended to Big E.

Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow

The former Rhodes Scholars team met in singles competition.  Cody raked Sandow’s eyes and delivered the ‘Disaster Kick’ for the win.

The Wyatt Family made their appearance on RAW.  Bray spoke in tongues and bashed John Cena once again.  After talking about Ce-Nation being dead and Bray gaining support from the children, he sang ‘Whole World in His Hands’.

Roman Reigns vs Batista

Inintially, Batista gained and early lead thanks to Evolution.  However, Reigns persisted and managed to take control.  As expected, the Shield and Evolution interfered in the match and all six men battled in the ring.  The ref was unable to maintain any control, so he rang the bell.

The Shield dominated Evolution, which ended up with Stephanie waving all the bad guys down to the ring.  Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose annihilated the Superstars and triple power bombed Ryback to bring RAW to a close.






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