Episode Review: WWE Raw – May 19th 2014

WWE Monday Night RAW-May 19 2014

O2 Arena, London, England

Bray Wyatt began the first International RAW of the year in the ring as he sung ‘Whole World in His Hands’.  He went back in history and talked about how he was victimised by his teachers… saying he’d amount to nothing.  He said that he’s glad they are rotting in some retirement home now and he’s got the whole world in his hands.  He said that his teachers were right about him being evil and that his tongue is a scorpion’s tale that makes people listen.  He says that Cena tries to play the hero but everything around him crumbles.  That was the leader of CeNation’s cue to come out.  as the Wyatts look towards the stage, Cena comes into the ring from behind, ‘AAs’ Bray and escapes a pounding from Harper and Rowan.

Michael Cole announced to the TV audience that Daniel Bryan’s neck surgery was a success and we would find out the state of his WWE World Heavyweight Championship reign.

Paul Heyman came out with Cesaro.  He introduced himself to the British fans and called them wannabes.  He said that the two of them were the real stars of the show and that Cesaro would destroy Sheamus. He also announced that his client Brock Lesnar defeated the Undertaker at WrestleMania.  Bet you never knew that.

Cesaro vs Sheamus

Heyman climbed onto the ring apron and distracted the ‘Celtic Warrior’ from his match.  Cesaro came up from behind and executed a winning German suplex.

After the match, Sheamus went to shake his opponent’s hand, but in a move of disrespect, Cesaro rejected it.

To determine a new number once contender for the Intercontinental Championship, a series of beat the clock matches would follow.

Big E vs Ryback (Beat the Clock)

Big E defeated Ryback after levelling him with a lariat and the ‘Big Ending’ in five minutes and two seconds.

R-Truth & Naomi vs Fandango & Layla

The match never got going, because before the match could start, Summer Rae came to the ring and planted Fandango with a big kiss that angered Layla to the point that they started fighting.  Fandango pulled them apart and left with Layla.

Stephanie McMahon came to the ring to Daniel Bryan’s music to loud chants of “No”.  she said that the crowd should be chanting “Yes” after Bryan’s successful surgery.  She announced that part one of Daniel and Brie’s wedding would be broadcast on this week’s Total Divas.  Stephanie said that she is contemplating stripping Bryan of the title.  She suggested that she could give the title to Kane, Bad News Barrett or Batista.  She told the WWE Universe that nobody deserves to be champion more than her husband Triple H.  Stephanie decided that she wouldn’t strip Daniel of the title and he would surrender it on next week’s RAW, because that’s what’s best for business.

After commercial, 3MB came out dressed as the Union Jacks.  Their theme song was cut off by the music of Lana and it was announced that the Heath Slater would be taking on the ‘Bulgarian Brute’ Rusev.

Rusev vs Heath Slater

Despite Heath’s bandmate’s attempts to distract Rusev, the ‘Bulgarian Brute’ hit Slater with a tilt-a-whirl slam and locked in ‘The Accolade’ for the submission victory.

The Shield were backstage.  Ambrose said that last week Evolution wanted to teach them a lesson.  He said that they are afraid of the Shield but he wants them to be an Evolution who wants to fight them.  Reigns said that he got nine stiches, but if that’s all they have got, they’ve got problems, because the Shield keep on coming back.  Rollins said that they tried to put him out of action, but he’d make no mistakes and they better believe in that and believe in the Shield.

Alberto Del Rio vs Rob Van Dam (Beat the Clock)

Rob Van Dam rolled up Del Rio for three after the ‘Mexican Aristocrat’ missed a kick to the head, in four minutes and fifteen seconds.

Renee Young was with John Cena.  He said that if something wasn’t broke, don’t fix it and at Payback, he’d walk into an arena full of Wyatt fans.  He told Young that he doesn’t run, fears no man and will seize the moment.  He said that he has the heart of a champion.  The Uso joined him and did a Samoan war chant.

Triple H and Randy Orton gave Batista pep talk in the locker room in preparation for his match with Seth Rollins next.

When RAW returned from break, Triple H announced that he would be a ring announcer for this next match and Randy would be the timekeeper.  He claimed that as COO, it was up to him to make the matches as exciting as possible.

Batista vs Seth Rollins

Just to make things fair, seth Rollins announced that his fellow Shield members would be guest commentators.  As expected, Triple H got involved by knocking Rollins off the tope rope, which started an all-out war between Evolution and the Shield.  The Shield rose above their attackers and were about to triple powerbomb Batista.  However, Randy Orton distracted them and Batista escaped the ring.  Evolution left the ring area.  Seth Rollins was given the disqualification victory.

Paige vs Alicia Fox

In her return to her homeland for the first time since becoming a WWE Diva, Paige took on her regular opponent, Alicia Fox.  Fox threw Paige into the ring post from inside the ring and delivered a kick to the face, handing the WWE Divas Champion her first loss in the WWE in her home country.

From the back, The Wyatt Family commented on John Cena’s comments.  Harper said he was playing a dangerous game.  Wyatt stated that Cena had brought reinforcements, but were just dominoes that will fall.  He suggested that the run away.

Mark Henry vs Dolph Ziggler (Beat the Clock)

Henry attempted the ‘World’s Strongest Slam’, but the ‘Show Off’ countered and dropped him with the ‘Zig Zag’.  Before Ziggler could pin him, the clock ran out of time and neither man could beat four minutes and fifteen seconds.

It was determined that Rob Van Dam had become number one contender.  As he came out to celebrate, Bad News Barrett came from behind and attacked him.  Just because he was in his home country, he refused to defend his title.  He also said that he wouldn’t lose to a yank.

Renee Young introduced Adam Rose.  He came out with his ‘Rosebuds’ and greeted her and London, before asking where his cheeseburger was.  He pointed out his ‘Rosebud’ in the cheeseburger costume.  The crowd loudly sang his theme music as he said that everybody shouldn’t be a lemon but a ‘Rosebud’.  He told Colter and Swagger to stop being so grumpy.  The two come out and as Colter speaks the crowd start dancing to Rose’s music.  Swagger attacked Adam and then acted like he was about to attack the rosebuds.  When he turned back around, Rose got his payback and then partied with Renee and the ‘Rosebuds’.

John Cena vs Luke Harper

As the Usos were at ringside with Cena, they were a good support of keeping things even.  However, it didn’t stop either of them from feeling the wrath of ‘Sister Abigail’.   Harper executed the ‘Falcon Arrow’ but could only get two.  When Cena got up, he dumped Harper with the ‘Attitude Adjustment’, but was attacked by Erick Rowan.  John Cena picked up the win, via disqualification.  Following the match, Cena started fighting with Rowan, but Bray came in and hit him with ‘Sister Abigail’.  The Wyatt Family take Cena to the stage and the leader of CeNation was hit with yet another ‘Sister Abigail’.  Rowan counted to ten to make the point clear and Bray sang ‘Whole World in His Hands’ as RAW went off the air.


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