Episode Review: WWE Raw May 26th 2014

WWE Monday Night RAW-May 26 2014

Thompson-Boling Arena, Knoxville, Tennessee

After a Memorial Day video package, the Authority came to the ring.  Stephanie declared that this edition of RAW was about choices and Daniel Bryan has the choice to forfeit his WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  Triple H referred to Bryan as a flash in the pan, unlike Evolution whom are legends and inform the WWE Universe that the Shield will not stop them at Payback.

The General Manager, Brad Maddox was called out to explain himself as to why the Shield were guest commentators the week previous.  He said he was given no choice.  Stephanie told him that they had no choice either and out came Kane to teach him a lesson.  After a chokeslam, Maddox was fired.

Cesaro vs Rob Van Dam

Throughout the match, Bad News Barrett sat at the announce table and did commentary.  It was him who cost RVD the victory, when he tried to get in the ring.  Van Dam kicked him before he could enter, but was rolled up unexpectedly by the ‘Swiss Superman’.

After the match, Sheamus rushed to ringside and ‘Brogue Kicked’ Cesaro, his opponent at Payback.

Eva Marie vs Summer Rae

Nikki Bella accompanied Eva to the ring, as two of the seven Total Divas squared off. Fandango and Layla came to ringside which distracted Summer enough that Eva capitalized and rolled her up for the win.

The Rhodes brothers were seen backstage arguing with Randy Orton and Batista.  Triple H walks up and makes a match between the teams and tells them it would be no ordinary match.

Drew McIntyre vs El Torito

Predictably, El Torito made Drew McIntyre look like a fool, with some comedy spots.  However, Drew took the lead and dominated for much of the match.  Los Matadores distracted him and Torito got the win.  Post-match, 3MB and Hornswoggle, ripped El Torito’s tail off.

The Wyatt Family graced the ring with a point to prove.  Bray turns to Jerry Lawler, who as usual was announcing.  ‘The King’ refused.  Wyatt insulted ‘JBL’ which caused him to get up.  Luke Harper gave the former WWE Champion a ‘Clothesline from Hell’ Layfield’s own move.  Lawler was left with no choice but to get in.  he was sat on a chair, where Bray told him that he was sorry it had to be him.  John Cena ran out and rescued him, but the numbers game caught up with the leader of ‘CeNation’.  The Usos ran to the ring and made the save.  Cena grabbed the mic and told Wyatt that payback will be a bitch.

Zack Ryder vs Rusev

By now you will have gotten used to the typical Rusev pre match introduction and short match.  Zack Ryder became another victim of ‘The Accolade’.  Following the match, Big E hit the ring and sent the ‘Bulgarian Brute’ packing.

Batista & Randy Orton vs The Rhodes Brothers

Evolution pinned Cody Rhodes.  However, Triple H had said it would be no ordinary match.  it was announced that it was an Elimination Match and Cody had to leave.  Goldust was left in a handicapped match and fell victim to an ‘RKO’ and a ‘Batista Bomb’ securing a victory for Evolution.

Sin Cara vs Bo Dallas

‘The Inspirational’ Bo Dallas beat Sina Cara with the ‘Bo-Dog’ and told the WWE Universe to always “Bolieve”.

Stephanie McMahon once again came to the ring.  She called Daniel Bryan out so he would surrender his Championship.  Bryan stood in the ring with the ‘Billion Dollar Princess’ and ultimately refused to relinquish the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  Steph showed a video of weeks previous, when Brie shoved her.  Stephanie told Bryan that he had six days to decide whether he would forfeit his belts or allow his wife to be fired at Payback.

Alicia Fox vs Emma

The crazed Alicia’s focus let her down, when Emma dodged a boot to the face and rolled up Fox for the win.  Alicia didn’t stop though and beat down Emma.  She went insane and began ringing the bell incessantly before slapping the time keeper.

Davey Crockett (Damien Sandow) vs Adam Rose

In another display of identity crisis, Damien Sandow fought with the party man.  Adam Rose dominated much of the match.  Jack Swagger’s music echoed through the arena.  Although Adam was distracted, he still scored the win anyway.  Following the match, Rose and Swagger brawled.

Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio

Alberto remained dominant for much of the match and executed a savate kick to the ‘Celtic Warrior’s’ head.  The United States Champion made a recovery and delivered Del Rio with ‘White Noise’.  Ultimately, a ‘Brogue Kick’ sealed the deal for the ‘Great White’.

Paul Heyman announced Sheamus’ victory before his shocking announcement that Brock Lesnar had ended the Undertaker’s winning streak at WrestleMania.  Cesaro attacked Sheamus from behind.

Evolution and the Shield made their way to the ring for their contract signing at Payback.  Triple H said that once the contract has been signed, we’d all have seen the last of the Shield on RAW.  Roman Reigns was the last member of the Shield to sign and threw the contract.  Hunter picked it up and all three members of Evolution signed.  Triple H continued his attempt to intimidate the ‘Hounds of Justice’, but Reigns told him to just shut up and come in and fight.  A sledgehammer made all the difference and the Shield were brutally beaten.  Roman Reigns was put through the announce table with a triple powerbomb  and Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton stood over his fallen body to end the final RAW before Payback.


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