Episode Review: WWE SmackDown April 11th 2014

WWE SmackDown-April 11 2014

Cajundome, Lafayette, Louisiana

A graphic paying tribute to the Ultimate Warrior’s death was shown before SmackDown begun.  Michael Cole announced that the upcoming episode of RAW would pay tribute to the newest member of the WWE Hall of Fame.

SmackDown kicked off with John Cena.  He talked about the events of WrestleMania and RAW and announced that it was a new era.  He said that he is the measuring stick and the standard barrier.  Cena said that if anybody wants to be a somebody, has to go through him.

Bray Wyatt appeared on the Titan Tron.  He said that he couldn’t stop smiling because he would have to go to new extremes to bring the monster out of John Cena.

Cesaro vs The Big Show

The newest Paul Heyman guy came with the man himself to the ring.  Heyman bragged about Brock Lesnar, his newest client and himself of course.  Big Show used his strength and ability to dominate Cesaro, but the Andre Battle Royal winner wouldn’t give up.  Cesaro defeated the Big Show via disqualification after Jack Swagger interfered and put the ‘Patriot Lock’ on the former ‘Real American’.  An angry Big Show threw Swagger over the top rope. When he turned round Cesaro drove him onto the canvas with the ‘Neutralizer’.

Rybaxel vs Los Matadores

Diego failed to pin Ryback after hitting the ‘picador’ followed by a hammerlock DDT.  Ryback was sent packing over the top rope and El Torito went for the top rope plancha.  Goldberg in an RVD costume caught the little one and threw him into the ring.  Before he could do any damage, Diego baseball slid Ryback from the ring.  Fernando elbowed him which put him at bay.  Meanwhile, in the ring, Curtis Axel put Diego away with a twisting neckbreaker.

Backstage, Renee Young approached Rob Van Dam and welcomed him back to the ring.  He told her that everyone is still buzzing from WrestleMania and that the WWE has a new face and it has a beard.  He added that there’s a face that everybody has been missing and that everything’s cool when RVD is there.

Rob Van Dam vs Damien Sandow

When Sandow attempted to kick RVD, he was caught with a step-over wheel kick.  As Van Dam went up top, Sandow stopped him.  Mr Monday Night fought him off and hit the ‘Intellectual Saviour to the Masses’ with a ‘Five-Star Frog Splash’ to secure the victory.

Hulk Hogan entered the arena to a standing ovation. He said that at WrestleMania he witnessed one of the greatest moments in its history.  When Daniel Bryan raised the World Heavyweight Championships above his head, Hogan said that it gave him chills.  Hogan declared that Daniel Bryan turned the event into “YestleMania”.  Hogan then proudly introduced the champion.

Hogan and Bryan shook hands.  Daniel told the WWE Universe that it had been the greatest week of his life.  He said that with main eventing WrestleMania, his upcoming wedding to Brie Bella and now there he stood with Hulk Hogan.  Loud “Yes” chants echoed through the arena, as did chants for Hogan.  Bryan talked about being like the fans, a regular guy from a small town who was a ‘Hulkamaniac’ for as long as he could remember.  He said that he was still working on getting the twenty four inch pythons.  Daniel said that it was a special week and there was one thing that could make it more awesome.  The ‘Hulkster’s’ music hit on queue and the two indulged in the classic poses Hogan once did.

Bad News Barrett vs Kofi Kingston

Kofi ducked the ‘Bull Hammer’ and floored Barrett with a leaping clothesline.  Kingston hit the ‘Boom Drop’ on Barratt and signalled for the ‘Trouble in Paradise’.  Bad News escaped before Kofi could hit him.  The high flyer gave chase until they returned to the ring.  Kingston this time attempted his move but Barrett nailed him with the ‘Bull Hammer’ for the win.

Michael Cole and JBL talk about what an incredible week it had been in the WWE.  They thanked the WWE Universe.

Fandango vs Santino Marella

With Emma at his side Santino was knocked down by a back elbow.  After kicking out, he ducked a clothesline while doing the splits and followed it up with a hip toss.  As Santino reached for ‘the Cobra’, Fandango’s new girl Layla ripped it off his hand subsequently distracting him and he was easy prey for his opponent.  The dancing man rolled him up for the; one, two, three.

A recap of RAW and Main Event is shown.  The Shield’s domination of the Authority is replayed as was Dean Ambrose’s speech on how the Shield will own the war over the WWE’s greatest injustice, the Shield.

Kane, Batista and Randy Orton were backstage, Kane told them that they had to put their differences aside and focus on the match.  kane asked them to leave Daniel Bryan to him, to which they disagreed.  Kane said that they have to stick together as they all answer to a higher authority.  Both, Orton and Batista agreed that they didn’t answer to anybody.

Daniel Bryan & The Usos vs Kane, Batista & Randy Orton

The Uso were dominated for much of the match all three opponents.  That was until Jimmy Samoan Dropped Orton.  Quicker to make a tag, Kane came in and pulled Jimmy’s leg away preventing his tag.  However, Jimmy caught him with the Enzuigiri.  Jimmy tagged in the World Heavyweight Champion and the place exploded.  Bryan landed a suicide dive on Kane as he flew outside the ring, but his advantage was short lived as Batista and Orton double teamed him on the outside.  After the Usos saw Bryan in trouble, they both flew over the top rope in-sync with planchas.  A big brawl ensued on the outside and the referee declared this match a no-contest.

Kane, Batista and Randy put a beating on their opponents until the shield ran in and made the save.  Kane tried to attack the Shield but Daniel Bryan knocked the Director of Operations out with a running knee.  The Shield triple powerbomed Kane and the three stood tall with the leader of the ‘YES Movement’  as SmackDown drew to a close.





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