Episode Review: WWE SmackDown April 18th 2014

WWE SmackDown-April 18 2014

Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, Tennessee

Triple H kicked things off by explaining that part of his job is to find the best talent in the world.  He said that the Shield are as talented as he had ever seen. ‘The Game’ told the WWE Universe that he gave the Shield power… maybe too much.  He said that they crossed the line and that they could all move past this if they begged for forgiveness.   Hunter made reference to Roman Reigns’ tweet, where he said soldiers don’t win wars, soldiers do.  Triple H expressed his theory on why that wasn’t true and told the Shield that their value had gone.  The Shield vs Evolution was announced for Extreme Rules.

Big E vs Alberto Del Rio

After unsuccessfully executing the ‘Big Ending’, Big E was locked into the cross arm breaker.  He fought the move by lifting Alberto, but he couldn’t escape.  In a move of desperation, the Intercontinental Champion reached for the ropes which would force Del Rio to break the hold.  At the count of five the ‘Mexican Aristocrat’ still hadn’t broke the hold.  Therefore, he was disqualified.  After the decision, Alberto attacked Big E with little success, as the IC Champ, caught him with the ‘Big Ending’.

Paul Heyman was featured in the next segment.  He announced that he represents Cesaro and as we all know by now he represents the man that ended the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania, Brock Lesnar.  He went on another tirade about how the streak was broken.

Paige vs Aksana

Paige, the new WWE Divas Champion had her third match on the main WWE roster against Lithuanian, Aksana.  She survived the severe punishment Aksana dished out by defeating her with the ‘Scorpion Cross Lock’.

Renee Young interviewed Sheamus.  He said that Batista had taken the easy way out in their match three weeks ago with a steel chair and the ‘Batista Bomb’.  He said that he got his shots in and now it was his turn to do the same.  He warned ‘the Animal’ that it was time to fight.

El Torito vs Hornswoggle

Hornswoggle waived his attention on the match to taunt Los Matadores.  Torito rolled him up for two.  After kicking out, Hornswoggle threw the little bull into the corner, but failed to hit the splash.  Hornswoggle gored the leprechaun and followed up with a bronco buster.  El Torito secured the victory after hitting Hornswoggle with a moonsault.

Alexander Rusev vs R-Truth

Lana came out to do her routine speech on how great the ‘Bulgarian Brute’ Alexander Rusev is.  In less than two minutes, R-Truth put up some fight, but his attack had little effect.  Rusev locked in the ‘Accolade’ to win the match.

After the match, Xavier Woods attempted to gain some retribution, but Alexander splashed him in the corner and Woods was once again squashed by the ‘Bulgarian Brute’.

The Ultimate Warrior Tribute was broadcast

Santino Marella vs Fandango

These two wrestle every week… how frustrating.  Fandango started the match, the aggressor.  He kicked Santino in the face which almost scored him the victory.  Fandango suplexed the Italian, but couldn’t catch him with a leg drop.  Santino made it to his feet and hip tossed the dancing man and then clobbered him with a head butt.  On the outside, Layla and Emma began to brawl which distracted Fandango.  Marella rolled him up and scored a victory.  It looks like this rivalry is not yet over.

Sheamus vs Batista

Batista forced Sheamus into the steel steps and then the guard rail.  A weakened Sheamus was forced back into the ring.  He courageously fired some shots back.  Batista put a stop to any comeback and Irish whipped him shoulder first into the ring post.  After inflicting such a blow, ‘Big Dave’ attempted the ‘Batista Bomb’. However, the ‘Celtic Warrior’ wasn’t finished yet and he blocked the move.  Sheamus failed to hit ‘White Noise’ and missed the ‘Brogue Kick’ multiple times.   The Evolution member, speared the ‘Great White’, but only managed a two count.  In the end, it was the ‘Batista Bomb’ that defeated Sheamus.

SmackDown went off the air with Batista stood in the ring, the victor.




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