Episode Review: WWE SmackDown April 25th 2014

WWE Smackdown-April 25 2014

Hersheypark Arena, Hershey Pennsylvania

Vickie Guerrero addressed the WWE Universe.  She said that she had been in direct contact with the Authority and were taking a well-deserved night off.  She addressed the Shield by telling them they’d be meeting Rybaxel and Alberto Del Rio, later in the evening.  Unbeknownst to the crowd, she laughed but dismissed it by telling them that it didn’t matter and all they needed to know is that the ‘Hounds of Justice’ would be facing eleven Superstars.

After the announcement, the camera showed podiums on either side of her with Cesaro and Jack Swagger on opposing sides.  She informed them that they would have ninety seconds to each speak in what was named the ‘Great Debate’.

Swagger began and said, some ten months ago, nobody knew who Cesaro was and he asked for his help.  Swagger told him that he never believed in him but Colter did.  Zeb said that he nurtured and tutored Cesaro.  As he continued, the buzzer rang and Vickie told him that time was up.  He tried to continue until Vickie pulled her genius line “EXCUSE ME!”

Cesaro was next but Paul Heyman did the talking.  Heyman used his ninety seconds to talk about Brock Lesnar conquering the Undertaker’s Streak… yawn.

Both managers were given a further sixty seconds, where they slated each other until they got physical.  Both men were split up by the former ‘Real Americans’, before they would meet in one on one action.

Jack Swagger vs Cesaro

The ‘All American, American’ took flight with the ‘Swagger Bomb’, but Cesaro lifted his foot.  Swagger countered his defence and applied the ‘Patriot Lock’.  Cesaro escaped and spun his former partner ten times with the ‘Cesaro Swing’ before finishing him off with the ‘Neutralizer’.

With the match over, the Shield made their way to the ring, through the crowd.  They triple powerbombed Swagger and in doing so, eliminated one of their opponents for the night.  The Shield talked about Triple H’s comment about adapting and perishing.   Seth Rollins said that it looked like Jack Swagger failed to adapt.

After replaying Daniel Bryan’s attack from RAW, Michael Cole announced that the WWE World Heavyweight Champion was determined to be at RAW next week, where Stephanie McMahon will apologise for Kane’s actions.

A video package was shown of the newest WWE Diva and Divas Champion Paige, who said that Tamina Snuka intimidates her, but she would defeat her at Extreme Rules.

Tamina vs Natalya

Natalya failed to roll up Tamina for the pin.  From the canvas she did a kip up, but Snuka was there waiting and the number one contender super kicked the third generation Hart for the win.

The Shield caught up with 3MB in the locker room, who were preparing for the main event.  Rollins appeared first, where he and Heath Slater participated in a stare down. In the meantime, Ambrose and Reigns beat Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre to a pulp.  Slater’s eyes never waned from his stare down with Seth.  In a no win situation, the 3MB leader tried to talk his way out, but Reigns knocked him out with a ‘Superman Punch’.  There went three more of the Shield’s opponents.

Backstage on the phone Vickie was on the phone with Triple H, who gave Vickie the rest of the night off.  Brad Maddox, the general manager of RAW came in and promised to take care of the Shield’s ambushes.

Jey Uso vs Curtis Axel

Ryback tried to distract Jey while he was in control of the match, but Jimmy took care of him.  However, Jey did lose concentration bcause Curtis Axel  was able to hit him with a spinning neckbreaker and was victorious over one half of the Tag Team Champions.

Inside the steel cage, Bray Wyatt addressed his upcoming match with John Cena at Extreme Rules.  He said that the WWE Universe could have given Cena a fair fight against the Wyatts, but they didn’t.  Cena was fed to the wolves.  Bray said that Cena sees him as a man, but it is a mistake.  He climbed to the top of the cage and asked whether Cena could see them and hear them sing.  Bray started singing ‘The Whole World in His Hands’ and the croud loudly sang with him.

Luke Harper & Erick Rowan vs The Rhodes Brothers

Cody attempted a moonsault to the outside onto Rowan, but Harper whipped Goldust into him and the younger Rhodes went flying out into the barrier.  Goldust, distraught, walked into an almighty clothesline from Harper, which secured the family, the victory.

The Wyatts stood together as Bray on his knees exclaimed “Follow the Buzzards”.

Backstage in the General Manager’s office, Brad Maddox was talking to Triple H over the telephone.  The Shield came in and beat him senseless.

Santino & Emma vs Fandango & Layla

As Fandango danced on the stage during his entrance, Layla looked round in horror as she saw the Shield standing there.  Fandango was beaten and triple powerbombed off the stage through tables.  Another one bit the dust.

After the commercial break, the Shield made their way to the ring from the crowd.  Michael Cole announced over commentary, that Curtis Axel was attacked backstage.

The Shield vs Ryback, Damien Sandow, Alberto Del Rio, Titus O’Neil & Bad News Barrett

Although the Shield were outnumbered by two, they held their ground.  Ambrose and Rollins flew out of the ring where they hit both Titus and Sandow with a suicide dive.  Barrett and Del Rio decide to walk up the ramp and leave as the ‘Hounds of Justice’ came for them.  Bad News got away, but Alberto was brought back was clobbered with a ‘Superman Punch’.  Meanwhile, Sandow made it to his feet and moved towards his corner to make the tag.  Unfortunately for him, nobody was there and he fell victim to a spear from Roman Reigns and that’s all she wrote.

Ambrose and Rollins fed Titus and Ryback to Roman Reigns who speared both of them.  The Shield triple powerbombed Ryback to put an end to the utter devastation they had caused.  The ‘Hounds of Justice’ put their fists together where they signalled to believe in the Shield and SmackDown went off the air.


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