Episode Review: WWE SmackDown – February 21st 2014

WWE SmackDown –February 21st 2014

World Arena, Colorado Springs, Colorado

SmackDown begins with a clip of the previous RAW where Kane takes out Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan vs Jack Swagger

Bryan ran and leaped of the ring apron but is caught by ‘The All American, American’ and thrown into the barricade.  In the ring, D Bryan sold an injury to the shoulder.  Swagger suplexed him and landed on Bryan’s weakened shoulder.  After a near fall, Swagger tried another suplex, but from the top rope.  Daniel blocked it and seized the opportunity to hit the running knee, followed by a three count victory for the leader of the ‘YES Movement’.

Kane and Vickie Guerrero entered the arena and booked Bryan in another match.  This time, Daniel would be getting Cesaro in a one-on-one match up.

Daniel Bryan vs Cesaro

Cesaro, used his arsenal of uppercuts to inflict more damage to the already worn out Bryan.  The ‘Real American’ used the Cesaro Swing, (which by the way is more popular than Batista) but is unable to pin Bryan.  Cesaro, went back to his reliable uppercuts, even running into the corner to catch Daniel with one.  Unable to keep Bryan down, the most popular Superstar in WWE hit the running knee on his opponent but wouldn’t get the one, two, and three this time.  Kane came in and choke-slammed Bryan causing Cesaro to be disqualified.  Daniel, although victorious, was left vulnerable and to add insult to injury, Cesaro dropped him with the ‘Neutralizer’.  It’s starting to look a little bit like this is leading to a Daniel Bryan vs Kane match at WrestleMania.

Backstage, Christian voiced his opinion on the night’s match with Sheamus.

The Brotherhood & Rey Mysterio vs The Wyatt Family

After a spinebuster to Luke Harper, Goldust connected with a crossbody from the top rope.  He ran and nailed Bray Wyatt, knocking him off the ring apron.  Rey used his ‘619’ on Erick Rowan who was saved by Harper after nearly falling victim to a powerslam from Goldust.  Meanwhile, outside Luke threw Mysterio into the barricade, but was knocked down by Cody Rhodes who dived from the ring.  As much of a fight the ‘Bizarre One’ put up, the unstoppable Bray Wyatt took care of business by finishing him off with ‘Sister Abigail’

Sheamus took his turn to make comments about his match with Christian or as he put is “Knock down Street Fight”.

Alexander Rusev is coming.  The big Bulgarian cut a promo in his native language.  But the message was pretty clear.

Dolph Ziggler vs Titus O’Neil

Darren Young is on commentary for this match.  Of course, it was the other way round last week and the former partners are set to meet at this Sunday’s Elimination Chamber.

After a dropkick to Titus, Ziggler attempted a crossbody but was caught and suplexed.  The big man worked on the ‘Show Off’ but Dolph pulled a jawbreaker out of his bag of tricks.  Ziggler went for the fame-Asser (Hey that’s Mr Ass’ finishing move) but missed and was caught with a big boot.  Just then, Darren Young left the announce table and distracted his old fellow ‘Primetime Player’.  Seizing the opportunity, Dolph rolled Titus up from behind and earned himself a sweet victory.

Jimmy Uso vs Roadogg

The Roadogg made full use of a chin lock in this bout.  He landed a few right hands and went back to… yes the chin lock.  The ‘D, O double G’ hit the ropes but was met with a Samoan drop.  Uso executed a sit-down powerbomb but was poked in the eye after an attempt at the running splash.  The D-Generate went for his signature pump handle slam but Jimmy blocked it, super kicked his opponent and pinned him for the win.

Sheamus vs Christian

Sheamus nailed ‘Captain Charisma’ with some clotheslines and a spear to the corner…Wait! Before we go on, why is the spear being used so often as your average move?  Goldberg and Edge used it to devastate their opponents.  Christian uses it as a tribute to Edge and Roman Reigns who is about to be pushed to the moon, uses it as to annihilate his opponents… hmmm.

Anyway, back to action! Sheamus used a high knee and a suplex, which only awarded him a two count.  Christian made a comeback and tries to DDT Sheamus from the top rope.  ‘The Celtic warrior’ blocked it and nailed Christian with a backbreaker.  A ‘Brogue Kick’ seemed in sight, but Christian escaped to the outside.  Once he re-entered, Christian after some more punishment, threw Sheamus off the top rope.  ‘Captain Charisma’ used the top rope himself to hit the ‘Great White’ with a spinning back elbow.  Seeing his chance, Christian went for the ‘Killswitch’ but Sheamus; blocked it, dropped him with ‘White Noise’ and pinned his opponent one, two, three.

SmackDown’s closing credits appeared while Sheamus celebrated his victory.



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