Episode Review: WWE Smackdown June 13th 2014

WWE SmackDown-June 13 2014

The Resch Center, Green Bay, Wisconsin

On the heels of Daniel Bryan being stripped of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, a video package was put together highlighting the Authority’s announcement along with the new stipulation to the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.  Highlights were also shown of Seth Rollins’ explanation of why he left the Shield and how he hadn’t sold out… just bought in.

In the arena, the remaining members of the Shield, entered through the crowd towards the ring.  Dean Ambrose addressed the live audience first.  He said that Triple H thins he holds all the cards.  He said that they aren’t going to let that happen to them.  He let everybody know that they were coming for ‘The Game’.  He also said that Seth Rollins was going to get shut down quickly.  Ambrose handed Roman Reigns the microphone next.  Reigns said that he hoped Orton was having a nice vacation (I hope so too).  He professed that Orton isn’t the face of the WWE but the ass.  He added that he is just a spoiled little kid that gets what he wants from his Daddy.  Reigns stated that everybody wants to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but maybe he or Ambrose would get there before him.  The COO of the WWE, Triple H appeared on the Titan Tron with his smug smile and gave Dean Ambrose an opportunity to be in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match at Money in the Bank, if he could defeat Bray Wyatt in a qualifying match.

When SmackDown returned to the waves after the break, the Intercontinental Champion was set to take on the enforcer of the Shield.

Bad News Barrett vs Roman Reigns

Reigns the aggressor almost pinned Barrett after a devastating power slam.  He whipped him into the corner and delivered ten punches to the head and then clotheslined him over the top rope.  Back in the ring, Reigns was greeted with a turnbuckle pad when attempting to splash the Englishman.  The IC Champ landed some shots and wound up Roman with a neckbreaker.  Reigns eventually fought out of Bad News’ offense, but missed the ‘Superman Punch’.  The ‘Hound of Justice’ got into position to flatten Barrett with the spear, but was suddenly attacked by 3MB and Roman Reigns was awarded the victory via DQ.  Reigns destroyed the band afterword.

Erick Rowan vs Jey Uso

Jey gained a good lead with a series of kicks.  He clotheslined the Wyatt Family member and nailed him with a savate kick.  When he shot Rowan into the ropes a Samoan drop on arrival was not to be.  Jey didn’t give up though.  He went to the top rope, but Erick scouted him and thew him off.  The man, who wears a sheep’s head mask, took out one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions and earned a victory for himself.

Bo Dallas vs R-Truth

R-Truth started out with the advantage, which visibly angered Bo.  However, Dallas got it together and beat the Big Jimmy with the ‘Bo-Dog’.

Cesaro had Paul Heyman translate from his native language about how his upcoming match was going to be a fight.

Cesaro vs Sheamus

The United States Champion went for ‘White Noise’ but the ‘Swiss Superman’ escaped it and walloped him with a European Uppercut.  It wasn’t enough to beat Sheamus.  The ‘Celtic Warrior’ hit him with a rolling senton splash and back elbow.  Sheamus was set to power slam his opponent, but Cesaro outsmarted him and rolled him up for three.

A live feed of Bray Wyatt on the Titan Tron took up the next segment.  He said that as a child he dreamed of having a beautiful life.  But when he woke up, he was in prison, just like everyone else.  That was until he met her.  She told him that he didn’t have to live like that and that he could change is world.  Bray added that above the ladder lays his power, his journey.  Was Bray referring to Abigail here?

Adam Rose vs Fandango

Fandango, hit a snap suplex for a near fall and climbed to the top rope for his leg drop.  Rose wasn’t about to let his ‘Rosebuds’ down here, so he got himself together and hit Fandango with the ‘Party Foul’.  A human dressed a chicken got inside the ring afterword, which turned out to be Summer Rae.  She and Layla brawled.

Big E vs Jack Swagger

WOW! Big E is wrestling on another show other than Superstars.  During the match, Lana came out for some Eastern European Propaganda, which distracted Big E.  Zeb Colter had heard enough and told her to get out of there.  This made her angry.  Meanwhile, Swagger was about to finish Big E with the ‘Swagger Bomb’ but Big E scouted it and claimed the victory with the ‘Big Ending’.

Alicia Fox vs Aksana

In a grudge match following Alicia’s attack on Aksana this past Monday on RAW, the Lithuanian beauty looked for revenge.  However, the mad girl drove her face first into the mat and ended it all for Aksana.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Bray Wyatt vs Dean Ambrose

After a DDT to Bray, the unpredictable Dean Ambrose laid in some right hands, of which Wyatt reciprocated.  Bray tried to wear the ‘Hound of Justice’ down, but Ambrose stayed wired.  He went to the top rope, but the leader of the family and prophet brought him down to a seated position where he would attempt to suplex him.  Ambrose still had fight in him and pushed him off the ropes and climbed back up for a dive.  Although he was caught he momentarily stayed in control.  Dean Ambrose drove Bray into the mat with ‘The Dirty Deed’, but Seth Rollins appeared.  Ambrose spotted him and chased him around and into the ring.  Wyatt caught him, hit ‘Sister Abigail’ and advanced to the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.  Rollins walked up the ramp laughing, knowing he’d cost his former friend the match and SmackDown left the airwaves.





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