Episode Review: WWE SmackDown June 6th 2014

WWE SmackDown- June 6 2014

Philips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia

With the events of Monday night, the WWE Universe awaited an explanation.  Triple H and Seth Rollins walked to the ring to the sound of Evolution’s music and chants of “You Sold Out”.  ‘The Game’ gloatingly said “I told you so”.  He said they were there to help with some of the WWE Universe’s questions.  Seth Rollins said that he walked away from the WWE’s most dominant group for reasons he didn’t have to tell.  Dolph Ziggler came out and called Rollins a traitor amongst other things and a match was set up between the two.

Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins

For the second time on WWE TV, Dolph missed the ‘Zig Zag’ and was kicked in the side of his face.  Rollins aggressively laid in some shots and power bombed the ‘Show Off’ into the corner.  Seth dropped on Ziggler with the ‘Curb Stomp’ and grabbed the pinfall victory.

Backstage, Bad News Barrett told viewers that it wasn’t fair that he’d be facing RVD and Cesaro in a triple threat match.  He said that they aren’t in his league anyway and would be the winner.

When SmackDown returned from the commercial break, the Big Show ran into Triple H and Seth Rollins.  Show called Rollins a sell-out which led to Triple H making a match between he and Randy Orton in the main event.

The Uso Brothers vs Rybaxel

Jey was continually beaten down by the team of Curtis Axel and Ryback.  When Axel went to the top rope Jimmy saved the day when he super kicked Axel off and Jey hit the big splash to earn the victory.

Rusev vs Xavier Woods

Is there any point in writing about this match? Okay I will.  In a super squash match, the ‘Bulgarian Brute’ blasted Xavier’s head off with a savate kick and applied ‘The Accolade’ where he won via submission.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Bad News Barrett vs Rob Van Dam vs Cesaro

Both Van Dam and Cesaro went after Barrett first.  However, it was RVD who tried to get a quick victory, but Cesaro broke up the pin.  The ‘Swiss Superman’ sent ‘Mr Monday Night’ into the ropes and was monkey flipped as Van Dam returned.  It was Bad News who felt the brunt though, as he was hit with a spinning heel kick to the face.  RVD maintained the lead and hit ‘Rolling Thunder’ on both opponents.  Far from beaten, Cesaro disposed of Rob and put the boots to Barrett who was cowered in the corner.  During the match, the ‘King of Swing’ landed a European uppercut to Barrett’s jaw, but RVD was waiting in the wings and Cesaro walked into a spinning heel kick.  Bad News Brown found his wind and knocked Van Dam out with the ‘Bull Hammer’ to score the win.

Bray Wyatt appeared on the Titan Tron with a message for John Cena.  Apparently this feud isn’t finished.  He told viewers that he used to be afraid until she told him that it was going to be okay.  He spoke in his usual tongues and said that he knew death was real and Sister Abigail had warned him that all of it would happen.

Alicia Fox vs Natalya

Natalya hit Fox with a dropkick and a belly-to-belly suplex, much to Alicia’s annoyance.  The newest psycho in the WWE screamed before trying to shake Nattie’s hand.  The third generation Hart didn’t fall for it and brought Alicia down to her knees and stomped her hands on the mat.  Natalya went for the ‘Sharpshooter’ to no avail as Alicia blocked it.  Alicia went for a suplex, but the girl in pink and black turned in mid-air and landed on her in a pinning position, where she found her way to victory.  Once realization hit her, Fox went ballistic and screamed at anyone she could make eye contact with.

Bo Dallas vs Santino Marella

This was a pretty short match, having said that, most of Santino’s matches are.  Dallas arm dragged the Italian Stallion and celebrated the move.  Marella, who’s always up for a competition, arm dragged Bo multiple times and celebrated with a more approving crowd.  Bo eventually hit the ‘Bo-Dog’ for the win.

Backstage, the Big Show made comments about his imminent contest.  He said that Evolution are bullies and told him that he’d be KO’d.

Before the match, Randy Orton stated that anything can happen in the ring and all that anybody had to do was ask Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns.

The Big Show vs Randy Orton

The Big Show landed some huge slaps to the chest of Orton.  He was all over him like a rash.  However, Orton hit him with a cheap shot.  ‘The Viper’ walloped him with a big boot and applied the headlock (The combination of a big boot followed by a headlock disturbs me… why try and knock someone over and then hold them up in a headlock?).  The Giant escaped it by lifting Orton off his feet and driving him to the canvas with a sidewalk slam.  When Randy tried his luck with the ‘RKO’, Show prevented it and hit speared him.  As he went for the KO punch, Triple H appeared and climbed the apron.  As the Big Show lifted him and Orton for a double chokeslam, Seth Rollins suddenly appeared.  He and his allies beat the daylights out of Show and their smug faces drew SmackDown to a close.


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