Episode Review: WWE SmackDown – March 14th 2014

WWE SmackDown-March 14 2014

Verizon Arena, Little Rock, Arkansas

Triple H kicked off SmackDown by telling the WWE Universe that he had given Daniel Bryan the night off, but he would deal with him on Monday.    He said that he was happy for everybody getting what they want but he will end the ‘YES Movement’.  Hunter said that it could have continued but now he would crush the hopes and dreams of all who cheer for him.

Triple H brought out Damien Sandow and asked for an apology.  During Bryan’s occupation of RAW the ‘Intellectual Savior to the masses’ refused to follow orders and get into the ring and put a stop to the ‘YES Movement’.   Sandow did apologise and assured the COO that it wouldn’t happen again.  Although forgiven,  Damien’s punishment was an impromptu match with Seth Rollins.

Damien Sandow vs Seth Rollins

The “Enlightened One” only managed limited offence.  When he tried to regroup outside the ring, the Shield surrounded him- forcing him to get back into the ring.  Rollins used his stomping kick to secure the victory.

After the match, a united Shield put a beating on the fallen victim.  Like so many others before him, the ‘Intellectual Savior to the Masses’ was triple powerbombed.

Big E vs Fandango

Fandango managed to create an opening that saw him attempt a DDT to the Intercontinental Champion. However, he couldn’t execute.  Big E countered with a shoulder block and drove Fandango into the mat with the ‘Big Ending’ and picked up the win.

Bad News Barrett delivered some bad news.  He predicted that the Undertaker’s Winning streak at WrestleMania will end.

The Brotherhood vs The Real Americans

Although the Real Americans complimented each other as a team physically, their egos cost them another victory.  Both ‘Real Americans’ performed some effective suplexes and Cesaro hit that ever popular ‘Cesaro Swing’ on Cody.  After Swagger had knocked Goldust off the top rope, Cody wasn’t able to tag in his brother.  However, due to Jack Swagger’s lack of focus, Rhodes quickly rolled him up for the finish.

After the bell, the Real Americans were on the same page when they attacked Rhodes.  But the WWE Tag Team Champions, the Usos raced to the ring to make the save.  Swagger and Cesaro made a quick exit.

Bray Wyatt vs Kofi Kingston

The high flying Kofi Kingston gave Bray a short-term burst of offence.  He winded Wyatt with a couple of splashes into the corner and clocked him with a kick to the upper body.  Kofi’s momentum came to an abrupt ending when he was caught coming off the top rope with a powerslam.  Bray bided Kingston goodnight with ‘Sister Abigail’.

Backstage, Kane told the Shield that they need to be in his corner for his match.  Reigns told him that they don’t take orders from him and Rollins added that they do what is best for business (that plan backfired on Kane didn’t it?).

Nikki Bella vs Tamina

While Brie stood in her sister’s corner, the Divas Champion- AJ Lee sat at the announce table for commentary.

Nikki was able to stay in control when Tamina tossed her across the ring by her hair.  But Tamina’s sheer size and strength is too much for any Diva to hold down long-term.  Snuka landed the Samoan drop on Nikki, but she wasn’t lying there when Tamina attempted the ‘Superfly Splash’.  However, she made a quick recovery and put a stop to Nikki’s offence with a savat kick.  Meanwhile, AJ tried to intervene but Brie clotheslined her.  Tamina Snuka came to the outside and nailed Brie, but when she came back into the ring, Nikki Bella hit a backbreaker for the win.

Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio

In an action packed match, Ziggler kicked out of Alberto’s super kick.  Del Rio in turn escaped a pin fall from Dolph’s ‘Fame-Asser’.  The ‘Mexican Aristocrat’ executed a super-plex, but even that couldn’t take out the ‘Show off’.  Ziggler escaped Del Rio’s cross arm breaker and hit the ‘Zig Zag’ for the three count.

After the match, Dolph announced that he was throwing his name into the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXX.

Carlos Colon was announced as being the next inductee into the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame

When SmackDown returned from commercial, Kane ordered the Shield to go with him to the ring for his match with the Big Show.

Kane vs The Big Show

For the millionth time, these two rivals/partners and former Tag Team Champions squared off.  Kane went for the chokeslam but Big Show gripped his throat at the same time causing the ‘Big Red (Corporate) Monster’ to struggle out.  Kane splashed Kane into the corner and followed up with the overused spear.  ‘The Giant’ climbed up to the top rope and Kane rushed over and chokeslammed him off with conviction.  After not getting the pin, the Shield jumped onto the ring apron.  Kane started arguing with the ‘Hounds of Justice’, seemingly forgetting who was behind him.  When he turned around he was greeted with an almighty chokeslam from Big Show that put an end to the match.

The Director of Operations was livid after getting up.  He lifted Rollins up for the chokeslam, but Reigns speared him before he could execute it.  SmackDown closed with the Shield standing over a fallen Kane.




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