Episode Review: WWE SmackDown – March 21st 2014

WWE SmackDown-March 21 2014

Toyota Center, Houston, Texas

Kane got SmackDown off to a roaring start.  He told the audience that the ‘YES Movement’ is dead.  Kane said that what happened to Daniel Bryan, he had coming and that he should blame the WWE Universe for all of it.  Kane added that nobody is bigger than the Authority and the beatdown Bryan received on RAW should be a lesson to all fans.  ‘The Big Red Monster’ pulled out a letter from Triple H to address the Universe.  It said, “When circumstances occur, the Authority will take necessary actions to take care of the problem.  Enjoy SmackDown”.

Fernando vs Fandango

After a springboard elbow to Fandango, Summer Rae climbed on to the ring apron and distracted Fernando.  Fandango capitalized and knocked him down from behind.  Meanwhile, El Torito gave chase to Summer all around the ring area until Fandango came to her aid.  Fernando took advantage of the dancer’s lack of concentration and rolled him up for the win.

Dolph Ziggler vs Damien Sandow

Ziggler almost got Sandow with a neckbreaker, but the ‘Intellectual Saviour to the Masses’ kicked out.  Damien escaped the ‘Fame-Asser’ and dropped the ‘Show Off’ with a neckbreaker of his own.  Ziggler also showed resilience by kicking out.  The end came for Sandow when he was finally downed with the ‘Fame-Asser’ (That’s how Billy Gunn spelled it, so it will be left as that) and the crowd most certainly approved.

Luke Harper commented on his match with John Cena.  He said that he is the reaper and he will carry out his bill against the leader of ‘CeNation’.  Bray Wyatt added that John should be scared of him.

Fatal Four Way Number One Contender’s Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship: Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins vs Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre vs Rybaxel vs The Real Americans

The Shield did well at punishing Ryback in the early going.  Both Rollins and Ambrose dived outside hitting him and his partner Curtis Axel.  Back in the ring, Ryback walloped Ambrose with the ‘meat hook clothesline’.  As he went to inflict more damage, Jack Swagger tagged himself in.  He pinned Ambrose but Ryback broke it.  Jack executed the ‘Swagger Bomb’ and his partner Cesaro came in for the double stomp.  Dean Ambrose kept on fighting.  Heath Slater was speared out of his boots by Roman Reigns after his attempt at distracting Rollins (neither were participants in the match).  A full blown battle broke out and Kane came out and attacked Reigns.  The match was declared a no-contest.  The New Age Outlaws came out to assist “Corporate” Kane and the other six Superstars attacked Rollins and Ambrose.  The Shield were decimated.

When SmackDown returned from the commercial break, The Miz was stood in the ring ready for an episode of Miz TV.  He announced his entry into the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.  Miz then introduced his guest for the evening, Big Show.  He made a point of telling everybody that Show had lost nine times at WrestleMania.  The ‘Giant’ made it known that he was selling out arenas while the host was still in high school.  ‘The Most Must See Superstar in the WWE’ revealed that Big Show wasn’t his only guest.  Big E, Kofi Kingston, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus, Titus O’Neil, Cody Rhodes, Goldust and Mark Henry came out.  The ‘Celtic Warrior’, frustrated, told everyone that they should quit talking and just fight.  Miz suggested that there is only one way to take out the biggest threat… everybody attacked the Big Show.  An all-out war ensued with Superstars being sent over the top rope.  Big Show and Sheamus were the last two men standing and the ‘Great White’ was next to take the tumble.

Big E vs Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio went for the cross arm breaker but Big E stopped him.  He went for the spear and Alberto avoided it.  ‘Mexico’s Greatest Export’ nailed the Intercontinental Champion with a savat kick and secured the victory.

Emma and Santino Marella share a moment of awkwardness backstage.

The New Age Outlaws and Kane were also backstage talking about how great their attack was.  They said it was like the good old days.

Alexander Rusev did what he always does.

John Cena vs Luke Harper

Harper prevented Cena from locking in the STF.  The real face of the WWE, suplexed his opponent and dropped the ‘Five Knuckle Shuffle’.  Cena, on a roll was unable to execute the ‘AA’.    He successfully locked in the STF, but Harper bit his fingers, which forced him to release the hold.  After some more back and forth action, John Cena took down Luke with the ‘Attitude Adjustment’ and won the match.

SmackDown concluded with a Wyatt Family and John Cena stare down.




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