Episode Review: WWE SmackDown – March 28th 2014

WWE SmackDown-March 28 2014

TD Garden, Boston, Massachusetts

Batista, cut a promo in the ring.  He claimed that fans begged and begged him to come back, but now all they do is boo him.  He asked how it made sense that they cheer a goat face guy like Daniel Bryan.  ‘The Animal’ said, that Stephanie hits harder than Bryan…  harder than Randy Orton and Triple H for that matter.  At that moment, Triple H entered the arena.

With a smile on his face, Triple H commanded Batista leave his wife out of it, but Batista said no.  He told Hunter that she is the reason he is COO of the WWE.  Triple H advised him to not worry about things that don’t concern him and now that this is the “Reality Era” he shouldn’t worry about where his power came from.  Big Dave pointed out that he had never been defeated by ‘The Game’, but this didn’t sway the COO.  He excused this by saying that it was a long time ago and that was when he turned Batista into a hungry animal, but since his return, he has become soft and lazy.  Triple H pointed out that Big Dave couldn’t finish off Daniel Bryan, but he did.

Triple H then announced a match between Batista and Sheamus.

Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose vs Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal

While Rollins dived outside and took Jinder out of the game, Dean Ambrose put McIntyre away with the ‘Dirty Deed’.

Kane and the New Age Outlaws appeared and informed the Shield members that they had another match, this time with Ryback and Curtis Axel.

 Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose vs Rybaxel

After more of Seth Rollins’ high flying and exciting moves, he avoided Axel’s ‘Perfect Plex’ and dropped ‘The Blackout’ on him for another Shield victory.  Following the match, they sent a message to their WrestleMania opponents by driving Ryback hard on to the canvas with their patented triple powerbomb.

Sin Cara vs Damien Sandow

The only offence Sandow was allowed before being beaten was a knee to the gut, a suplex, a clothesline and a headlock.  Sin Cara rolled him up for a win in just over a minute.

Fandango vs Goldust

After kicking out of a power slam buy Goldust, Fandango slid outside the ring to regroup.  He hadn’t anticipated being followed.  Eventually, Fandango caught a break and went back inside.  Summer Rae on the outside started dancing in front of the ‘Bizarre One’, causing him to be distracted.  When he re-entered the ring Fandango met him with a boot to the face and Goldust was defeated.

Batista vs Sheamus

Sheamus used his rough and rugged arsenal to ware down ‘the Animal’.  He nailed him with a series of clotheslines and a spear into the corner.  The ‘Celtic Warrior’ even power slammed the WrestleMania main eventer.  As Sheamus attempted the ‘Brogue Kick’, Batista slid out of the ring only to be followed.  However, the ‘Great White’ was met with a steel chair shot to the gut and then the back, causing ‘the Animal’ to be disqualified.

After the bell had rung, Batista kept on laying into Sheamus.  While Triple H was watched backstage on the monitor, the Irishman was ‘Batista Bombed’.  Batista grabbed the microphone and asked whether the crowd was happy.  He then said he would be leaving WrestleMania XXX with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The Bella Twins vs AJ Lee & Tamina

AJ did her best to apply the ‘Black Widow’ but Nikki was able to power out.  However, AJ kept hold and brought her into the corner where she tagged in Tamina.  The daughter of ‘Superfly’ Jimmy Snuka dominated her much smaller opponent until she missed a splash from the second rope.  Nikki rushed to tag her sister.  Brie ran at Tamina with a knee to the face (you can tell she’s been taking tips from Daniel Bryan) before executing a missile dropkick.  AJ, annoyed at Tamina shoved her but; the much bigger Tamina pushed her over.  She tagged AJ in and threw her to Brie Bella who was waiting.  As the Divas Champion turned around to see what was waiting, she was planted with a facebuster and the Bellas won.

WWE cameras showed Santino and Emma on another date.  She told him that they would always be best friends.  Santino freaked out and then threw up over her.

Jack Swagger vs Jimmy Uso

Jimmy’s spectacular displays of aerial moves were not enough to keep down the ‘All American, American’.  Once Jack recovered from the assault, he took out Jimmy’s knee and made him submit to the ‘Patriot Lock’.

Mark Henry vs The Miz

The ‘World’s Strongest Man’ missed a splash from the second rope.  Miz capitalized and focused on Henry’s leg.  Miz struggled to apply the figure four leg lock due to Mark’s power and size.  Henry got back to his feet and took his opponent on a trip to the outside.  After throwing Miz into steel steps and the wall surrounding the ring, he brought him back in and ‘World Strongest Slammed’ his way to victory.

Bray Wyatt vs The Big Show

After the Big Show missed an elbow drop, Bray demonstrated just how aggressive he can be.  He laid heavy shots to keep the ‘Giant’ off his feet.  Bray hit a floored Big Show with an elbow drop of his own.  Bray ran the ropes and hit Show with a senton splash, but couldn’t get a three count.  Wyatt did his whole weird walking while doing a bridge and then ran at his opponent.  The ‘World’s Largest Athlete’ met him half way and clotheslined him right off his feet.  The Wyatt Family leader bounced back and was able to splash Show in the corner.  ‘Sister Abigail’ reared her ugly head and the Big Show was done.  The Wyatts stood over Big Show’s fallen body, as SmackDown went off the air.


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