Episode Review: WWE SmackDown May 16th 2014

WWE SmackDown-May 16 2014

Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina

SmackDown began with highlights of the announcement that Daniel Bryan would be having neck surgery and how it came about.

In the arena, John Cena came to the ring to respond to Bray Wyatt’s challenge of a Last Man Standing Match at WWE Payback.  Cena spoke to the WWE Universe.  He said that he had been in these matches before, but Bray hadn’t.  He ran down the rules of how the match works and reminds everybody that he had beaten some of the toughest Superstars in the Last Man Standing Match.  the leader of CeNation said that Bray shouldn’t be singing the ‘Whole World in his Hands’ but “He has no pearls in his pants”.  John then told the crowd that he has no brain either before challenging anyone of the Wyatts later in the evening.  Bray entered the picture and stated that whoever won the match at Payback would be able to conquer all things.  He then thanked Cena for bringing him something from inside, that he never knew he had.

The Uso Brothers vs The Rhodes Brothers

Cody was unable to pin Jimmy after walloping him with the ‘Disaster Kick’ thanks to Jey pulling him out of the ring.  Meanwhile, the fallen Jimmy was able to recuperate in time to flatten Cody who had returned to the inside by now, with a savate kick and defeat him with a Samoan drop.

El Torito vs Heath Slater

Torito gave Slater the ‘Gore’ from behind, which led to a chase between the two.  Eventually Heath caught his pint sized opponent but was kicked, much to his surprise.  Heath suplexed him in anger but spent too much time showboating.  He missed a spear on Torito and the mascot ran away.  Hornswoggle accidently  speared Slater in the 2MB and Torito picked up the win after delivering a springboard moonsault.

Natalya vs Nikki Bella (Special Referee: Eva Marie)

Nikki almost pinned Nattie after a facebuster, but then she missed a splash in the corner to the third generation Hart.  Natalya pulled the twin to the canvas by her hair and applied the ‘Sharpshooter’.  Somehow, Nikki reversed it into a pin attempt and won the match.

Backstage, Dolph Ziggler made comments about his upcoming opponent Batista.  He said that; he is saying what everybody thinks… that Batista hasn’t been the same since he came back.  He is not what he once was and that he would not be underestimated.

Dolph Ziggler vs Batista

‘The Animal’ threw the ‘Show Off’ over the ring ropes to the outside and flung him into the guardrail.  Batista then threw him into the steel steps.  Batista rolled him back into the ropes and used his might to toss Ziggler across the ring by the hair.  Just to show his lack of ring psychology, ‘The Animal’ applied a headlock.  Dolph struggled out and hit the ropes but was met with a spinebuster.  The Evolution member, attempted the ‘Batista Bomb’, but Dolph countered with a DDT.  Still unable to keep the big man down Batista came for him, but missed a spear and went shoulder first into the ring post.  Ziggler started his comeback with a burst of right hands in the corner.   Short lived was his comeback, as Batista low blowed him.  Dolph picked up the disqualification victory, at the cost of the ‘Batista Bomb’ after the bell.

Sheamus vs Titus O’Neill

Before the match, Titus complained to Sheamus that it wasn’t right that he was United States Champion been as he wasn’t even American.  Then the bell rang, then Sheamus delivered the ‘Brogue Kick’ and that’s all she wrote.

The WWE cameras were rolling when Byron Saxton stood outside Adam Rose’s bus for an interview.  Saxton asked him what he had against Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter.  He told him nothing and just said that they are boring and a lemon.  Byron was invited to the party and off they went into the bus.

Santino Marella vs Damien Sandow

In a nutshell, Sandow failed to hit Santino with a spear and was drilled by ‘The Cobra’ and beaten.  He tried to speak afterwards, but the microphone was off.

Paul Heyman told R-Truth that he can’t handle the truth and also reminded everybody that Brock Lesnar defeated the Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX.

Cesaro vs R-Truth

In a brief match, Truth threw a clothesline or two and missed his patented scissor kick.  Cesaro finished him off with a ‘European Uppercut’ and the ‘Neutralizer’.

The Wyatt Family as usual made there eerie entrance to the ring.  Bray and Luke Harper surrounded the ring, so the Usos made their way out so things would be even.

John Cena vs Erick Rowan

Rowan slammed, booted and used a submission hold to wear down Cena.  However the face of the WWE came back with a side slam and a ‘Five Knuckle Shuffle’, but failed to execute the ‘Attitude Adjustment’.  Rowan caught John with a fallaway slam and splashed him into the corner and followed by a boot to the ribs.  Cena used his quick thinking to trip Erick Rowan and lock in the ‘STF’.  Harper came into break it, but Cena scouted for him and dodged the bullet.  The Usos entered the ring and took care of him.  The WWE Tag Team Champions dived to the outside onto the family and John Cena defeated Rowan with the ‘Attitude Adjustment’.  Post-match, Bray and Cena stared each other out.





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