Episode Review: WWE SmackDown May 23rd 2014

WWE SmackDown-May 23 2014

O2 Arena, London, England

WWE Hall of Famer, Jimmy Hart stood in the ring and introduced Hulk Hogan, after twenty years from being away in the United Kingdom.  In reality, Hulk Hogan was in London not so long back with TNA Wrestling.

The ‘Hulkster’ received a warm welcome and told the live audience that being across the pond was like the old days.  He said, that the future was looking bright for the British ‘Hulkmaniacs’, before turning his attention to Jimmy and telling everybody how he’d never been the same since living in the Legend’s House.  Hogan then mentioned some of the names who also lived there.

No Disqualification Match: Batista vs Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler managed to catch ‘The Animal’ with the ‘Fame-Asser’, but a two count was all he could get.  Batista rolled out of the ring and the ‘Show Off’ came at him by baseball sliding him over the announce table.  Ziggler leapt off the table and whacked the Evolution member with a double axe-handle.  Dolph went a bit too far with trying to throw Batista into the steps and ended up there instead.  After a failed ‘Fame-Asser’ on Batista, he was brought back into the ring and speared and ‘The Animal’ was the victor.  Just to add insult to injury, “Big Dave” ‘Batista Bombed’ Ziggler after the match.

In anticipation of his upcoming debut, a Bo Dallas vignette was aired.

Nikki Bella & Eva Marie vs The Funkadactyls (Special Referee: Summer Rae)

Nicki and Eva seemed to put up more offense, but Summer Rae refused to respond to any covers made on the Funkadactyls.  Eva clotheslined Cameron and was not allowed to pin her.  Cameron used a clothesline also, but when she pinned Eva, Summer made a fast three count to award the victory to Naomi and Cameron.

Bo Dallas vs Sin Cara

Bo made his ring to the inspirational music that would help you to “Bolieve”.  He acknowledged the live audience and told them that he was living proof of dreams coming true.

Sin Cara missed Dallas after attempting a Senton Splash.  The man without a face was dropped with a springboard bulldog and Bo Dallas didn’t disappoint his “Bolievers” in his WWE debut.  Following the match, Dallas shook Cara’s hand and told him that he did great and could be just like him if he “believed”.

The lights went out and when they came back on, the Wyatt Family were in the ring.  Bray spoke in his usual philosophical, crazy manor.  He talked about Cena always coming by to put people in a bubble of lies.  He called CeNation had affected our world like the plague.  He spoke with even more conviction that became even more confusing… to some I suppose and sang ‘Whole World in His Hands”.

Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio

Paul Heyman and Cesaro joined the announcers to do commentary.  The ‘Celtic Warrior’ was trapped in the cross arm breaker, but made it to the ropes.  Cesaro rushed over to where Sheamus was gripping the ropes.  He received a punch in the face for his trouble.  As the ‘Great White’ gained momentum on Alberto, the Swiss native dragged his rival out of the ring and flung him into the steel steps and dumped him into the mat with the ‘Neutralizer’.  Sheamus was awarded the disqualification victory.

Vickie Guerrero stood in the ring for the next segment.  She used her Hall of Fame worthy “Excuse Me” and told the viewers that they only know one side of her.  She explained that she is gorgeous and has an award winning personality.  She claimed that she could party with the best of them which led to her introduction of Adam Rose in his SmackDown debut. Adam asked Vickie whether she was a lemon or a ‘Rosebud’.  She denied being a lemon, to which the audience disagreed.  She got angry and gave Rose thirty seconds to get out the ring.  Vickie ended up being carried up the ramp by the ‘Rosebuds’ as they partied to the back.

The Usos and John Cena were interviewed by Renee Young.  The twins said that they know all about family and have been kicking ass as a family for a long time.  Cena who was dead serious told Renee that nothing the Wyatts said made sense and they were all talk.

The Uso Brothers vs The Wyatt Family (Rowan & Harper)

John Cena and Bray Wyatt stood in respective corners to support their teams.  Jimmy walloped Luke Harper with a super kick to the floor he flew out on top of him with a suicide dive.  Things got worse for Luke as he was sent shoulder first into the ring post and splashed by Jey.  As Jey went to the top rope to inflict more damage, Bray knocked him off and the second disqualification victory of the evening was awarded to the Usos.

After the match, John Cena finished Erick Rowan off with the ‘Attitude Adjustment’ and Bray climbed onto the ring apron where he and Cena began to trash talk.  Wyatt decided it was time to leave and off he went as SmackDown went off the air.




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