Episode Review: WWE SmackDown May 9th 2014

WWE SmackDown-May 9 2014

The Times Union Center, Albany, New York

Highlights of the 20 Man Battle Royal and Evolution’s beat down on the Shield were shown from RAW.

United States Championship Match: Sheamus vs Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose, was outsized in this match, but the ‘Hound of Justice’ flew at Sheamus with a suicide dive and flew from the top rope, taking his leg out in the process. Ambrose absorbed the ‘Irish Curse’ backbreaker and‘Ten Beats of the Bodhrán’, but when it was all said and done, the ‘Celtic Warrior’ proved too much for him when he knocked his head off with the ‘Brogue Kick’.

Paul Heyman joined commentary for the next match.

Cesaro & Bad News Barrett vs Rob Van Dam & Big E

RVD awarded Barrett with a spinning heel kick, before tagging in the former Intercontinental Champion, Big E.  Big E levelled Barrett and Cesaro with a series of clotheslines before driving the ‘King of Swing’ into the mat with a belly-to-belly suplex.  Barrett got cleared the ring of RVD and cleared the way for Cesaro to pick up his dazed opponent and drop him with the ‘Neutralizer’.

Rusev vs Kofi Kingston

Unsurprisingly, this match wasn’t all that different from the match these two Superstars had on RAW.  Lana reminded the audience of hers and Rusev’s allegiance and support to Russian leader Vladimir Putin.  During the action, Kofi fought out of the ‘Bulgarian Brute’s’ scoop up and hit him with a flying crossbody.  However, things slowed down for Kingston.  Rusev applied ‘The Accolade’ and strecthed his way to victory.

The Wyatt family appeared on the Titan Tron.  Bray claimed that we are all slaves to judgment.  He said that it tells us that we must survive and adapt and what tells John Cena to fear him.  Bray determined that it wasn’t fear that set men apart, but the distance they are willing to go, where they are going and nobody comes back.

Fandango & Layla vs Santino Marella & Emma

After, Fandango had dominated in the early going, the Divas stepped in.  Emma locked Layla up with the ‘Dilemma’ and landed the ‘Emma Sandwich’.  As she pulled out her pink cobra, Santino charged at Fandango with little success.  This disctracted Emma and she was rolled up and defeated by Laylay.  After the match, Layla and Fandango cemented their relationship with a kiss.

Mark Henry informed Roman Reigns that he would be inducted into the ‘Hall of Pain’ and after Reingns’ triple powerbomb on RAW, reminded him that is wasn’t so long ago he was on the receiving end of a three on one attack from the Shield.

Mark Henry vs Roman Reigns

Henry went to the top rope in preparation for a splash to no avail.  Reigns took him off the top rope, onto his shoulders and slammed him with a Samoan drop.  The ‘Hound of Justice’ speared him to defeat the ‘World’s Strongest Man’.

Los Matadores & El Torito vs 3MB & Hornswoggle

El Torito bit Hornswoggle in the ass and got angry with the crowd because they laughed at him when he was thrown out of the ring.  When Hornswoggle tagged in Heath Slater, the leader of 3MB was unexpectedly splashed by the bull and was pinned.

Batista vs Seth Rollins

‘The Animal’ was unable to execute the ‘Batista Bomb’, as Rollins slipped out of it.  The other ‘Hound of Justice’ came back with an enziguri which sent Batista outside of the ring.  Rollins came off the top rope, but Big Dave caught him and bounced him over the announce table.  As the referee made his count, Batista managed to get back in the ring and Seth was counted out.

Post-match, ‘the Animal’ ‘Batista Bombed’ Rollins.

The Uso Brothers & John Cena vs The Wyatt Family

Cena started out by beating on Rowan before suplexing him.  He tagged in Jimmy who started out promisingly.  However, Rowan and Harper gained control of the match.  Jimmy was able to move Erick into his corner where he tagged in Jey.

Jey Uso was double teamed by Luke Harper and Erick Rowan.  Harper slapped him around like a little kid before slingshotting him into the corner.  After failing to pin him for three, Bray was tagged in.  The figurehead of the family struck Jey multiple times, before splashing him into the corner.  Wyatt turned himself upside down and freakily crab walked before running into a forearm shot by Jey.  As Jey crawled to make the tag, he was stopped by Harper.  Having absorbed more punishment from Luke and Rowan, he finally tagged in his brother.  Jimmy went wild on all three members of the family.

Jimmy continued to punish Harper in the ring, as Rowan and Bray attacked Cena on the outside.  Jey appeared out nowhere and shocked the Wyatts with a Topé.  Meanwhile, back in the ring, Harper decapitated Jimmy with a lariat and that was all she wrote.



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