Extreme Rules 2014

Extreme Rules is set for tonight… May 4 2014.  Since WrestleMania XXX, WWE has seen the dawning of a new day.  Change has begun and the Superstars of the future have stepped up.

It looks as though the main event of the show will be the Shield vs Evolution.  Just a month ago former bandmates; Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton were still at loggerheads.  Ten years ago, Evolution were a force to be reckoned with.  Ric Flair was the legend (not the past!!!), Triple H was the man and Randy Orton was the future.  While Batista was an integral part of the group, he wasn’t expected to achieve the amount of success he did.

At SummerSlam, Triple H ended his seven year run as a baby face and returned to the dark side.  On the same night Randy Orton did the same thing as they screwed over Daniel Bryan.  In January, Batista returned after a four year hiatus to very little fanfare.  So he turned heel and has begrudgingly spent time teaming with Randy.

Meanwhile the Shield were feuding among themselves.  They soon put their differences aside and have embraced the fans.  The ‘Hounds of Justice’ have since become a thorn in ‘The Game’s’ side.  For weeks, Hunter had been trying to get Orton and Batista to help him deal with the Shield, but they told him that it wasn’t their battle.  After the Shield interfered and attacked them, things changed.  A few weeks ago we saw the return of Evolution, who destroyed the Shield.  For the first time, the WWE Universe saw the Shield absorb a severe beating.  In spite of this, the Shield soon returned to the ring and have remained dominant.  The ‘Hounds of Justice’ expressed that evolution had passed Evolution by and the Shield are Superstars of the future.  We will see tonight.

Four weeks ago, Daniel Bryan, against all odds won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the main event at WrestleMania.  His first title defence on Pay-Per-View will be against his former ‘Team Hell No’ Partner, Kane.  Since Kane became “Corporate”, he was appointed by the Authority as Director of Operations.  However, the ‘Big Red Monster’ seemed to lose his edge while pursuing Daniel Bryan.  Three weeks ago, Stephanie motivated Kane to the point where he donned the mask once again and became the menacing character he once was.  The week after, he attacked Bryan so viciously that the champion was stretchered out of the arena.  Last week, Bryan returned and vowed to get his revenge on Kane.  He said that if the ‘Big Red Machine’ sent him to hell, then he would take him with him.  Kane once again laid out Bryan and went after Daniel’s wife Brie.  Tonight, Daniel has a big task ahead of him, is he up to the challenge?

In a steel cage match, Bray Wyatt is set on taking John Cena to the limit… to the point where Cena unleashes the monster Bray says is within him.  At WrestleMania John defeated Wyatt, but the war is obviously quite far from over.  The leader of the family has taken to singing ‘Whole World in His Hands’, which has caught on big time with live audiences.  They sing along and cheer for Bray while they boo John.  Bray often speaks in tongues and shares his life lessons.  He told John that Ce-Nation doesn’t love him anymore.  Perhaps  this was evident on the April 21 edition of RAW, when the WWE Universe voted all three members  to face John Cena instead of one.  This past week, Cena asked why they did that to him.  He seemed to be having doubt in his fans, but later retracted what he said.  During John’s promo, The Wyatt Family had a choir sing ‘Whole World in His Hands’ as the crowd once again joined in.  Cena said that he is glad that he and Bray are locked in a cage as Harper and Rowan can’t interfere.  But what he likes more is that Wyatt is locked inside.  Will the monster come out or will we hear the last of the song Bray Wyatt has adopted.

Big E has been Intercontinental Champion for some time now.  Has his run been memorable? Not really.  Sometimes, he hasn’t made it to RAW, settling for a two minute match on Superstars instead.  On the other hand, an eight man tournament was held to determine the number one contender for Big E’s title.  Bad News Barrett emerged victorious and is looking to recapture the Intercontinental Championship.

Paige crossed over from NXT to the WWE to become a fully-fledged Diva.  On her first night in, she came to the ring to congratulate Divas Champion AJ Lee.  AJ took offence and challenged Paige to a match, even putting her title on the line.  Paige beat her on her first night with the ‘Scorpion Cross Lock’ and became WWE Divas Champion.  At Extreme Rules, she will face WWE’s most feared Diva, Tamina Snuka.

In a Triple Threat match, former Real Americans teammates Cesaro and Jack Swagger will collide with Rob Van Dam.  Since Cesaro left Swagger and their manager Zeb Colter on bad terms, the Switzerland native has taken on Paul Heyman as his manager.  Heyman doesn’t seem to be totally focused on his new client, as he is still busy reminding everybody about his other client, Brock Lesnar ending the Undertaker’s winning streak at WrestleMania.  However, Heyman did get physical with Zeb on this Monday’s RAW.  Although Cesaro is feuding with Jack Swagger, he has been pursuing Rob Van Dam, who defeated him in during the number one contender’s Tournament for the Intercontinental Championship.  Zeb Colter proposed to Van Dam that he join him in beating a common enemy, but RVD refused.  A winner will be determined once two eliminations have taken place.  With RVD the only Superstar without a manager, it will be interesting to see whether this makes him the underdog.

Since Alexander Rusev made his first appearance in the WWE at the Royal Rumble, he has left quite an impression.  The ‘Bulgarian Brute’ now has the ‘Ravishing Russian’ Lana at his side, who calls him an awesome athlete.  The man is undefeated, but he hasn’t been truly tested.  At Extreme Rules he will be facing R-Truth and Xavier Woods in a Handicap Match.  He has destroyed both men in singles matches and quickly.  However, on this past week’s RAW, Truth and Woods found a way to gain the upper hand and caused Rusev to retreat.  On SmackDown, R-Truth and Xavier Woods continued to build momentum.  Now with their match just hours away, we will see just how much of a super athlete the ‘Bulgarian Brute’ is.

On the Extreme Pre-Show, the first ever WeeLC match will take place between El Torito and Hornswoggle.  The two minis have built quite a rivalry over the past few weeks.  The feud started during the Hall of Fame Ceremony, when Torito chased Hornswoggle around the stage.  Before a tag team match between Los Matadores and 3MB, Hornswoggle was introduced as 3MB’s new mascot.  Both Superstars have met in various matches over the weeks, but the rivalry has gotten more intense.   On the most recent edition of SmackDown, their contract signing turned into chaos.  Hornswoggle listed the demands he wanted met in his contract, which caused El Torito to speak his mind.  In the end, El Torito ‘Gored’ the leprechaun rockstar and dived outside onto 3MB.  This match is sure to be one to watch, as we’ve never seen it before.


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