Faisal Khan and Sanjeeda Shaikhs’ web series is fast grossing!

Y films is back with another web series called ‘Sex Chat With Pappu And Papa,’ and it has a lot of your favorite TV celebs…

Y films is back with another web series called ‘Sex Chat With Pappu And Papa,’ and it has a lot of your favorite TV celebs. With this web series, Y films aims to break the Taboo of sex education in India. It is probably the first web series that focuses on Sex education in the world!

The trailer of the series is here, and here is our breakdown-
The story revolves around a 7 year old boy and his father. In the beginning, the show seems like a regular over the top father-son story, but later, we realize that the kid has a lot of questions, which, he should be asking when once he is a little older! But who will answer this kids ‘sexual’ questions, is the question! Obviously, it’s the father who has to break it down for the poor kid!

The father is played by Anand Tiwari, who looks fabulous in the role. He has a very innocent face, so we can all relate to how our father once opened up to us, in a friendly-awkward way! Sanjeeda Shaikh, plays the boy’s mother, who is pregnant and is due to deliver her second child.

The boy has a lot of questions, some of them being “What is masturbation?’, “Why do women bleed and from where?’, “How are babies born?”, and, “Can guys get pregnant?”
The trailer ends with a scene, where Faisal Khan is seen at a medical store, buying condoms! He quickly picks up the pack, but the boy notices and asks him about the same. Faisal shyly says yes, to which the boy asks, “Kaunsa flavour?”

This is one Web series you simply cannot miss! We, are eagerly waiting for the same! Tell us your opinions on ‘Sex Chat With Pappu And Papa,’ through your comments!


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