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Ishq Mein Marjawan: Aarohi Knows That Anjali Is Alive

The episode starts with Aarohi saying I loved and married a beast. He is just like Tara. Deeps say that he will go and get his charger; Tara says she will get it for him, Aarohi is in Deep’s room. Tara comes there and sees Aarohi.

Aarohi tells Tara that she was searching for something. Tara says she knows what she was searching for and to stop the drama. Aarohi sees a bracelet there she wonders whose it is. Tara warns her to stay away from Deep or else it will be not good for her. She says Virat loves you a lot and you should be happy with that.

Aarohi says Tara doubts me. I shouldn’t go into Deep’s room now. Virat comes there and tells her to take good rest. He tells her that Tara doesn’t like jewellery and she wears only bracelets. Aarohi thinks that did Tara kill Anjali but why would she kill, she already has so much money. She is confused about who killed Anjali: Deep or Tara. She gets a call from the doctor and then she leaves for the hospital.

The doctor says that a girl who just met with an accident is admitted. She is alive. Aarohi comes to know that Anjali is alive and now she will get answers to all her questions. She goes to the room and sees a man over there. The doctor says it’s someone else. She was on this bed. Deep is in the hospital disguised as a doctor and is taking Anjali somewhere else.

Ishqbaaz: Shivaay and Anika Develop Feelings

The episode starts with Shivaay handing over the divorce papers to Anika. She is shocked and speechless. She tries to talk to him but he doesn’t listen to her and tells her that he is letting her free from this forceful marriage, and he leaves from there.

Shivaay is cooking in the kitchen when Omkara and Priyanka come there, they sense something is wrong, they ask him what the matter is, he tells him his decision they are shocked to hear it. Anika also tells Gauri that Shivaay gave her the divorce papers, Gauri tells her that she fails to understand why he has done this. Anika tells her not to misunderstand Shivaay.

Anika and Shivaay both think that this is the best decision for them, Anika says that she will not meet or think about Shivaay post this decision as that’s what is best for them.

The next day, Shivaay goes for work and a candidate comes from an interview. He is shocked to see Nikhil there. He tells Nikhil that he shouldn’t have applied to this company. Nikhil tells him that he should keep his personal differences aside, Shivaay doesn’t listen and Nikhil leaves.

In the Oberoi mansion, Omkara, Priyanka, and Gauri are planning how to bring Anika and Shivaay together as they know that they love each other. Omkara has a plan. Gauri calls Anika and tells her to come to the Oberoi mansion and Priyanka calls Shivaay and tells him to come there. Both come, and Omkara tells them that they should talk to each other and sort their differences.

Anika asks Shivaay about the divorce papers, he stops her and tells her that he has signed it and they can go to court and settle the matter, she tells him that she didn’t want to talk about the divorce.

She tells him that she wanted to talk about their marriage, he interrupts her and tells her he wants her to meet someone, Nikhil comes there and Anika is shocked to see him. Shivaay had told Nikhil that whatever he said about Anika was a lie as Daksh had blackmailed him, and Anika was innocent.

Nikhil comes and apologizes to Anika that he didn’t trust her and tells her that they should start over all again, she agrees and says they should forget the past and move on. Nikhil mother’s comes there and says that she can’t accept Anika as the family has suffered a lot because of her.

Shivaay stops her and says that Anika is not at fault. He convinces them that it was his mistake and he is very ashamed of it as well. He says that it is right for them to be together now.

Bepannaah: Sakshi Escapes From the Hospital

The episode starts with everyone gathering in the Huda house. Arjun tells Noor that the party arrangement is done so well and she and Zoya have a done a good job. Everyone is searching for Zoya, she comes, Aditya is mesmerized by seeing her.

Aditya compliments Zoya and he asks her what happened, she tells him that she spoke to her father, but Anjana comes and tells Aditya to meet the rest of the guests. Zoya tells her that Aditya has prepared a lovely speech for them. Anjana is happy and she goes to tell Harsh about it. Sakshi is trying to escape from the hospital. The nurse goes out for some time. Sakshi looks relieved as she walks out of the corridor.

Zoya starts the party and says that Aditya is going to give a speech now. He is hesitant in the beginning but then Zoya gives him the confidence to go ahead. He says that he loves his parents a lot and apologizes for not understanding them. He tells them that from now, he will not do any mistake and save his love from all difficulties, he says that he will show his parents thirty-five years of love.

A slideshow begins of Aditya’s parents and Zoya is happy to see it. The nurse comes and tells the doctor that Sakshi is not on her bed, and the doctor says that if they don’t find Sakshi then their license will get canceled.

Zoya tells Aditya’s parents to come and dance. The dance begins. Sakshi is outside the Huda house, she says start your countdown Anjana. Your game is up! Aditya thinks that this is the right time to reveal his feelings for Zoya. Someone walks up to Zoya just then and asks her for a dance.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Lovely Lies to Tevar

The episode starts with Lovely trying to give the poison to Amyra. Sikandar’s mother and Mahinder try to stop Lovely. Mahinder promises not to see Kullfi again, and Lovely tells them to remember their promise. Sikandar comes there and says to come in the room as Kullfi needs them. Tevar is trying to call Lovely.

Kullfi dresses up like a girl and Sikandar is very happy to see this and he tells her that he brought these dresses from his card. She also makes her card and gives it to Sikandar and tells him that her card has a lot of money and she doesn’t need any debt on her.

He smiles at her innocence and asks her if his love is a debt for her. She apologizes to him admits him that love isn’t a debt. Amyra tells Lovely that she is with Tevar, who is just like a father, Lovely is shocked to hear this.

Tevar raps with Amyra and they have a good time. Lovely gets angry with Amyra for being with Tevar, and she tells Tevar that Amyra is not his child and she had aborted his child, he is shocked to hear this.

Sikandar pampers Kullfi, Amyra insults Kullfi for lying to them. Kullfi tries to melt Amyra’s heart and faces her hatred. Sikandar feels bad.

Tevar is heartbroken to know that Lovely broke his heart and married someone else and she also aborted his child. He is very upset to know that Amyra is not his child.

Kullfi tells Amyra that she didn’t wish to break her uncle’s promise so she had to lie to everyone. Amyra tells her that she doesn’t want her friendship.

Sikandar tells Lalwani that he will not sing with Amyra. Lovely wants Sikandar to perform with Amyra. Sikandar doesn’t want Kullfi to sing for Amyra.

Kumkum Bhagya: King Surprised to See Abhi’s Concern for Pragya

The episode starts with Suwarni Dasi worrying about Pragya. King comes to them and says nothing will happen to her. Tanu tells Aaliya that Abhi will not leave them, says he will kill me. Tanu says he might push me out of the house only. Aaliya says that this all her fault and they start blaming each other.

Kaira calls the driver and asks about Pragya at first, he tells her that she is busy with something. She tells him that she has fallen down and got hurt that’s when he breaks the news to her by informing her about Pragya’s accident. Kaira is shocked and tells Sunny that she wants to go to her mum.

The nurse comes out and says that Pragya is in need of blood, and they need AB positive blood, Purab remembers that Disha also has the same blood group, Disha gets a call from Sunny and he tells her that Kaira’s mom had an accident and she is going to the hospital, Disha thinks that this is the best time for everybody to know the truth.

Tanu thinks of John’s words and says that she won’t let a servant ruin her life, she calls Nikhil for help and tells him everything. He is ready to help Tanu.

Disha donates her blood to Pragya, and Abhi thanks her for it. She says not to say thanks as Pragya is like her sister. John tells Robin that he knows who cut the wire of the chandelier and he will come and tell everything.

King thinks why they are so sad for Pragya, I am worried for her, but they are broken. Everything seems strange.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Mansi Runs Away

The episode starts with Kartik receiving a call from advocate Mr. Sharma and he tells him that he has fixed the day for tomorrow and he will pick him, because of too much noise around Kartik doesn’t hear anything. Naira’s advocate also messages her the same thing but she doesn’t read the message

A man calls Rukmani and tells her to pay back the money for the jewellery and now she is worried from where she will get the money.

Kartik is busy with the wedding preparations when Luv and Kush come there and inform them that Mansi is not in her room and she had left this letter here. Aashi reads the letter and where Mansi has mentioned that she is running away from the marriage because she has a fear that her marriage won’t work and she will also be divorced like Kartik and Naira.

Surekha asks Kartik if she asked him to wait for his divorce until Mansi’s wedding. But he didn’t listen to anyone. And the results are now in front of them. Naksh says to stop all this and to go and find Mansi.

The whole family starts to find Mansi, Naira finally hears someone crying from the room she tells Kartik that she has found Mansi. They come to the room and ask Mansi what problem she has and to talk to them.

She tells them that when they are such a perfect pair and they can get divorced then even her marriage will fail and she and Anmol are not even a perfect couple like them.

Naira tells her that every marriage is different and not to compare her marriage with somebody else’s. Anmol reaches there and tries to convince Mansi. Finally, they succeeded in removing Mansi’s fear.

Naira asks Kartik why their marriage broke? Kartik asks her if she knows the cause? Naira can’t answer the question. Their inner voice says that there are still chances for them to save their marriage.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Sameer Saves Naina’s Respect in Front of Sharad’s Mom

The episode starts with Naina and others getting tensed seeing Sharad’s mum in college. Swati tells them that she must have come for an inquiry. Kartik comes to Mitali and tells her that Naina’s mother-in-law has come to the college and they decide to tell her about Naina and Sameer’s love story.

Kartik writes Naina and Sameer’s name on the blackboard. He tells Sharad’s mum will go from here. He talks about Naina and Sameer’s love. Sharad’s mum hears him and asks about Naina. He tells her that Naina and Sameer had an affair and then says it was joke. Sharad’s mom wants to meet Sameer and she goes to the restaurant to meet him.

She asks Sameer if he has an affair with Naina. He tells her this is all false and tells her that he likes modern girls and Naina is very simple. He tells her if she doesn’t believe Naina then she should break the marriage. He tells her that he has a status and not to insult it by asking such questions.

Sunaina comes there. Sameer introduces Sunaina to her and tells that he is having an affair with her. He asks Sunaina to greet Naina’s mother-in-law. He asks everyone to say that he proposed to Sunaina. Kamya, Munna, and Pandit salute Sameer. Munna tells Sameer that he has won their heart.

Everyone praises Sameer for what he did. He tells them that he will never ruin Naina’s life. Naina comes and thanks him for what he has done. Naina asks Sameer can they be friends. He doesn’t answer. She says we couldn’t make our love successful but can make it memorable. Kartik and Sunaina hear them.

Kundali Bhagya: Karan Gets Drunk in the Party

The episode starts with Prithvi meeting with the doctor. They both start to have a chat with each other, and the doctor asks him about his business and he says that he is interested in event management and is proud of Srishti. Preeta sees Karan and wonders why he is so drunk, she is about to go towards him when Prithvi comes and stops her.

Manisha tells Karan that he should have a lime juice, but he refuses, but she is adamant and she goes to get for him a lime juice and mixes something in it and forces him to drink it. Srishti is worried and wants to go to the party but Dadi is awake so she doesn’t know what to do.

Manisha asks Karan to come with her but he refuses, she tells Prithvi to take Preeta away, he does so and takes Preeta to have dinner. The media is covering the event and Manisha thinks this is the best time she can take him to her room. Sameer says that he needs to take care of Preeta and Karan and goes in search of them, he bumps into Karan but doesn’t see his face.

Prithvi starts to praise Preeta, but she is not interested in the conversation. She tells him to go and get some food. He goes and then she leaves to go in search of Karan.

Preeta meets Sameer and tells him that Karan is drunk and he should have taken care of him, he tells him that Karan is not bothered for him or for her. He is very careless and tells him to search for him. As she is about to go in search for him Prithvi comes and takes her to have dinner with him, Preeta wonders what she can do but feels helpless.

Prithvi and Preeta are walking when she purposefully ruins her own dress, she apologizes to the waiter but Prithvi gets angry and says a lot to him, she tells him not to scold the waiter. When she leaves Prithvi says that he must keep himself in control as Preeta loves a gentleman and is not like Sherlyn who is in love with the devil.

Prithvi looks for Manisha when Sherlyn calls him and asks him what’s happening in the party he tells her, that Manisha is with Karan and will ruin his life, which will be beneficial for them both.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Simmi Feels Guilty

The episode starts with everyone scolding Simmi. Simmi tells everyone that my daughter died because of Ishita. Param then tells the whole family that he is quiet because he needs to save Simmi as this was her plan. Simmi is shocked to hear this; he tells them when she saw Adi crying she got this plan of killing Ishita in her mind.

Param tells Simmi that I had to tell the truth or else I will go to jail. Mr. Bhalla comes and hits him. Simmi says that no one will touch him, and she starts hitting Param and tells him that she trusted him so much and he betrayed her trust. He tells her that she was an emotional fool.

Raman starts to hit him and then Param points a gun towards him. He says that if he goes to jail then Simmi will also go along with him as she is also equally at fault with him.

Raman says that whatever Param said has been recorded now no one can stop the police from arresting him. Raman comes to the police station and asks the inspector if they got the recording and now they can arrest Param.

Simmi recalls what Param told her and regrets her decision to have stayed with him, and tells herself that she went against her family for him and he didn’t value it. Param decides to seek revenge from the family for the insult he has gone through.

Raman and Ishita are worried that Simmi shouldn’t do anything wrong out of guilt. Simmi decides to go and tell the police everything as she is also at fault, Ruhi stops her and tells her that she shouldn’t go alone as Param as a gun but she is adamant that she wants to do this alone. Raman and Ishita tell Simmi that they are with her no matter what.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Kunal Spends Most of the Time Outside the House

The episode starts with Mamma asking Mauli about Kunal. Mauli tells her that he left early and she will send his breakfast to his clinic. Nandini thinks of what Kunal told her that he won’t talk to her if she dislikes it and says how much stress her mind can take.

Nandini wakes up early in the morning and makes breakfast and tea and packs Kunal’s lunch box and keeps it on the table. But Kunal comes and doesn’t take the lunch box and goes.

Later, Mauli brings lunch for Kunal at his work, but when he hears Nandini has made it he gives some reason that he has a meeting and avoids eating it, but Mauli gives him the lunch and tells him to eat it after the meeting.

Mauli says that she is very worried for Kunal as he doesn’t eat or sleep well. Mamma tells her that since his hunger is also gone that means there is some tension. Kunal tries to talk to Nandini, but she doesn’t pick up the phone.

At night, Mauli pretends to sleep when Kunal comes in, and she asks him what’s wrong with him, and to tell her if there is anything troubling him. He tells her there is nothing and he is just busy with work.

Mauli gets a call for an emergency and but Kunal doesn’t allow her to go as the weather is bad outside, and he says that he will drop her. The next day, everyone tells Kunal not to go for work as the weather is very bad. Dida convinces him to stay back and only leave if there is a call. She complains to Nandini and asks him to convince Kunal, he might stay on her request.

Ishq Subhan Allah: Kabir Goes Against Zara

The episode starts with Kabir and Zara working on Abida and Wasim’s case. Shahbaz comes there and says that he wants to talk to Kabir, and he tells him what he is working on. Kabir tells that he is working on the Abida case as Wasim is not a good guy and he cannot support him and he is not good for the nation.

Shahbaz tells him that for one Wasim why he is going against his religion, he reminds him how one day he went against him for the sake of religion and tells him that he was proud of him that day and told him not to go against it.

Miraj says to Nilofar that I wanted to teach Zara a lesson but you destroyed everything. Miraj tells Nilofar that he invested in Kabir’s project because he wanted to destroy him. Miraj says they are busy solving halala case but they don’t know that someone else is playing this game from behind, who can make them fight and will do his work too.

Zara and Kabir arrive at the sharia board meeting. Irfan says we have organized this meeting for Abida and Wasim’s case. Zara is fighting for Abida. Zara says Wasim wants to marry her again because he can’t afford his family’s expenses and he wants her to do halala.

The priest says that Zara is against halala, Kabir recalls Hashmi’s words, and says that Zara is right. Wasim wants to do halala and remarry Abida because he doesn’t want to bear the family’s expenses but I don’t agree with her thoughts on nikah halala, Zara is stunned.

Kabir says that Abida has not done halala so why are we talking about halala? We should talk about expenses. Irfan says that Wasim is not here so we should postpone the meeting.

Zara says to Kabir that Wasim will force Abida to do halala so he wouldn’t have to pay expenses. Kabir says why are you talking about the topic that didn’t happen? Zara says the way you are taking Wasim’s side; it shows where this is going. Kabir is stunned. Zara leaves.


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