Arjun is fixing his bow and Nakul is with him. They both chat about a small village nearby, as they have seen some birds coming from that side, and it have grains with them, so its a specualation that their might be some village n crop fields. Then they go back to their base, where the other pandavas and the rishis are there. They all decide to go to the village, arjun asked the rishis that thy’ll protect them to that village.

Bheem asks if it is safe to go as anyone might recognize them, on that yudi replies that its far away from hastinapur n here only drona n ashwat can recognize them. The pandavas, Kunti and Rishis start walking towards the village, but all of a sudden arjun hears some noise, he checked n ashwat was coming from other side, he alerts the others, and they hide as the troop passes by.

One of the rishis slips and makes a noise, The troop which has passed by comes back. The pandavas hide when Ashu greets the Rishis. He tells them that he will accompany them to the village. But the rishis want to wait for their companions, they told him that their are 5 young men and their mother with them. This creates suspicion in Ashwat’s mind, he orders the soldiers to search for the Rishi’s companions.

Meanwhile the six are shown to be hiding under the rock where Ashwat is standing. The six of them decide it is best to retreat to the forest, they start running towards forest, after a while, arjun ask yudi to take kunti to that forest n he’ll distract ashwat Shocked. The others agree and take their mother inside and Arjun throws a stone on the other sideConfused, this diverts ashwat’s attention Ouch, he starts coming towards Arjun who starts running in the opposite direction, and successfully enters the forest, without being noticed by ashwatSleepy.

Ashwat ask soldiers to follow them, But the troop denies to follow and they say it is Hidumb’s area and no one who entered have ever gone back alive.
The family is waiting for Arjun. As soon as he comes, they decide to rest for a while. Bheem clears the place, uprooting a tree, but the tree comes back to place again.
They are also suprised that no sun light enters this area. Arjun as well as Yudi realize that this place belongs to a mayavi and they look at eachother meaningfully and smile. They let others know..
Precap: Dhristdyume and Draupadi are arguing over who is the senapathi of Panchal territory.. DD says that he has been made Senapathy. Draupadi rushes to her sister Shikandini who is about to cut her head and die out of shame.


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