Vikas KISSES Akash on his lips; the latter fights him down!

No reality show has ever been so entertaining as the current season of Colors Bigg Boss. No one ever imagined this season to garner as much popularity as it has, thanks to the assortment of contestants!

Earlier, it was being said that the contestants that were chosen to be part of the glass walled mansion were not good enough, but opinions changed pretty fast and the same people were heard and seen discussing about the on-goings in the house.

This week, things have been going pretty bad for Vikas Gupta. Hiten has been evicted and there is no one to side him. He is not the MASTERMIND after all! \

Shilpa Shinde who tends to underplay at times stroke Hiten out like a pro! And now with Hina, Puneesh, Luv and Akash siding her, her long-awaited dream cornering Vikas Gupta (to finally drive him out of the house) is about to come true.

Well, let us not be too fast to decide that though!

Yesterday, Vikas decided to deck up formally and on spotting him, Hina did not waste a moment to ridicule him. Everyone present, except Priyank and Arshi, were mocking and jibing at him. This act of the inmates pinched him emotionally and he started crying (yet again).

Ufff! We are tired of watching him cry though.

Priyank couldn’t control his emotions and out of his love for Vikas, he got into a tiff with Hina.

Also, when Vikas was sent to the Kaal Kothri along with Arshi and Akash for performing badly, Puneesh made a passing remark to Akash about making Arshi’s life miserable. Akash acquiesced to the idea but inwardly made up his mind to rag Vikas Gupta some more.

The moment they were inside the Bigg Boss house jail, Akash started saying nasty things to Vikas.

We have earlier seen Akash addressing Priyank and Vikas as ‘ladies’. However, things turned really bad In the jail.

Initially, Vikas thought of ignoring everything Akash said but after a point of time, Vikas came up to Akash and kissed him on his lips.


Akash lost it because he felt that was gayish. However, this act seemed quite normal to Vikas. Akash’s blood started boiling and instead of mulling over repercussions, he got up and pushed Vikas so hard that he fell on the ground. Vikas, on the other hand, did not raise his hand on him at all.


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