This Week in WWE – April 13th 2014

This Week in WWE-April 13 2014

WWE Main Event-April 8 2014

Cajundome, Lafayette, Louisiana

WWE Main Event aired a recap video from Monday Night RAW, the previous evening.  This was what was to be the Ultimate Warrior’s unfortunate goodbye.

The Shield vs The Wyatt Family

In what has proved to be a very popular match, the Shield met the Wyatt family for the third time.  Roman Reigns caught Bray with a ‘Superman Punch’ after Wyatt had knocked over Ambrose.  Seth hit Rowan with the ‘Boot Stomp’ and Dean finished the man with the goat’s mask with the ‘Dirty Deed’ for the Shield’s first victory over the Wyatts.

After the match, Reigns said that he was the one who speared Triple H.  He got the fans chanting his name.  Seth said that he knew they’d be consequences but they are prepared for war.  He added that they are there to fight injustice and the Authority will be brought to justice.

Dolph Ziggler vs Jack Swagger

Ziggler countered a gut wrench powerbomb with a DDT.  After failing to pin his opponent, Dolph laid in some shots before rolling him up for a pin attempt.  Swagger again, could not be pinned and he finished his opponent off with the ‘Patriot Lock’.

Sin Cara vs Alexander Rusev

In what was a squash match, the Bulgarian Brute used a sweeping power slam before applying the ‘Accolade’ submission hold on the man without a face to win the match.

WWE NXT-April 10 2014

Orlando, Florida

Adam Rose vs Danny Burch

Rose splashed Burch in the corner of the ring and drove him into the mat with a face buster.  Rose kept up the punishment as he took out Danny with an almighty spinebuster and dropped a flying elbow drop from the top rope to secure the victory.

The referee who officiated the match between Sami Zayn and Corey Graves explained his decision to stop the match, the week before.  Graves was then interviewed.  He advised Zayn to rest up as they were just getting started.

Sasha Banks vs Bayley

Bayley hit Sasha with a spinning elbow from the top rope.  As she ran at Banks, she was met with a boot.  In a quick turn of events, Bayley hit Banks with a belly to belly suplex and picked up the win.

Mojo Rawley vs Sylvester Lefort

Rawley quickly disposed of his opponent by winding Lefort with some big splashes and a ‘Hyperdrive’ to seal the deal.

After the match, Brodus Clay came to the ring and attacked Sylvester.Clay got on the mic and started saying that Adrian Neville wasn’t in his league and that he was the main event player on NXT.  Neville said that he had wasted his opportunities in the WWE.  They stared face to face, but Brodus Clay backed down.

As Oliver Grey was about to be interviewed, Camacho showed up in a suit.  He said that he and Adam Rose were completely different and that he had sacrificed everything to get where he is.  Grey, aggravated by the interruption challenged Camacho to a match the following week.

Bo Dallas entered the ring and said appealed to the “Bo-lievers” to occupy NXT as Daniel Bryan had done on RAW and is now WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  Bo said that he deserved a shot.  The audience chanted “NO”.  Dallas yelled at fans after not hearing what he wanted.  JBL came out and told Bo that it was the worst attempt to take over a show that he had ever seen.  He then made a match between Dallas and Justin Gabriel.

Justin Gabriel vs Bo Dallas

Gabriel overestimated his chances of success and missed a springboard dive.  Dallas took advantage of the opportunity and beat Justin with a double arm DDT.

NXT went off the air as Dallas reigned supreme.

WWE Superstars-April 11 2014

Smoothie King Center, New Orleans, Louisianna

Ryback vs Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler attempted the ‘Zig Zag’. But Ryback pushed him away.  Dolph bounced off the ropesand jumped on his opponent for the sleeper but the Goldberg imposter fell out of it, which broke the hold.  Ryback again imitating pounded his chest and shook the ropes like the Warrior turned around and ran into a dropkick.  Ziggler then hit him with a DDT.

As Curtis Axel distracted Ziggler, the ‘Show Off’ knocked him off the ring apron.  Ryback powerbomed Ziggler then ended it all with ‘Shell Shocked’.

Kofi Kingston vs Titus O’Neil

Kofi dropkicked Titus and levelled him with a leaping clothesline. Kofi hit the ‘Boom Drop’ on Titus O’Neil.  He went for ‘Trouble in Paradise’ but ran into an uppercut.  Kofi landed a flying cross body but seemed to injure himself.  The former ‘Primetime Player’ gained some steam and hit the ‘Clash of the Titus’ for the victory.  It seems that Kofi Kingston is steadily becoming a jobber.

As usual Superstars, showed highlights from RAW.  These included Paul Heyman’s promo after his client Brock Lesnar had broken the Undertaker’s winning streak.  The conclusion of SuperStars, was Daniel Bryan’s first title defence since winning the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXX.




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