This Week in WWE – April 20th 2014

This Week in WWE-April 20 2014

WWE Main Event-April 15 2014

Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, Tennessee

3MB’s Jinder Mahal asked the crowd whether they really wanted to see El Torito.  He introduced their mascot, Hornswoggle, who was dressed up in Rock and Roll garb.

Los Matadores vs Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal

This match ended up being determined a no contest due to El Torito and Hornswoggle’s brawling that went from ouside to inside the ring.  Los Matadores and 3MB both ended up receiving kicks to the nuts while the mascots continued to brawl.  The leprechaun rolled out of the ring and as El Torito went for a suicide dive, Los Matadores caught him and held him back.

Bad News Barrett delivered some bad news to Sin Cara… he was going down at the hand of the next Intercontinental Champion.

Sin Cara vs Bad News Barrett

Cara kicked Barrett to the side of the head but missed a failed to connect with a senton splash.  Barrett caught the man without a face with the ‘Winds of Change’ and the ‘Bull Hammer’ to score the victory.

WWE Divas Number One Contender Match: Nikki Bella vs Natalya vs Cameron vs Naomi vs Eva Marie vs Emma vs Tamina vs Alicia Fox vs Aksana vs Layla

In a Divas Battle Royal, Tamina head butted Nikki which removed her from the ring.  Natalya went to the top rope but Tamina caught her with a head butt which eliminated her from the match, making Tamina the number one contender for the Divas Championship.

Zeb Colter cut a promo where he said, that he will not miss Cesaro and that he should be deported.

Jack Swagger vs The Big Show

After missing the ‘Knockout Punch’, Big Show was trapped in the ‘Patriot Lock’.  The Big Show, who looked beaten, fought out and eventually clobbered Swagger with the ‘Knockout Punch’ and the ‘Giant’ secured the victory in the Main Event.

WWE NXT-April 17 2014

Orlando, Florida

Aiden English has a sing song before his match against Colin Cassidy.

Aiden English vs Colin Cassidy

English was prevented from hitting the ‘Director’s Cut’ and Cassidy attempted a power slam.  However, English reversed out of it and rolled his opponent up for the three count.

Tyler Breeze was backstage with Devin Taylor.  Breeze told him that he had nothing to say, only that the show needs someone pretty and he walked off.

Tom Phillips stood by with Paige.  She said that when she returned to NXT after winning the WWE Divas Championship, everybody was happy for her, but Sasha Banks was talking trash about her .  Paige said that she can beat any NXT or WWE Diva.

Camacho vs Oliver Grey

Camacho almost got a three count after power slamming Grey.  Grey made a comeback and unloaded to shots to Camacho, but they had little effect.  Camacho delivered a Samoan drop to Oliver and beat him; one, two, three.

Backstage, Bo Dallas explained that his “Bo-lievers” are law abiding citizens and that’s why they didn’t occupy NXT.  He declared that this is the start of the “Bo Movement”.

The Ascension vs Wesley Blake & Cal Fisher

Konnor and Viktor dominated their opponents throughout this two minute match.  Fisher was taken out of the equation and Blake was dropped with the ‘Fall of Man’.

Devin Taylor interviewed Charlotte and Sasha Banks backstage.  Charlotte said that Banks’ loss was an epic failure and that she would take down every Diva on the roster.

CJ Parker stood in the middle of the ring where he claimed, that if there was no NXT Universe, he would be proud.  His opponent interrupted his speech.

CJ Parker vs the Great Khali

Parker dived off the top rope but was met with a chop to the chest.  Khali floored him with a big boot and a clothesline.  The Great Khali finished CJ off with the ‘Punjabi Plunge’.

Emma was backstage and accepted the BFFs challenge.  She left it open to debate whether she had found a partner or not.

Sami Zayne was asked if he accepted the referee’s decision to stop the match two weeks ago.  He said that he is fine and that there isn’t anything he can do if a ref stops a match.  he said that he is looking forward to next week as he doesn’t like Corey Graves and he intends to put him in his place.

Jason Jordan & Tye Dillinger vs Sawyer Fulton & Baron Corbin

Jordan nailed Fulton with a dropkick and a spear.  Both Dillinger and Jordan claimed the victory after Dillinger hit his running ‘Death Valley Driver’.

Adrian Neville vs Brodus Clay

Brodus dropped Neville with a power slam on the outside.  To finish things off he leapt of the steps with a splash but missed the NXT Champion rolled in the ring and managed to score a count out victory.

After the match Clay went to get back into the ring but Neville dropkicked him off the apron.  The two stared at one another as NXT went off the air.

WWE Superstars- April 17 2014

Big E vs Titus O’Neil

Big E met Titus in a short but exciting match where the Intercontinental Champion defeated O’Neil after hitting him with a big splash to a horizontal Titus.  He then finished him with the ‘Big Ending’.

Los Matadores vs Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre

While the match was in progress, Heath Slater climbed the ropes and taunted the fans.  El Torito took exception to this and knocked him off, much to the delight of the crowd.  Meanwhile, Fernando twisted Mahal’s arms, upside his back and DDT’d him for the win.

The end of Superstars saw the reunion of Evolution.





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