This Week in WWE – April 27th 2014

This Week in WWE-April 27 2014

WWE Main Event-April 22 2014

Giant Center, Hershey Pennsylvania

Big E vs Alberto Del Rio

Alberto failed to lock in the cross arm breaker, when Big E blocked it. The IC Champ threw some right hands and set his opponent on the top rope.  Del Rio kicked him in the face and then attempted a DDT.  Big E reversed it and followed through with the ‘Big Ending’ to defeat, the former WWE Champion.

After the match, Bad News Barrett came out and delivered some bad news.  He told Big E that he was a horrible champion and he’d defeat him at Extreme Rules.

El Torito vs Hornswoggle

The two minis have developed quite the rivalry.  Torito dropkicked the leprechaun rock star and planted him with the ‘Bronco Buster’.  Heath Slater distracted the bull and the two engaged in a stare down.  Back into the action, El Torito missed a moonsault and Hornswoggle took the victory after a splash,

Sheamus vs Titus O’Neil

The ‘Celtic Warrior’ left his comfort zone as he leapt off the top rope and went for a crossbody.  Titus caught him and delivered a fallaway slam.  Sheamus just about kicked out.The Irishman fought his way back and flattened O’Neil with the ‘Brogue Kick’ for the win.

Jimmy Uso vs Ryback

Jimmy had delivered a savat kick to Ryback and winded him with a splash to the corner.  He went to the top rope but Ryback caught up and climbed the ropes to meet him.  Jimmy pushed him off and continued where he left off.  However, Curtis Axel distracted Jimmy Uso and Ryback brought him down to the canvas.  Ryback executed the ‘Shell Shock’ and defeated one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions in the last match of the show.

WWE NXT-April 24 2014

Full Sail University, Orlando Florida

The General Manager of NXT, John Bradshaw Layfield came to address the NXT Women’s Champion and new WWE Divas Champion Paige.  He told her that she would be stripped of the Womens Championship.  He told her that she had done a great job in NXT and is doing so in the WWE.  Paigre refused and expressed her disappointment at not being able to defend the championship.  She handed the belt to JBL who announced a tournament to crown a new Women’s Champion.  Paige concluded by saying “Let the games begin”.

Alexander Rusev vs Travis Tyler

Lana introduced the ‘Bulgarian Brute’ before he decimated his opponent and beat him with his submission hold ‘The Accolade’.

Post-match, Rusev spoke in Bulgarian, calling himself an awesome athlete and tells everyone to beware.

In the back, Devin Taylor interviewed Adam Rose.  Rose called Camacho a party pooper and told him to become part of the ‘Adam Rose Experience’.

Back in the Arena, the BFFs were anticipating their match with Emma and a mystery partner.

The BFFs vs Emma & Paige

Paige was announced as Emma’s partner.  The WWE Divas Champion had Sasha Banks in the ‘Scorpian Cross Lock’, but Charlotte dropkicked her to break the hold.  When Emma tagged in, she was met by Charlotte.  The daughter of Ric Flair planted the Australian Diva with a modified ‘Diamond Cutter’.

Tyson Kidd vs Mason Ryan

The former New Nexus member, Mason Ryan ran in the corner towards Tyson, but he was met with a boot to the face.  Kid climbed to the second rope and hit Mason with a ‘Blockbuster’ for the victory.

Renee Young interviewed Tyson Kidd on the bottom of the ramp.  He said that NXT was the rebirth of Tyson Kidd and that NXT was the place to be.  He said that he will prove anybody wrong and that NXT was the platform for the best opportunities.

Angelo Dawkins vs Tyler Breeze

Breeze showed Dawkins who was boss when he hit him with the ‘Beauty Shot’ for the win.

Corey Graves & The Ascension vs Sami Zayn & The Usos

Known for their high flying abilities, Jimmy & Zayn dove over the top rope onto Konnor & Viktor.  Meanwhile Jey had tagged in and squashed Corey Graves with a big splash from the top rope, securing a victory for the WWE Tag Team Champions and Sami Zayn.

The Usos and Sami celebrated in the ring as the Ascension and Graves left ringside which brought this edition of NXT to a close.

WWE Superstars-April 24 2014

Kofi Kingston vs Titus O’Neil

Titus scooped Kofi up and drove him to the canvas with a big body slam.  Kingston used his aerial ability to escape Titus’ offense.  The Highflyer reversed O’Neil’s attempt at a fallaway slam by sliding down his back and rolling him up for a two count.  A persistent Titus came at Kofi, but missed his opportunity to attack.  He turned round, but was met with ‘Trouble in Paradise’ and the master of ‘SOS’ was victorious.

Big E vs Damien Sandow

Looking to prove that he should have been included in the tournament to determine the number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship, Damien Sandow was quite the aggressor.  As the ‘Intellectual Saviour to the Masses’ ran at Big E, who was in the corner, he was met with a hard hitting clothesline that countered his clothesline attempt.  Big E pulled the singlet straps down and finished Sandow off with the ‘Big Ending’.

After the match, the Intercontinental Champion was met by Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler at the podium, next to the stage for a brief interview.

Of course, WWE Superstars included the most important moments from Monday Night RAW.



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