This Week in WWE – April 6th 2014

This Week in WWE-April 6 2014

WWE Main Event-April 1 2014

Verizon Center, Washington DC

Sheamus vs The Miz

The Miz avoided the ‘Brogue Kick’, but failed to execute the ‘Skull Crushing Finale’.  The ‘Great White’ pummelled Miz with ‘twelve beats of the Bodhrán’.  Sheamus was thrown from the top rope by Miz and caught in the figure four leg lock.  The ‘Celtic Warrior’ fought out and knocked his opponent’s head off with the ‘Brogue Kick’ for the win.

The Bella Twins were interviewed backstage.  They talked about how they were prepared for the Vickie Guerrero Invitational at WrestleMania and agreed that there will be a new Champion.

Tamina vs Nikki Bella

Tamina dominated in the early going. She threw Nikki into the ropes face first which sent her to the outside.  The third generation wrestler followed her and was met by Brie.  Tamina gave her a swift kick to the gut and brought Nikki back in.  The Bella Twin fought back with some right hands, but Tamina laid her out with a super kick.  Miss Snuka went to the top and hit the ‘Superfly Splash’ and secured a victory going into WrestleMania.

All matches for this week’s TV were taped on Monday before and after RAW in a WWE Super Show.  This is because all WWE performers would be heading to New Orleans for the WrestleMania Week Festivities.  Therefore there were less matches recorded for Main Event and Batista vs Randy Orton from RAW was shown in its entirety to close the show.

WWE NXT-April 3 2014

Orlando, Florida

Emma vs Sasha Banks

Emma caught Banks with the ‘Emma Sandwich’ but only managed a two count.  Charlotte climbed on to the ring apron, which distracted the Aussie Diva.  Sasha pushed her opponent towards Charlotte but Emma ducked a shot aimed at her and Banks got caught.  Emma used the ‘Emma Lock’ to secure the victory.

The Ascension vs Jack Hurley & John Vandal

The Ascension competed against two jobbers who didn’t put up much of a fight.  The highlight of the match was Konnor, who hit three power slams on Hurley much to the crowd’s approval.  The Ascension finished off their opponents with ‘The Fall of Man’.

Xavier Woods vs Brodus Clay

Brodus T-boned Xavier across the ring.  Following that, Clay sat down and splashed Woods and followed up with a splash to the corner.  Xavier fought back and nailed Brodus with the Shining Wizard.  However, Clay had too much power on his side.  He head butted Woods and Power Bombed him.  To finish things off, the former Funkasaurus  flew off the top rope and landed a splash on Xavier Woods.

After the match, Brodus Clay told the audience that WWE took everything from him.  He sent a message to Adrian Neville stating that he wanted the NXT Championship.

Adrian Neville was interviewed following Brodus’ challenge.  He said that NXT had changed since he was there.  He told him that although he is a monster, he has to earn the opportunity like everyone else.

Yoshi Tatsu vs Tyler Breeze

Yoshi’s momentum was used against him as he ran into a right hand from Breeze.  Tyler took out Tatsu with the ‘Beauty Shot’ and scored a victory.

Sami Zayn was interviewed backstage.  He said that he was fine and ready for his match with Corey Graves.

Corey Graves was also interviewed.  He said that Zayn is going in as the underdog and he is the wolf.  Graves vowed that it wouldn’t be pretty when the wolf came out.

Paige was backstage and sent a message to Charlotte.  She told her to stop hiding behind her daddy and face her like a real competitor.

Sami Zayn vs Corey Graves

Zayn sold his injury where it was evident that he wasn’t quite ready to return.  Graves was able to capitalize on Sami while he argued about his condition with the referee.  Corey locked in ‘Lucky 13’ and the referee stopped the match.

Following the match, Zayn continued to argue with the referee over his physical condition.

WWE SuperStars-April 4 2014

Verizon Center, Washington DC

As already noted, due to all matches being taped in one night, the number of Main Event matches were cut.  The same went for Superstars where only one match was featured instead of two.

Kofi Kingston vs Heath Slater

Kofi flew off the top rope with a high cross body to the spine of Slater, but it wasn’t enough to defeat the leader of 3MB.  Kingston went for the trouble in Paradise, but Heath escaped from the ring.  Kofi went to fly out of the ring but relented when he saw Slater move out of the way.  Slater caught Kingston with a flying heel kick, but Kofi stayed in the game.  He ‘Boom Dropped’ Heath but the other members of 3MB distracted the high flyer.  This gave Slater the opportunity to get in position as he impaled his opponent with the DDT for the win.  The rest of Superstars covered highlights from RAW.



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