This Week in WWE: February 16th 2014

WWE Main Event – February 12 2014

This week’s Main Event comes to you from Ontario California.

The Wyatt Family vs Los Matadores & Sin CaraThis was pretty much a David vs Goliath tag team match. The Wyatt’s dominated much of the match and Los Matadores spent most of the time on the defensive.  They did get in a few quick shots in however.   When Sin Cara came in he executed a spring board cross body and a head take over.  Cara’s High risk maneuvers proved fatal when Bray Wyatt caught him with ‘Sister Abigail’ for the victory.

Lita’s Hall of Fame video is replayed and then Triple H is shown talking about her.

Natalya vs Aksana
The daughter of Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart demonstrated her superior wrestling skills to her opponent.  Both Divas attempted a flying cross-body at the same time which was the highlight of the match.  Natalya applied the Sharpshooter to beat Aksana in just under seven minutes.

Big E vs Drew McIntyre
Big E showed off his strength with a series of power moves. He gave the Scotsman a shoulder block which almost gained him a victory.  The Intercontinental Champion ‘E’ nailed McIntyre with a spear and speared him while the 3MB member was in the corner.  Drew hit a big boot to Big E, but couldn’t get the win.  The Champ got McIntyre up for the ‘Big Ending’ and scored the pin to the delight of the fans.

After the match, Jinder Mahal said to Big E, that if you mess with one of the members of 3MB, you mess with them all

Big E vs Jinder Mahal
Jinder gets takes a quick lead but the Intercontinental Champion lifted him for the ‘Big Ending’ and gained another win putting an end to this week’s Main Event.

WWE NXT-February 13 2014

This Week’s NXT comes to you from Orlando, Florida

Natalya, Emma & Bailey vs. Summer Rae, Sasha Banks & Alicia Fox
Summer Rae and Emma continued their feud on this week’s edition as they were the first in, for their teams.  Summer, kicked out of a near fall but soon bailed when Natalya tagged in.  The Hart dropkicked Banks in the face and soon brought Bailey into the mix.  The final minute of the match saw, Emma cleaning house with a series of clotheslines, before running into Alicia’s big boot.  As Fox’s teammates left the WWE diva, Emma earned the win with the ‘Emma Lock’.

Aiden English vs Colin Cassidy
After Cassidy had finished paying attention to the crowd, he threw English into the ropes but failed to hit the big boot.  English attempted a cross body but he was caught.  Aiden managed to get free and hit the ‘Director’s Cut’ for the win.

Sami Zyan came out and said he is obessed with meeting Cesaro in a rematch after coming so close to beating him.  Cesaro appeared and said that he could never beat him.  Cesaro informed him that if he lost to him again they’d be no excuses.  Triple H came out and said that the fans want to see the match and it will take place at the NXT live episode.

Tye Dillinger vs CJ Parker
After a beating from CJ, Dillinger became disordered and fell victim to Parkers ‘Third Eye’.  Post-match, CJ Parker asked the fans why they didn’t like him.  In the end, he blamed the fans for Global Warming.

Luke Harper & Erick Rowan vs Jason Jordan & Marcus Louis

Rowan hits a splash on Jordan followed by Harper bashing him with a discus clothesline for the; one, two, three.  After the match, Bray Wyatt enters, takes Jason from Harper and Rowan and executes ‘Sister Abigail’.

To end the show, Bray grabs the microphone and says how grown men tremble by the sound of their footsteps. They have never forgotten where they came from and NXT has and always will belong to the Wyatt Family.

WWE Superstars-February 14 2014

WWE Superstars comes to you on Hulu Plus from Los Angeles, California.

Natalya vs Tamina Snuka
In the opening match of the show, the two strongest divas in the WWE squared off.  The two started off with some wrestling holds.  But Tamina initiated a series of punches and kicks to weaken the third generation Hart.  Tamina went for a Samoan drop, but Natalya escaped and made the ‘Superfly’s’ daughter submit after applying the Sharpshooter.

The next segment features the six man tag team match from RAW featuring the Wyatt family against the Brotherhood and Rey Mysterio.

The video package that announced the induction of Lita into the Hall of Fame from Raw was played again.

Big E vs Drew McIntyre
In another match between Superstars, Drew McIntyre and Big E, the  3 man band member used a series of wrestling holds to ware down his opponent.   The IC champ hit a belly-to-belly suplex followed by a big splash. Big E firing up pulled down his singlet straps showing signs of end to the battle.  Jinder Mahal tried to intervene, but Big E knocked him off the ring apron.  The Intercontinental Champion hoisted Drew McIntyre, for the second time this week and planted him with the ‘Big Ending’ giving him the win.

In the final segment of the show, footage of John Cena vs Randy Orton from Monday Night Raw was replayed.  After this match came the WWE Superstars’ closing credits.


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