This Week in WWE: February 23rd 2014

This Week in WWE

WWE Main Event –February 19 2014

World Arena, Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Shield vs Sin Cara & Los Matadores

With Rollins dazed on the outside, El Torito flew on top of him with a top rope moonsault.   Back in the ring Roman Reigns caught both Cara and Fernando with a double spear before either man could take flight.  Diego was left in the ring alone, surrounded by all three Shield members, which really put the masked team in trouble.  With no escape, Roman Reigns hit the matador with a ‘Superman Punch’ and Seth Rollins finished Diego off with a running mat stomp.  The ‘Hounds of Justice’ had left their opponents beaten and battered.

Triple H, in an interview talks about Daniel Bryan and the winner of the upcoming Elimination Chamber.

Before her match, footage of Cameron on Total Divas is shown.

Cameron vs Aksana

Cameron levelled Aksana with a series of clotheslines and a bulldog.  Aksana recovered enough to execute a backbreaker but was defeated by the ‘Funkadactyl’ when she failed to suplex her.  Cameron rolled her up and scored a three count.

Kofi Kingston vs Curtis Axel

Kofi used his educated feet to turn Axel inside out.  Curtis was caught with a Springboard clothesline, a dropkick and springboards cross body.  Axel slowed his opponent down with a side suplex but was unable to get the win.  Kingston’s momentum was used against him as he ended up on the outside.  Ryback who was at ringside tripped Kofi causing his partner Curtis Axel to be disqualified.

After the match, Mark Henry ran to the ring to even the odds and Kofi dived to the outside, knocking Ryback off his feet.  Both fan favourites stood in the ring looking over their adversaries as Main Event went off the air.

WWE NXT-February 20 2014

Orlando, Florida

The Ascension vs Casey Marion & ‘Like’ Mike Laboska

Viktor throws Casey into his own partner with a spear.  Konnor tags in and both members of the Ascension use a double back body drop to almost take Casey apart.  Viktor came back in and hit the ‘Fall of Man’ followed by a three count victory for the reigning NXT Tag Team Champions.

A Commercial is broadcast, promoting NXT’s arrival on the WWE Network, which launches on February 24.

Eden Stiles announced that Tyler Breeze has entered the building

Emma vs Summer Rae

Sumer Rae was accompanied to the ring by the Beautiful Fierce Females.  These NXT Divas are feuding on RAW.  Emma head-butt Summer, but Rae fought back and landed one of her own.   Summer Rae was unable to continue having the upper hand, as she missed a big splash into the corner.  The happy go lucky friend of Santino used the ‘Emma Sandwich’ but couldn’t get the ‘Emma Lock’ in.  Rae blocked it but was sent knocking into Sasha Banks.  This time the ‘Emma Lock’ was synched in and Emma won.

Tyler Breeze offered his thoughts on his opponent for later in the show, Adrian Neville  He says that he can’t bring himself to mention his name.

Sami Zayn and Cesaro are seen backstage.  They are given the opportunity to talk about their match at Arrival.  Cesaro didn’t have anything to say, but Zayn desperately wanted to hear his future opponent’s views.  Cesaro walked away.  I guess he is more interested in his match at Elimination Chamber.

Adrian Neville vs Tyler Breeze

Neville pounced from the ropes but Tyler dropped him with a big boot.    Breeze showed frustration after not been able to cover him for the win.  He attempted the ‘Beauty Shot’, but missed.  Adrian hit the ‘Red Arrow’ for the win.

After the match, Adrian Neville called out the NXT Champion Bo Dallas.  Bo said that he was impressed with how quickly Neville had climbed the ladder, but this was as far as he could go.  Neville said that he didn’t know why Bo hated him so much, but now he had figured out that Dallas was scared of him.  Neville gave Bo the opportunity to hit him now because he knew he was scared of losing his title next week.  Dallas chose not to and walked to the back as both men stared at each other and NXT went off the air.`

WWE Superstars-February 21 2014

Pepsi Center, Denver Colorado

Cody Rhodes vs Curtis Axel

Axel attempted a back suplex from the middle rope.  Rhodes elbowed him and moonsaultsed on to the standing and dazed Curtis Axel.  Rhodes threw in some clotheslines and sent the third generation superstar flying with a missile dropkick from the top rope.  Ryback leapt on to the ring apron and tried to attack his partner’s opponent, but was struck with the ‘Disaster Kick’.  Turning his attention back to Axel, Cody locked in ‘Cross Rhodes’ and beat Curtis; one, two, three.

After the match we were taken back to the opening segment on Raw where all participants in the Elimination Chamber made their campaign to victory for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match in the chamber match.

Next up, were the highlights of the match between Cesaro and Cena.

The Bella Twins & Natalya vs Summer Rae, Tamina & Eva Marie

Nikki Bella dropkicked Summer Rae in the face but Rae drove the Bella twin into the ropes.  Tamina, behind the referee’s back kicked her in the face and Summer covered, but failed to get a one count.  With Brie and Tamina in now, the daughter of the ‘Superfly’ was hit with a dropkick from the middle rope.  However, Tamina recovered enough to block a face buster and nail Brie with a super kick.  She went to the third floor and flew from the top rope but missed a ‘Superfly Splash’.  Brie Bella ran at the disorientated Tamina and dropped her with the face buster, winning the match for her team.

This Week’s Superstars ended with the main event of RAW, where Sheamus and Randy Orton fought.  Although SmackDown aired on Friday, RAW was the real go home show for Elimination Chamber.


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