This Week in WWE – June 1st 2014

This Week in WWE-June 1 2014

WWE Main Event-May 27 2014

Philips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia

Cody Rhodes vs Curtis Axel

While Goldust and Ryback battled outside the ring, Cody connected with the moonsault on Axel for a two count.  Just as the younger Rhodes brother had victory in sight, Ryback climbed up to the ring apron, but Cody caught him with the ‘Disaster Kick’.  However, this him left wide open for Curtis Axel to attack.  Rhodes was rolled up and pinned.

R-Truth vs D-Sizzle (Damien Sandow)

Before the match, Sandow made a fair effort at being a rapper.  Sizzle’s rap reeked of John Cena’s ‘Thuganomic days’, so I’m guessing that is who wrote it.  He probably got the clothes off him too.

Truth seemed amused yet insulted by Sandow’s parody.  He slapped him in the face and threw him into the corner.  Sandow took some punishment but came back with a series of kicks and followed through with a side Russian leg sweep.  An ‘Elbow of Distain’ was next out of D-Sizzle’s arsenal, but it wasn’t enough to beat R-Truth. The man who says what’s up ended it all with ‘Little Jimmy’.

Brie Bella vs Natalya

Brie had her sister’s support as she stood by at ringside while she participated in a nice little contest.  Brie kneed Nattie in the face twice and sent her flying with a front facing dropkick from the second rope.  Quite obviously she is learning more and more from her husband and WWE World heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan.  Brie locked in a single crab, but Natalya fought and gained some momentum.  The third generation Hart secured the victory with her Uncle Bret’s ‘Sharpshooter’.

Backstage, Renee Young asked The Usos what their game plan is for their match against The Wyatt Family.  Jimmy and Jey made fun of them for being a robotic like family and told them that they would show them real family business.

On the Titan Tron appeared Luke Harper.  He stated that a person with nothing left to lose has nothing to fear.  Bray Wyatt said that the family had tossed the Usos aside like a sack of garbage.  He said that they were just pawns in John Cena’s little game and together they would burn (wooo chilling words).

The Uso Brothers vs Luke Harper & Erick Rowan

The WWE Tag Team Champions spent most of the match on the defensive.  Jey dropped Rowan with a missile dropkick which enabled him to tag in his more rested brother in.  Luke Harper tagged in at the same time, but was met with Jimmy’s clothesline and Samoan drop.  The action spilled to the outside, where Jey and Rowan were.  The Usos had gained the upper hand but when jimmy flew into a lariat, there was no recovery afterwards and Harper pinned him.  After the match, Jey was thrown out of the ring and Bray Wyatt delivered ‘Sister Abigail’ to Jimmy.

WWE NXT Takeover-May 29 2014

Full Sail University, Orlando, Florida

Adam Rose vs Camacho

In a light hearted opener, the head ‘Rosebud’ himself strutted his way to the ring with the Exotic Express.  As the NXT Universe, chanted “Party Time”, Rose landed a one drop bronco buster on Camacho and followed up with the ‘Party Foul’ for the victory.

Backstage, Sami Zayn commented on his career since his loss to Cesaro at NXT Arrival.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: The Ascension vs El Local & Kalisto

Kalisto without a doubt is going to be a star, but in this match the star didn’t shine so brightly.  Konnor and Viktor more or less squashed the luchadors with the exception of a few minor comebacks.  When Konnor tagged in, he and Viktor executed the ‘Fall of Man’ and it all ended there.

Number One Contender’s Match for the NXT Championship: Tyler Breeze vs Sami Zayn

In a deep impacted match, these two Superstars set the standard on innovative and exciting moves.  After an amazing flight onto Breeze, Sami rolled him back into the ring seemingly to put an end to the match.  Zayn missed a kick that could have ended it all.  Breeze nailed Sami with the ‘Beauty Shot’ and took the spot of number one contender.  When realization hit him, Zayn was distraught with his loss.  Tyler took some selfies.

Backstage Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart was shown talking strategy with Natalya and Tyson Kidd.

Rusev and Lana brought their usual routine to NXT.  Mojo Rawley entered the arena to a great reaction.  With the American Flag in tow, Rawley said that he’d heard a lot of hype about Russia, but in the U.S, they stay hyped.  He ran to the ring and Rusev pulverized him.

Backstage, the camera follows the ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair and his daughter Charlotte, who were on their way to the ring.

The first NXT Women’s Champion and current WWE Divas Champion made an appearance at Takeover.   She stood in the ring and thanked the NXT Universe and told them that she wouldn’t be she is without their support.

Vacant NXT Women’s Championship: Natalya vs Charlotte

In what was the absolute match of the night, The Flairs came to ringside in what would prove to be Charlotte’s biggest match yet.  Natalya made her way to the ring with her uncle Bret Hart.  The ‘Hitman’ kept his composure throughout the match and looked like he was enjoying what unfolded before his eyes.  Ric Flair on the other hand, was his usual crazy self.

The match was a technically sound and solid match.  Nattie synched charlotte in the Sharpshooter and sat right on it in the middle of the ring.  The less experienced Charlotte used her long legs to counter it into her father’s figure four leg lock.  Charlotte taunted Nattie by slapping her in the face during the hold.  Nattie did the same.  They rolled over multiple times, reversing the pressure of the hold while maintaining the lock.  Charlotte pushed herself out of the ring, still with the hold locked in to cause further pain.  The hold was finally broken when both women fell out of the ring.  Eventually Natalya once again caught her opponent in the ‘Shaprshooter’ and once again Charlotte escaped.  In front of Bret, she put his niece in the Sharpshooter, but no way would Nattie tap out.  Charlotte dropped Natalya with ‘Bow Down to the Queen’ and became the second ever NXT Women’s Champion.

After the match, the Divas hugged it out.  Charlotte was extremely emotional.  Ric, the emotional man that he is broke down too.  The Harts both showed class and congratulated the Flairs and left them to celebrate.  Natalya later admitted that she had just had her greatest match.

NXT Championship Match: Adrian Neville vs Tyson Kidd

In what was another great match, the crowd seemed to be split in their support for these men.  Kidd attempted the ‘Sharpshooter’, but couldn’t get hold.  He applied the ‘Dungeon Lock’ and kicked Neville in the face as the hold was tightened.  Neville made it to the ropes to break the hold and Tyson soon returned to him with a somersault leg drop.  Neville powered through and went after Kidd.  Tyson knocked him off the ropes that Adrian had just climbed.  With the NXT Champion laying down, the challenger climbed to the top, but in a heartbeat, Adrian Neville ran up to the tope rope and launched Kidd off the ropes and hit the ‘Red Arrow’ to retain his title.  Neville tried to shake Tyson’s hand after the match, but he refused, barged him and left ringside.  The show closed with Adrian Neville saluting the crowd.

WWE Superstars-May 29 2014

Thompson-Boling Arena, Knoxville, Tennessee

Rybaxel vs Xavier Woods & R-Truth

Woods baseball slid Axel half way up the aisle, but Ryback was in the ring waiting for him.  He whacked him with the ‘Meat Hook’ clothesline and finished him off with the ‘Shell Shock’.

Big E vs Titus O’Neil

Big E ran into a big powerslam from Titus, who could only get a two count on him.  Big E levelled O’Neil with a big clothesline and ran shoulder barged him into the corner.  Big E hit the ropes and dropped himself on Titus with a big splash and ended it all with the ‘Big Ending’.




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