This Week in WWE – June 8th 2014

This Week in WWE-June 8 2014

WWE Main Event-June 3 2014

US Bank Arena, Cincinnati, Ohio

Bad News Barrett gloated about his win at Payback against Rob Van Dam.  He said that RVD didn’t deserve another title shot and the only reason he lost on RAW the previous night is because his partner Cesaro walked out on him.  From nowhere, ‘Mr Monday Night’ kicked the Intercontinental Champion in the face, send him to the ground.  The two of them stared each other out

Goldust and Cody Rhodes were shown talking backstage.

Goldust & Kofi Kingston vs The Wyatt Family

It was pretty obvious who was going to win this match before the bell rang.  Luke Harper and Erick Rowan are on a roll and Cody Rhodes’ inability to find Goldust a decent partner, including himself is definitely going somewhere.  Luke Harper turned Kofi Kingston inside out with a ‘Lariat’ for the win.

Rob Van Dam set the record straight by stating that you don’t measure a career in wins and losses, but what achieve in a long length career.  He said that he is the whole damn show and the belt was going home with him.

Rob Van Dam found himself in the ‘Winds of Change’ but kicked out before three.  They traded blows, but RVD knocked Barrett down with one of his patented kicks.  Rob went to the top rope hoping to hit the ‘Five Star Frog Splash’ until Bad News knocked him off the ropes.  Barrett went for the ‘Bull Hammer’, but Cesaro interfered and dropped him with the ‘Neutraliser’, which gave the Intercontinental Champion a disqualification victory.  Cesaro hit Van Dam with a ‘Neutraliser’ after the match.  Both Superstars lay in the ring as the ‘Swiss Superman’ and Paul Heyman gloated at the top of the ramp.

WWE NXT-June 5 2014

Full Sail University, Orlando, Florida

A video package was broadcast at the top of the show, recapping the events of last week’s big show, NXT Takeover.

Mojo Rawley vs Aiden English

Aiden English tried to get Mojo to calm down before the match.  for a man who is always hyped, you can imagine how well that worked out.  Rawley took a leaf out of Naomi’s book and hit Aiden with the ‘Rear View’ before finishing the awful singer off with the ‘Hyper-Drive’.

Charlotte vs Bailey

The new NXT Women’s Champion had her work cut out against Bailey.  Sasha Banks came to the ring to support her BFF, but Bailey saw her coming and attacked.  As Banks regained her composure, Summer Rae walked down the aisle and hugged Sasha.  In the ring, Bailey bridged Charlotte for the pin, but the daughter of Ric Flair escaped and dropped her opponent with ‘Bow Down to the Queen’ for the pinfall victory.

After the match the BFFs; Charlotte, Sasha and Summer all seemed to have tension.  However, they all turned around and attacked the fallen Bailey.  Waiting in the wings were Paige and Emma, who came and saved the day.

Jason Jordan & Ty Dillinger vs Phillip Gooljar & Stewart Cumberland

Jordan nailed Gooljar with the ‘Jordan Slam’ to secure the victory for his team.

Tyler Breeze made his way to ringside and began to talk about his victory over Sami Zayn and how he is now the number one contender for the NXT Championship.  Breeze treated everybody with the premiere of his new musiv video, ‘MMMGorgeous’.  After the video had concluded, Tyler was overcome with emotion as some of the audience chanted “This is Awesome”.

Bo Dallas put together a goodbye message on the screen that paid homage to him

Adrian Neville vs Justin Gabriel

Both high flyers started out the match quite slowly, using more mat based manoeuvres.  Neville found an opening to execute a somersault plancha off the ring apron.  Justin made a comeback and was in line to ‘450 Splash’ the NXT Champion, but ‘The Man That Gravity Forgot’ saw what was about to happen.  Adrian Neville managed to defeat Gabriel with the ‘Red Arrow’.

After the match, Tyson Kidd entered the ring.  He admitted that Neville was the better man last week and is embarrassed by his performance.  He asked the champion if he could have a rematch and the two shook on it to end this edition of NXT .

WWE Superstars-June 5 2014

Banker’s Life Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, Indiana

Paige vs Cameron

The two Divas locked up, before Cameron slapped Paige and kicked her to the mat… very heelish.  The Divas Champion blocked another slap and gave the Funkadctyl one of her own.  After a little back and forth action Paige used her superior skills and showed aggression with knees to the midsection.  Cameron escaped to the floor, where her partner Naomi stood.  The two talked strategy before Cameron returned to the ring.

When Cameron returned to the ring she pleaded with Paige to calm things down so they could start the contest again.  They shook hands but Cameron swerved her and kicked her, following through with a bulldog.  She went to the top and went for the flying crossbody, but Paige moved.  The Diva from England applied the ‘PTO’ and won via submission.

Naomi gave Cameron a dirty look once the match had finished.  That girl Cameron is a heel in real life.  Look for them girls to split soon.

Titus O’Neil was interviewed by Byron Saxton.  The former Prime Time Player told Saxton that he is the biggest most powerful Superstar on the WWE roster.  He said people say he is good while Big E is lucky.  Titus told him that we will find out that his luck has run out.

Titus O’Neil vs Big E

Titus overpowered Big E in the corner, choked him and embarrassingly slapped him.  O’Neil stepped back and then ran in for a splash.  He connected with another and stopped at that.  Titus went with a backbreaker, but Big E countered with a back body drop.  Big E levelled Titus with two clotheslines and dodged one aimed at him before taking his opponent over with a belly-to-belly suplex.  Big E squashed Titus with a big splash and set him up for the ‘Big Ending’.  However, Titus O’Neil escaped and dazed the big man with big boots.  He sent him into the turnbuckle where Big E awaited a corner splash.  The former Intercontinental Champion hit him with his shoulder as Titus met him and Big E downed his foe with the ‘Big Ending’ to defeat his regular Superstars opponent.





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