This Week in WWE: March 23rd 2014

This Week in WWE-March 23 2014

WWE Main Event-March 18 2014

Toyota Center, Houston, Texas

The Brotherhood vs The Real Americans

Cody Rhodes attempted ‘Cross Rhodes’ on Jack Swagger but Cesaro prevented it.  Goldust took care of Cesaro, ensuring he could interfere no more.  Cody, able to focus his attention on Swagger uninterrupted executed a moonsault from the top rope, but couldn’t get the three count.  He went for the ‘Disaster Lock’ but Jack Swagger saw it coming. He synched in the ‘Patriot Lock’ but the younger Rhodes brother fought it and finished the Real American off with the ‘Disaster Kick’.

The Funkadactyls vs Alicia Fox & Layla

After Layla and Alicia gained the upper hand on Cameron, the Funkadactyl tagged in Naomi who came in and cleaned house.  She sent Fox down with ‘Rear View’ and finished her off with the split legged moonsault.

The Big Show vs Titus O’Neil

Momentarily, Titus managed to incapacitate the ‘Giant’, but after missing a second splash into the corner,  Big Show looked like he was about to take out Titus O’Neil with the chokeslam.  Big Show demonstrated his sheer power, when he delivered the knockout punch to his opponent… end of story.

Paul Heyman came out and spoke the truth in saying that the Undertaker’s winning streak is as important as the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  Of course Heyman said that on April 6, Brock will end the streak.  The Undertaker appeared behind Paul.  He said that the only reason the former ECW owner was walking out of the arena, was that he had a message for Lesnar.  He told Heyman to tell Brock that in New Orleans, he will slay the beast and throw him into eternal hell.  He told Paul that if Brock didn’t understand the message, he would hand deliver it.  A stressed Heyman ran to the dressing room, which closed the show

WWE NXT-March 20 2014

Orlando, Florida

Sheamus’s interview with Devin Taylor was interrupted by Aiden English.  A disgruntled Sheamus asked the NXT General Manager JBL for a match with ‘The Artiste’ later in the evening.

Mojo Rawley vs Bull Dempsey

Dempsey tried desperately to keep the hyper one down, but Rawley showed heart and fought back and secured the victory over Bull with the ‘Hyperdrive’.  Rawley celebrated with his friend, Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots.  Meanwhile, CJ Parker told Devin Taylor that Mojo’s lifestyle discusts him.  Parker promised to dispose of him, humanely in their match next week.

After Sami Zayn beat Corey Graves two weeks ago, Zayn said that he had no problem with him.  Unfortunately for Sami, graves didn’t share the same view.  As Sami Zayn made his way to the ring to tackle with Tyler Breeze, Corey blindsided him and threw him face first into the ring post.  Zayn was attended to by doctors as the perpetrator arrogantly endorsed his actions.

Adam Rose vs Camacho

After party pooper, Camacho made fun of Rose’s dance moves; Adam blew a gasket and finished off his street fighting opponent with an almighty ‘Lariat’.

Bayley vs Sasha Banks

After the BFF’s attack last week, Bayley was looking for revenge.  To even the odds, she had Natalya in her corner, to even the odds.  After applying a full nelson to Sashsa, Bayley mocked her opponent by putting her shades on.  In retaliation, Charlotte attacked Natalya.  Seizing her opportunity, Banks rolled the distracted Bayley up, but the happy-go-lucky NXT diva countered with a roll up of her own, which scored her the victory.

Sheamus vs Aiden English

The ‘Celtic Warrior’ surprisingly struggled to put English away with ease.  Aiden English at one point executed a neckbreaker from the top rope which almost put Sheamus away.  But with all of the ‘Great White’s’ power and experience, he was able to put Aiden English away with the almighty and devastating ‘Brogue Kick’.

WWE Superstars-March 21 2014

AT&T Center, San Antonio, Texas

As always, WWE Superstars was loaded with highlights from RAW, between two matches that are taped for the show.

Natalya vs Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox executed a ‘Northern Lights’ suplex but the Hart with heart kick out of the pin attempt.  Natalya countered what looked to become a spinning backbreaker and spinning out of it was what the third generation Hart did.  Fox ran into a spinning clothesline and that was all the Total Diva needed to apply the sharpshooter and win the match.

Natalya was interviewed on the podium by the King after the match, where she expressed her happiness with the victory she just earned.  Natalya plugged the second season of Total Divas.

R Truth & Xavier Woods vs Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre (3MB)

Xavier connected with a high crossbody from the top rope, but it wasn’t enough to get the three on Drew McIntyre.  Jinder came in and gained control of Woods before tagging drew back in to inflict some more pain.  R Truth eventually managed to tag in and clean house.  Heath Slater appeared on the ring apron and taunted Truth.  As McIntyre charged at him for a big boot from behind the man who says “What’s Up” moved out of the way and Slater received the boot instead.  Drew McIntyre, distracted by his actions, turned round and walked into an elevated DDT and the team of Woods and Truth reigned supreme.

After the match, Superstars closed with highlights of the Undertaker’s warning to Heyman from Main Event and Daniel Bryan’s man to man meeting with Triple H from RAW


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