This Week in WWE – May 25th 2014

This Week in WWE-May 25 2014

WWE Main Event-May 20 2014

O2 Arena, London, England

Main Event, like last week began with Paul Heyman in the ring.  He reminded fans that Brock Lesnar conquered the Undertaker’s winning streak at WrestleMania (Did you know that?).  He said that this programme should be called Paul Heyman’s Main Event.  Heyman said that his client will be in the main event of all upcoming WWE shows.  Mark Henry came out and rained on the Heyman parade.  He told Heyman that he is the strongest man in the world and bear hugged Cesaro, before the King of Swing escaped.

Damien Sandow vs R-Truth

Sandow came to the ring dressed as Sherlock Holmes (How very appropriate and unnecessary).  He avoided Truth’s scissors kick and gave him ‘You’re Welcome’ for the victory.

Naomi vs Aksana

After receiving an uppercut from the Funkadactyl, Aksana hit the ropes, but ran into Naomi’s ‘Rear View’ finisher.

Before the main event, Paul Heyman babbled on about Cesaro been stronger than Mark Henry.  Instead of a regular match Cesaro challenged Mark Henry to an arm wrestling match.

Arm Wrestling Match: Mark Henry vs Cesaro

Mark Henry and Cesaro locked arms across the announce table to declare who was strongest… obviously.  The man who was labelled ‘World’s Strongest Man’ was distracted by Paul Heyman and Cesaro clocked him in the face.  Henry stumbled back and the ‘King of Swing’ turned the announce table over on him.  Paul raised Cesaro’s arm and declared him the “World’s Strongest Athlete”.

WWE NXT-May 22 2014

Full Sail University, Orlando, Florida

Eden began the show by announcing a ‘Win or Go Home’ match, which meant that if Bo Dallas could defeat Big E, he would receive a future NXT Championship Match.  if he lost, he would be forced to leave NXT.

Big E vs Bo Dallas

Dallas removed the turnbuckle pad, in order to cheat his way to victory.  However, his deviousness backfired on him and he was thrown back first into the steel.  Big E drove Dallas into the mat with the ‘Big Ending’ and forced Bo to leave NXT for good.  After the match, Bo Dallas was shown screaming, “This is my home”.  He continued to scream like a baby as the crowd shouted “Bo Leave”.

Paige vs Tamina

After being unable to effectively ‘Superfly Splash’ Paige, Tamina was rolled up for the three count to the ‘Anti-Diva’.

Adam Rose vs Camacho

Rose defeated Camacho via countout after; the Tongan Superstar escaped the ‘Party Foul’.  Camacho complained that it was his time, but Adam Rose decided that it was time to party.

Sasha Banks vs Natalya

In another Semi-Final match for the vacant Women’s NXT Championship, Natalya made Banks tap out to the ‘Sharpshooter’.  Charlotte was surprise by the conclusion of the match and didn’t help her BFF out of the ring.

Adrian Neville vs Curt Hawkins

The fading Superstar Curt Hawkins, fell victim in just over two minutes when the NXT Champion landed the ‘Red Arrow’.

After the match, Tyson Kidd made his presence known.  He listed his accomplishments of being WWE Tag Team Champion and appearing at WrestleMania.  He said that he wants that feeling back and winning the NXT Championship is his launching pad.

Neville said that if he thinks he is using NXT as a launch pad, then he has another thing coming, because NXT is about the future and he is the future.  Neville got personal and that the only one who’d be taking gold home with them was his wife.  The crowd were gripped by Adrian’s comment.  They squared up to each other before Tyson left ringside, bringing the show to an end.

WWE Superstars-May 22 2014

O2 Arena, London, England

The Big Show vs Titus O’Neil

Big Show went for the choke slam.  Unfortunately for him, Titus countered it into a DDT.  O’Neil only managed a two count and received the same result after a leg drop.  Titus got Show up and for some reason put him in a headlock.  For those who are wondering about ring psychology…  after the pace of a match picked up with the failed choke slam, DDT and leg drop, which qualify as moves that direct towards the conclusion of the match, where one will emerge victorious.  A headlock is something you should have only seen earlier in the match which would be designed in this case, to wear down the Big Show so Titus could execute these moves and perhaps win.  After his failed attempt at the DDT and leg drop, another impact move should have been used.  After all, the aim of the game is to win the match and a headlock just won’t do.  Now back to the match.  Big Show escaped the headlock and hit his patented choke slam on the seemingly stupid Titus O’Neil for the victory.

Cody Rhodes vs Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger kicked out of Cody’s roll up.  Rhodes followed up with a springboard dropkick, but could only get a two count.  The son of Dusty Rhodes, attempted the ‘Disaster Kick’ with little success, as Swagger countered it with the ‘Patriot Lock’.  Cody managed to escape and landed a moonsault on the ‘All American, American’ for another count of two.  Once again Rhodes’ ‘Disaster Kick’ was countered with a ‘Patriot Lock’, but this time Cody tapped out.  with regards to my earlier rant on ring psychology, this match totally made sense.

The closing of Superstars saw highlights of the John Cena vs Luke Harper match.



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