This Week in WWE – May 4th 2014

This Week in WWE-May 4 2014

WWE Main Event-April 29 2014

Kemper Arena, Kansas City, Missouri

Goldust vs Alberto Del Rio

Alberto, caught Goldust with a back suplex, but missed the savat kick he had scouted for.  Goldust had ducked and took the ‘Mexican Aristocrat’ down.  The ‘Bizarre One’ dropped the ‘The Final Cut’ on Del Rio and picked up the win.

After the match, Renee Young interviewed the Rhodes Brothers.  She asked if they were going their separate ways.  Goldust assured everybody that the Brotherhood was still in tacked.  Cody told Renee that she is judgmental.  He put things in perspective when he pointed out that his brother beat Alberto but he couldn’t.  Cody then apologised for his attitude and confirmed that they are together.

Paige vs Alicia Fox

Paige kicked fox in the face and tossed her round the ring by the hair.  She kneed Alica in the gut multiple times before beating her with the DDT.

Tamina came out following the match for a stare-down.

Bad News Barrett delivered some bad news to the live audience before his match.  He told them that he was going to take Big E’s title at Extreme Rules.

Bad News Barrett vs Kofi Kingston

After Kofi had sent Barrett outside the ring with a dropkick, He avoided being thrown into the steel steps after following him to the floor.  The Superstars came back into the ring, but when Kofi made it in, he walked straight into the ‘Bull Hammer’ and failed to kick out.

The Wyatt Family made it to the ring, where Bray began to sing.  Unfortunately for him, Sheamus’ music cut him off.

Bray Wyatt vs Sheamus

The ‘Celtic warrior’ delivered the ‘Irish Curse’ backbreaker but couldn’t execute ‘White Noise’.  The Irishman became distracted when Luke Harper and Erick Rowan climbed onto the apron.  When he attempted to get rid of them, Bray took advantage and dropped Sheamus with ‘Sister Abigail’ for the inevitable win.

Post-match, the Wyatts began to beat down the ‘Great White’.  However, the Uso Brothers ran to the ring and made the save.

WWE NXT-May 1 2014

Full Sail University, Orlando, Florida

Triple H began the show, when he talked about some of the biggest Superstars in WWE today all coming from NXT.  He mentioned names like the Wyatts and the Shield and the new WWE Divas Champion Paige.  He announced that on May 29, there would be a live two hour episode on the WWE Network, titled NXT Takeover.

Bo Dallas vs Tyson Kidd

Bo hit Kidd with a belly-to-belly suplex and a springboard bulldog, but neither move helped him defeat the last graduate of the Hart Dungeon.  Tyson defeated Dallas with the ‘Blockbuster’.

Backstage, Camacho responded to Adam Rose’s claim that he was a party pooper.  He said that his parties make the Exotic Express look like bingo night at the lodge. Rose appeared and said that. Everywhere he goes, it’s always party time.  His music played and the posse showed up and they all danced.

Sasha Banks vs Bayley

In the first round of the NXT Women’s Championship tournament, Sasha downed Bayley with a ‘Straight Jacket Backstabber’.

Adam Rose vs Danny Burch

Rose caught Burch with the ever popular ‘Bronco Buster’ and defeated him with a snapmare driver, which now apparently called ‘Party Foul’.  After the match, the Exotic Express came down to celebrate, but Camacho cut it short by running down the ramp and attacking one of them.

Backstage, the Roving Reporter caught up with Brodus Clay.  The former ‘Funkasaurus’ warned Adrian Neville that the last time, they were in the ring, Neville got his teeth knocked out.  Brodus said he would take his title and Adrian would be lucky to make it out alive.

Natalya vs Layla

In another tournament match, two WWE Divas competed for the NXT Women’s Championship.  Natalya said that it would be a dream come true to become champion.  Layla said she would dance her way to the title.  The third generation Hart proved her wrong by defeating her with the ‘Sharpshooter’.

The Roving Reporter spoke to The NXT Champion backstage.  Adrian Neville said that he’d worked too hard to lose to someone like Brodus.  He pledged that he would win but only by pinfall.

Oliver Grey vs Mojo Rawley

Mojo squashed Grey in seconds when he dropped him with the ‘Hyperdrive’.

Aiden English walked out and made derogatory comments to Rawley.  He attacked him from behind, but Mojo found the strength to gain the upper hand and send him packing.

No Disqualification Match for NXT Championship: Adrian Neville vs Brodus Clay

Brodus picked up the belt to use against the champion, but Neville kicked it into his chest.  As the big man lay with the NXT Championship sprawled across him.  Adrian flew from the top rope and hit him with the ‘Red Arrow’, leading him to victory.

WWE Superstars-May 1 2014

Scottrade Center, St Louis, Missouri

Damien Sandow vs Sin Cara

The man without a face missed a springboard crossbody, to which he was easy prey to a clothesline from the ‘Intellectual Saviour to the Masses’.  Although Cara did recover and used his arsenal of high flying moves, he was caught with knees to the back as he flew through the air for a senton splash.  Damien with fire in his eyes defeated his opponent with a full nelson slam.

Tamina vs Natalya

The Diva who wears pink and black showed her well skilled repertoire of moves when she was unable to budge Tamina in when trying to roll her up with a crucifix. Tamina showed resilience though.  she escaped a three count after receiving  a devastating double under-hook suplex and then kicked out of a backslide.  But Natalya wasn’t done.  She dropkicked her in the face and continued various pin attempts.  When Tamina got to her feet she clocked Nattie with a super kick and comfortably scored the win.

Superstars concluded with the ongoing feud between the Shield and Evolution, where Randy Orton met Roman Reigns in one on one action… yea right.


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