WrestleMania 30

We have been promised that this year’s WrestleMania is set to be the biggest yet.  Unlike any other WrestleMania, this will be the first time it or any live Pay-Per-View will be broadcast on the WWE Network.  The WWE Network has provided us with even more programming to gear us up for the spectacle that for any wrestling fan is the biggest night of the year.  WrestleMania Rewind has become a new fixture which gives us an insight to select matches over the course of the previous twenty nine WrestleMania’s.  WrestleMania Today has been a fixture on the Network live from WWE AXXESS between Thursday and Saturday.  On Friday we were given the Legends of WrestleMania programme featuring; Ric Flair, JBL and Mick Foley.  Saturday April 5 is the day of the Hall of Fame.  Again, for the first time it will be shown live in its entirety on the WWE Network and to add grandeur, there is the Red Carpet event prior to the show.

Of Course, Sunday April 6 is the day us wrestling fans have all been waiting for.  The WrestleMania pre-show is to be aired over two hours with the first hour being on the usual social media channels and the second being shown exclusively on the WWE Network.  During the second hour of the pre-show, the Uso Brothers will be defending their WWE Tag Team Championships against; Rybaxel, Los Matadores and the Real Americans.  After defeating the New Age Outlaws last month the Usos have really become accomplished champions.  They are more popular than ever and have been showing what it takes to be the leaders of the Tag Team Division.  As of late, challengers, the Real Americans have been having problems with each other.  It seemed that Jack Swagger wasn’t taking kindly to some of the success and admiration Cesaro was getting.  Just recently, they seemed to have put their problems behind them and could be a real threat to the other teams.  Los Matadores are speedy characters could possibly be quick enough to steel a win.  Don’t let their size advantage fool you and El Torito is sure to have his moment at some point.  Rybaxel, the fourth team in this Fatal Four Way are no-nonsense.  They have this thrown together team feel, but they are more than capable of carrying the titles.  If they can get off this occasional winning streak, this match could be their launching pad.

The thirtieth edition of WrestleMania is next.  With seven matches signed, there should be enough time to create plenty of special moments in and out of the ring.  With around 75,000 fans in attendance at the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans, will all the hype be worth it?

The Shield vs Kane & The New Age Outlaws

Up until a few weeks ago, the Shield had been having teething problems, which had caused them to lose focus and concede to victories to the Wyatt Family.  Meanwhile, corporate Kane has had his own problems… which he started, with Daniel Bryan.  He felt that he had the right to force the Shield into being his bodyguards, but they saw things differently.  In the meantime, the Shield seem to have gotten back on the same page and are proving to be as dominant as ever.  The New Age Outlaws returned a couple of weeks ago and joined Kane’s side.  As the Outlaws are long-time friends with Triple H from their DX days, it was a perfect fit for Roadogg and Billy Gunn to side with the Authority.  At Mania these teams will collide in six man tag team action.  Who will win?

Vickie Guerrero Invitational Divas Championship Match: AJ Lee vs Nicki Bella vs Natalya vs Tamina vs Brie Bella vs Naomi vs Cameron vs Alicia Fox vs Summer Rae vs Aksana vs Eva Marie vs Emma vs Layla vs Rosa Mendes

This seems a little bit foolish to have all WWE Divas in this match.  Of course, it’s a chance to get everyone on the card, but a match with Divas that can wrestle, such as; Natalya, Naomi, Tamina or even as of late The Bella Twins would be more aesthetically pleasing instead of AJ Lee defending her title against everyone, with a one fall to a finish.  This match, although intriguing, is bound to be a disaster.

John Cena vs Bray Wyatt

John Cena’s name will forever be etched among the all-time greats in WWE history.  He may not have the wrestling skills of Shawn Michaels or Bret Hart but neither did Hulk Hogan.  The storyline between him and his opponent- up and coming Bray Wyatt is one of good vs evil.  Wyatt is full of hate and darkness.  He speaks in riddles, in cult like fashion.  His promise is to end Cena’s legacy.  The leader of ‘Cenation’ has admitted being afraid of Bray, but is determined to fight for his legacy.  On Raw this past week, after all the mind games and punishment the Wyatt Family have dished, John brought down the family when he appeared among them wearing a goat’s mask.  It certainly made for interesting television.  But can Cena’s roll… roll on?

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

This is the beginning of a new tradition at WrestleMania.  Thirty Superstars will participate to win a trophy in the shape of Andre the Giant.  This match was announced March 10 Edition of RAW by the recently returned Hulk Hogan.  His and Andre’s crowning moment was their WWE Championship match at WrestleMania III and quite possibly the most important match in the history of WWE.  A positive aspect about this match, like the Divas, is that most of the roster will feature on the show of shows.  It seems that Big Show is the favourite to win this match as on RAW this past week he was the last man standing when the Superstars got into it during an episode of Piper’s Pit.

Triple H vs Daniel Bryan

This match has really been a slow builder.  Although this match is a stepping stone for the winner to go on to the main event and compete for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, it seems like this is the most anticipated match on the card.  Daniel Bryan has become the most popular Superstar in WWE and has captured the hearts of many who have all become a part of the ‘YES Movement’.  Triple H is the Authority in the WWE and is promising to put an end to the ‘YES Movement’.  For months ‘The Game’ has told Bryan that he is a B+ player and is not worthy of wrestling him, an A+ player.  Eventually Daniel, provoked Hunter enough to get his match and after seven months of getting screwed by the Authority, perhaps Daniel Bryan will prove that he is an A+ player.

The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar

One of the most celebrated aspects of WrestleMania, is the Undertaker’s winning streak.  After eighteen challengers and twenty one matches, the ‘Phenom’ is yet to be beaten on the grand stage.  Brock Lesnar not only had success in the WWE until leaving ten years ago, but became the Ultimate Fighting Champion.  After WrestleMania XXVIII, Brock returned.  He aimed straight for John Cena and hasn’t looked back since.  Although he has lost to Cena and Triple H, he has beaten Triple H twice and defeated CM Punk and Big Show too.  Brock is known as ‘The Beast’ and could be a legitimate threat to the Undertaker’s streak.  But many believe the streak will never end and that Lesnar will just be another victim.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton vs Batista vs Triple H/Daniel Bryan

So the winner of the HHH/Bryan match will enter this Triple Threat Match after already competing earlier in the night, while the other two are fresh.  Randy Orton became the first WWE World Heavyweight Champion after unifying the World Heavyweight and the WWE Championship in December against John Cena.  He retained at the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber.  Batista returned six days before the Royal Rumble and made good on his promise by winning it and guaranteeing himself a spot in the main event at WrestleMania.  ‘The Animal’ didn’t anticipate the negative reactions fans showed him, so he turned on them too.  While Batista and Orton haven’t being seeing eye to eye, they have sometimes put aside their differences to go after Daniel Bryan.  Depending on who wins the HHH/Bryan match, the landscape of the match will be totally different.  Who will fans side with if Triple H wins? If Bryan wins, can he go all the way?  Its either the story of the underdog or the Evolution of Evolution.  Make sure you tune in.



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