WWE Battleground 2014

WWE Battleground

We are just hours away from the seventh Pay-Per-View of 2014, Battleground. Tonight promises to be a great event and is the final “Big Event” before the most prestigious event of the summer… SummerSlam..

On the kick off show, is a battle of the Funkadactyls. Naomi and Cameron have been a team since January 2012 and have entertained the masses with their dance moves with former WWE Superstar, Brodus Clay. Eventually he turned heel and left the girls to fend for themselves in the Divas Division and they did just that. Over the course of a year, Naomi has become an accomplished Diva inside the ring and is sure to win the Divas Championship someday. Cameron is inadequate, when it comes to ring skills and has been more of a mouthpiece for the girls. Lately we have seen problems brewing between the two and it finally came to a head on RAW a couple of weeks ago. Will Naomi put her into the rear view? Or will Cameron tell her “Girl Bye”?

On the main show, we will see Jack Swagger challenge Rusev. Jack Swagger has never been popular with fans and is probably hearing cheers from fans for the first time now. His opponent, the ‘Bulgarian Brute’ Rusev has become a representative for Russia. His ambassador Lana, loves and respects Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin and much as she hates the United States of America. Zeb Colter, Jack Swagger’s manager has been similar in his attitudes to un-Americans who step foot in the “Homeland”. He has berated Mexicans, Brits and other Nationalities that dare step foot in the USA. The fans across the world seem to have forgiven these two ignorant patriots in hopes of them disposing of the much hated Russian and Russian sympathiser. So far, nobody has pinned or made Rusev submit and people want to see it done. It will be interesting to see if Swagger can make it happen.

At this year’s Battleground, a Battle Royal for the vacant Intercontinental Championship will take place. Just before Money in the Bank last month, Bad News Barrett was injured on SmackDown and lost his place in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. The following day, it was announced that the Intercontinental Championship had been held up and a Battle Royal would decide a new Champion at Battleground. Here is the list of Superstars announced for the match. More may be enter at the event.
• Cesaro
• Kofi Kingston
• Rob Van Dam
• The Great Khali
• Dolph Ziggler
• Big E
• Ryback
• Curtis Axel
• Bo Dallas
• Sheamus
• Alberto Del Rio
• Xavier Woods
• Heath Slater
• Titus O’Neil
• Fandango
• Diego
• The Miz
• Sin Cara
• R-Truth
• Zack Ryder

The Uso’s will meet The Wyatt Family for the second Pay-Per-View in a row. The Wyatts have dominated the Usos for much of the last two months and have more often than not shown that they deserve to be the Tag Team Champions. Tonight the Tag Team Championship will be defended in a Two out of Three Falls Match. A match of this kind is only seen occasionally unlike the glory days of the Tag Team scene in the eighties. Both teams have the opportunity who is the best team in the WWE. It’s going to be a tough fight to survive.

The Divas Championship will be defended at Battleground. Paige will be challenging AJ Lee for the second time. On the post WrestleMania show, the girl from Norwich, England took away AJ’s reign as champion. As the longest reigning Champion, it seemed like she wouldn’t be relinquishing the title anytime soon, especially after her big victory at ‘Mania. Paige would prove everybody wrong and wrestle Alicia Fox ten thousand times. Three weeks ago, AJ Lee returned and took back the Divas Championship in the same fashion Paige did three months before. On the last two editions of RAW, it has been evident that these two girls are getting on like friends. Is it two girls playing mind games? Maybe, but by the end of the evening we will know for sure.

On June 30, Chris Jericho returned to the WWE. The ‘Man of 1000 Truths’ took notice immediately and put an end to Jericho’s party. Bray, as the leader of the Wyatt Family has proved to be dangerous, in the fourteen months he has been in the WWE. After Chris Jericho’s exit in 2005, he came back in 2007 with the intention to save us. Bray Wyatt has questioned Jericho’s whereabouts when the fans wanted to be saved. As somebody who sees himself as a saviour, Bray Wyatt is looking to prove that he has the whole world in his hands. However, ‘Y2J’ has said that he can be dangerous and has claimed to be unlike anybody his opponent has ever faced before. Will the twenty five year veteran who has held nine Intercontinental Championships and is a former six time World Champion be a match for the ‘Eater of Worlds’?

In a match filled with emotion, former ‘Hounds of Justice’ will meet in what is set to be a wild brawl. Two Months ago, Seth Rollins turned his back on his Shield brothers to align himself with the Authority. Betrayed, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose set themselves a goal at destroying Rollins and the rest of the Authority. While Roman Reigns is busy with the likes of Kane and Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose is gunning for Rollins, who after winning the Money in the Bank Briefcase, is looking for the right moment to cash in and win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Dean Ambrose has vowed to prevent Rollins from cashing in at any time and is bent on making life hell for the turncoat. Tonight they will meet one on one in what promises to be an extraordinary display of action and emotion.

The main event will see John Cena defending his title against Randy Orton, Kane and Roman Reigns. Cena won the Championship Ladder Match at MITB and has been looking over his shoulder since. The Authority wants Randy Orton to bring the gold back into their camp at any cost. Kane has been put into the match to help the ‘Viper’ regain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Triple H and Stephanie have no interest in Kane winning, but expect him to do what’s best for business. This arrangement is getting to Kane and he has expressed his distrust and hatred for Randy Orton. He has considered challenging for the title himself, but at this point he hasn’t made it clear whether he will do what’s best for business or best for him. Roman Reigns has emerged from the shadows of the Shield and is on the way to stardom. Reigns has proved to John Cena that he means business and has been quite the ally so far, but he has made it clear that he is out for himself tonight. Reigns has shown resilience in recovering from severe beatings from Orton and Kane and has used his spear to dominate. This past Monday he was the last man standing on RAW, but will that make a difference come tonight?


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